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Car insurance

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Car insurance is one of the many the fixed monthly costs people have to pay.

Particularly when you haven't had Dutch car insurance before, car insurance can be a high-cost purchase in costs. There's different types of car insurance to choose from. UnitedConsumers helps UC members by finding the most suitable and affordable insurance for their car. Naturally, every car insurance comes with at least 10% discount.

Expats who own a car and thus are in need of car insurance are able to get a discount on their car insurance via UnitedConsumers. UnitedConsumers compare care insurance products so that consumers and expats don't have to. This way, UnitedConsumers always offers car insurance that's both affordable and fits the insured best.

For expats, there are a few requirements in order to be eligible for car insurance at UnitedConsumers. Firstly, the expat has to have a European Union (EU) driver's license. Secondly, the car to be insured should have a Dutch license number. And lastly, the expat has to have a registered home address in the Netherlands. If all of the requirements are met, expats will be able to insure their car via UnitedConsumers and thus will get a discount.

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United Consumers

UnitedConsumers has been founded in 2000 with one goal: relieving consumers in their fixed montly costs as much as possible. By making deals with external parties, UC is able to give over half a million people discounts on products and services like health- and car insurance, fuel, mobile subscriptions and energy. By getting these discounts on costly products, UC participants save money that they can use on the more fun things in life.

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