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SMEs in the EU

News and information about the European Union's policies for small and medium-sized businesses.

EU boost for Europe's services economy 12 January 2017, 18:47 CET
The EU Commission brought out a package of measures Tuesday aimed at making it easier for companies and professionals to provide services to the EU's potential customer base of 500 million people.

Simpler VAT rules to boost European e-commerce 01 December 2016, 17:42 CET
New rules covering the VAT environment for e-commerce businesses in the EU, unveiled Thursday by the European Commission, aim to help businesses buy and sell goods and services more easily online.

Retail and wholesale need skills for the modern age 01 December 2016, 15:27 CET
Marking the launch of the EU Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition in Brussels today, EuroCommerce underlined its strong support for the initiative to encourage greater awareness and uptake of digital skills in the workforce, industry and the general population.

Boost to start-ups in Europe 24 November 2016, 00:50 CET
The EU Commission has launched a new initiative to help start-ups grow and do business across Europe, with a focus on venture capital investment, insolvency law and taxation.

Insolvency, Restructuring and Second Chance: proposal for a directive 24 November 2016, 00:22 CET
The European Commission presented a set of European rules on business insolvency on 22 November.

Start-up and Scale-up Initiative: a mixed bag 25 November 2016, 00:19 CET
The European Commission’s Start-up and Scale-up Initiative contains some positive elements mixed with others of less obvious impact.

Actions for start-ups and scale-ups should be applied to all SMEs 22 November 2016, 23:38 CET
UEAPME welcomes today's European Commission's communication on the start-up and scale-up initiative and its willingness to tackle and respond to this specific issue.

EU Microfinance Support 27 October 2016, 23:11 CET
Since the EU started its microfinance initiatives, more than 100 agreements have been signed with microfinance providers, to support over 100,000 micro-entrepreneurs in 23 EU Member States.

Social rights and entrepreneurial rights must go hand in hand 20 October 2016, 15:31 CET
EUROCHAMBRES and its Network of European Chambers has endorsed a proposal for a European Pillar of Entrepreneurial Rights, challenging the Commission and other policy makers to match the forthcoming Pillar of Social Rights initiative with the parallel pursuit of a more business-friendly climate.

EU common challenges will not be solved without SMEs 20 October 2016, 13:52 CET
Today, at the Tripartite Social Summit, the European Social Partners met with the Presidents of European Council and Commission, as well as with the Troika of Head of States, to discuss the current EU common challenges: growth, jobs and fairness.

SMEs recovering across Europe, but negative impact from Brexit 11 October 2016, 19:17 CET
The SME Business Climate Index reaches 75.5, reflecting a stable and positive situation for European SMEs. The trends in North and South Europe are similar. In the North, the countries dependent on the UK's economy have been negatively affected by the Brexit, while in the South, the negative but improving Greek situation and the complex economic and political situation in Italy have slowed down the recovery.

ESBA Calls for a Stronger, Standardised SME Test 05 October 2016, 23:22 CET
Today (5 October), the European Commission, national governments and European business representatives met in Brussels to discuss the current state of the SME test, the test that should determine the effects of legislative proposals on small businesses.

Shortening the deadline for label replacement is completely irresponsible 29 September 2016, 22:10 CET
In a joint letter to the Slovak Presidency of the Council, regarding the revision of the Energy Efficiency Labelling Regulation, UEAPME, EuroCommerce and Independent Retail Europe spoke up against the Ministers for Energy’s decision to shorten of the timeframe for label replacement.

EIB signs SME finance deals with Malta, Slovakia 27 September 2016, 00:01 CET
The European Investment Fund has signed new SME financing agreements with banks in Malta and Slovakia to provide low-cost loans to small- and medium-sized enterprises and mid-caps.

EU Data Protection Regulation: Where do businesses need to take action now? 01 July 2016, 00:20 CET
After a protracted negotiation and design phase, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was adopted by the European Parliament on 04/14/2016 and entered into force on 05/24/2016. After 20 years, data protection law is at a whole new level and particularly uniform for the European Union.

Brexit and AE Pensions are the Biggest Concerns for UK Businesses 01 July 2016, 15:42 CET
Recent research conducted on behalf of the insolvency trade body R3 has revealed the biggest sources of anxiety for UK businesses. Currently, the two biggest concerns facing British businesses is the possibility of leaving the European Union and the introduction of auto-enrolment pensions.

Brexit A "Big Blow" To UK's Micro-Businesses 25 June 2016, 00:15 CET
This result is a big blow to the UK's micro-business sector and I think that a lot of people will be very concerned about what the future will hold.

New EU rules to promote high-quality audits in force 20 June 2016, 23:50 CET
New EU statutory audit rules came into force Friday, with the aim of enhancing investor trust in companies' financial information, and boosting confidence in Europe's financial sector.

Member States back prospectus reform 09 June 2016, 12:39 CET
EU Member States gave their backing Wednesday to a proposal to overhaul prospectus rules that apply when firms wish to tap Europe's capital markets.

Brussels gives support for 'sharing economy' 02 June 2016, 18:33 CET
Support for the so-called 'sharing economy' was given by the Commission Thursday with guidelines on online platforms which offer services such as sharing houses and car journeys.

Europe can be 'global hub for standardisation' 02 June 2016, 01:11 CET
A new Communication on standardisation, adopted Wednesday by the European Commission, aims to ensure that Europe remains a global hub for standardisation.

Trade secrets directive to protect innovation in Europe 31 May 2016, 10:46 CET
New EU rules to help firms win legal redress against theft or misuse of their trade secrets were agreed by EU ministers Friday, the aim being to protect innovation and creation in Europe.

EU pilot scheme to break regulatory barriers to innovation 27 May 2016, 11:43 CET
The European Commission issued calls for expressions of interest on Thursday from projects contributing to EU plans on the circular economy, in a pilot scheme to break down regulatory barriers to innovation.

EU backs crowdfunding as alternative funding source for startups 04 May 2016, 01:09 CET
The European Commission gave its backing to the use of crowdfunding as an alternative source of finance for start-ups in the EU Member States, in a report on the sector published on Tuesday.

EU trade mark applications continue upward rise 26 April 2016, 23:00 CET
Applications for European Union trade marks continued their upward rise in 2015, with Germany leading the way from the Member States, and Paris from the regions. Almost 90,000 EU trade mark applications were received from the Member States in 2015.