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Red Tape: Commission leads reduction efforts at EU level but companies still struggling

22 October 2009
by eub2 -- last modified 22 October 2009

EUROCHAMBRES welcomes today’s report by the European Commission on the initiatives it has taken to reduce administrative burdens in the EU. However, the feeling from businesses is that such positive announcements don't match reality.


Companies in Europe still spend too much money and time in dealing with excessive bureaucracy and regulation.

"While we acknowledge that the Commission has taken a strong lead in trying to reduce administrative burdens since 2007, more efforts are needed from the other EU co-legislators, and particularly from the Member States on the ground, for the benefits to be felt at business level," said Arnaldo Abruzzini, Secretary General of EUROCHAMBRES.

"Some countries have only just set burden reduction targets at national level – while they had originally agreed to do so by the end of 2008!  If the Better Regulation agenda is to tangibly improve businesses' lives, a more committed engagement from all Member States is necessary," added Mr Abruzzini.

EUROCHAMBRES wants Better Regulation to remain a top priority also for the next Barroso Commission.  "It might prove positive that President Barroso wants to take the Better Regulation agenda under his direct responsibility.  This shows that he fully understands that Better Regulation is a cross-cutting issue at EU level, and that more has to be done to ease the life of businesses in these times of economic hardship," said Mr Abruzzini.

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