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Japan restricts liquids on planes

(TOKYO) - Japan on Thursday joined North America and the European Union in restricting the liquids that can be carried onto airplanes for international flights.

The security measure was already in place for flights from Japan to the United States since December.

Some flights leaving Osaka's Kansai International Airport were delayed by about one hour due to the new measures, the transport ministry said.

"We received no reports of major confusion at other airports," said Ken Iwata, a ministry official.

"Apart from the control on carry-on liquids, we also enforced X-ray checks on coats and jackets as well as separate checks on personal computers," he said. "That has caused the congestion."

Outbound international passengers are now required to put liquids into containers, each 100 millilitres or smaller, and transparent bags if they carry them on board.

The restrictions follow guidelines from the International Civil Aviation Organisation following an alleged foiled plot to bomb airliners leaving Britain with liquid explosives last August.

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