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2009 Eurobarometer Survey on Entrepreneurship

Author: The Gallup Organization, Hungary
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Publisher Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry, European Commission
Publication date 04 June 2010
ISBN Eurobarometer, Flash EB No 283
Publication synopsis The survey on entrepreneurship is about peoples' entrepreneurial mindset. It examines the motivation, choices, experiences and obstacles linked to self-employment. The results help EU policy makers to understand problems and develop future policy responses. The 2009 survey is based on data from interviews with over 26,000 persons in 36 states. The survey includes the EU27, the EEA/EFTA countries (Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland), Turkey and Croatia. As in the past the United States of America were also covered by the survey. For the first time countries from Asia (Japan, South Korea and China) were also included in the Eurobarometer.

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