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EU Telecoms Policy

Latest news about the European Union's policy on telecommunications.

EU rules on small antennas pave way for 5G network 02 July 2020, 00:14 CET
The EU Commission adopted an implementing regulation on small-area wireless access points Wednesday - crucial for the deployment and increased coverage of high-capacity, high-speed 5G networks.

EU states agree interoperability solution for mobile tracing apps 16 June 2020, 18:17 CET
EU states, with Commission support, agreed Tuesday a set of technical specifications for safe exchange of information between national contact tracing apps based on a decentralised architecture.

Mobile tracing apps across the EU 16 June 2020, 18:15 CET
The European Commission presented on 13 May a package of guidelines and recommendations to help EU Member States gradually lift travel restrictions and allow tourism businesses to reopen, after months of lockdown, while respecting necessary health precautions.

An Unbreakable Smartphone? Global Launch Of Athesi Professional's New Smartphone Range 13 February 2020, 20:39 CET
The go-to manufacturer for durable, resistant mobile phones for professionals working in extreme conditions, Athesi is now set to be the go-to for all smartphone users.

MEPs call for binding rules on common chargers by summer 01 February 2020, 00:36 CET
MEPs called on the Commission Thursday to put forward beefed-up rules on common chargers by July at the latest, to reduce electronic waste and empower consumers to make sustainable choices.

Contract summary template 17 December 2019, 23:05 CET
As of 21 December 2020, electronic communications service providers will have to provide users of their services a summary of the contract based on the standard template included in the regulation.

Europe's satnav system reaches 1 billion smartphones 12 September 2019, 00:10 CET
Galileo, Europe's satellite navigation system, reached 1 billion smartphone users worldwide Tuesday, as the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency reached its 15th anniversary.

Starting tomorrow, consumers will benefit from cheaper intra-EU phone calls 14 May 2019, 17:16 CET
People making phone calls from their home country to someone living in another EU country will see their phone bill drop thanks to a new EU measure which will apply from tomorrow.

Price caps introduced on international calls within the EU 15 May 2019, 18:23 CET
A new maximum price for all international calls and SMS within the EU applies from 15 May, when consumers calling another EU country will pay a maximum amount of 19 cents per minute (+VAT).

Caps on international calls and SMS within the EU 13 May 2019, 23:13 CET
As of 15 May, a new maximum price will apply for all international calls and SMS within the EU.

European Parliament formally adopts new telecom rules and caps expensive intra-EU calls 14 November 2018, 20:33 CET
The European Parliament has today formally confirmed the deal reached last June between MEPs and Member States on a broad reform of the EU’s telecoms rules.

MEPs vote to cap the price of phone calls 15 November 2018, 13:49 CET
The European Parliament approved Wednesday the EU's telecoms package that caps intra-EU calls, makes super-fast 5G networks possible by 2020 and creates alert system for emergencies.

Digital rights open up for holidaymakers across EU 03 August 2018, 12:26 CET
Following the end of roaming charges across the European Union last year, holidaymakers are now able to travel with their online TV, film, sports, music or e-book subscriptions at no extra cost.

Political agreement on the rules shaping the telecommunication markets in the 5G era 06 June 2018, 23:38 CET
The European Parliament and the Council reached late on 5 June a political agreement to update the EU's telecoms rules. The new European Electronic Communications Code, proposed by the Commission, will boost investments in very high capacity networks across the EU, including in remote and rural areas.

EU agrees cap on international call fees by 2019, 5G network by 2020 06 June 2018, 23:48 CET
The Euro-Parliament and Council reached political agreement to update the EU's telecoms rules late Tuesday, giving EU citizens access to a 5G network by 2020 and capping costs of international calls.

Screening of telecoms websites 21 May 2018, 17:38 CET
The European Commission and national consumer protection authorities published on 18 May results of an EU-wide screening of 207 websites offering fixed/mobile phone, internet, audio and video streaming services.

Telecoms sites misleading customers, EU sweep shows 23 May 2018, 00:01 CET
Sites offering telecoms services could be infringing EU consumer law, according to results of an EU-wide screening of websites offering fixed/mobile phone, internet, audio and video streaming services.

EU radio spectrum deal paves way for 5G 06 March 2018, 22:40 CET
The European Parliament, the EU Council and the Commission have reached a provisional political agreement on several important parts regarding the EU's new telecom rules and radio spectrum policy.

Legislators should not lose sight of correcting discriminatory wholesale roaming charges despite progress on EECC 08 February 2018, 17:05 CET
Legislators make welcome progress on pro-competitive radio spectrum aspects of the draft European Electronic Communications Code, but high wholesale roaming charges are still hurting MVNOs and damaging competition for mobile services.

Study on Spectrum Assignment in the European Union 23 October 2017, 22:56 CET
The objective of the study on Spectrum assignments in the EU was to assess the specific elements, processes and conditions under which radio spectrum, in particular for 5G usage including wireless broadband, should be authorised and assigned by Member States and how timely access to spectrum can contribute more fully to the general objectives set out by the EU regulatory framework (SMART 2016/0019). The study has determined that both regulators and mobile operators would generally prefer to continue adopting the current approach to spectrum authorisation and assignment and that the current authorisation framework is generally fit for delivering current services.

EU states set for talks on new telecoms rules, 5G 12 October 2017, 13:44 CET
EU Member States signalled their readiness Wednesday to begin talks with the European Parliament on new rules for the electronic communications sector that will prepare Europe for the era of 5G.

MEPs seek cheaper intra-EU phone calls 04 October 2017, 13:43 CET
Long-distance intra-EU calls should cost the same as calling within the same country, according to a draft law approved by a European Parliament committee on Monday.

Europeans start to roam like at home 27 September 2017, 23:17 CET
Europeans are aware of new EU mobile roaming rules and have started changing their habits when travelling abroad, a survey conducted after the first summer without the charges shows.

End of mobile roaming charges in the EU 14 June 2017, 22:40 CET
EU roaming charges no longer apply from 15 June 2017, meaning Europeans who travel within the EU will be able to call, text and connect on their mobile devices at the same price as they pay at home.

EU spectrum boost for connectivity in run-up to 5G 26 April 2017, 18:38 CET
The EU adopted a decision on opening the 700 MHz frequency band for wireless broadband services Tuesday, in order to boost mobile connectivity and drive the roll-out of 5G technology.