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SMEs in the EU

News and information about the European Union's policies for small and medium-sized businesses.

Access to finance 02 July 2012, 21:33 CET
Information about the sources of finance available to SMEs in Luxembourg.

Setting up a business in Luxembourg 02 July 2012, 21:20 CET
An overview of the process of starting a new business in Luxembourg and useful information on the documents required.

Access to finance 05 July 2012, 21:14 CET
There are several paths to obtaining secure finance for a business in the Netherlands. The Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel - KvK) provides an overview of these.

Setting up a business in the Netherlands 05 July 2012, 20:52 CET
The Netherlands is a developed country with a solid financial structure. Dutch civil and fiscal legislation are based on European law. The country offers a wide range of possibilities for international entrepreneurs to set up a business.

Red Tape: Commission leads reduction efforts at EU level but companies still struggling 22 October 2009, 15:26 CET
EUROCHAMBRES welcomes today’s report by the European Commission on the initiatives it has taken to reduce administrative burdens in the EU. However, the feeling from businesses is that such positive announcements don't match reality.

Cutting red tape – Overview of reduction measures 22 October 2009, 15:22 CET
Based on a Commission proposal from 2007, the European Union set itself an ambitious target of cutting administrative costs imposed by EU legislation by 25% by 2012. Today the Commission publishes an overview of progress to date and sectoral reduction plans for 13 priority areas. In total, the measures proposed by the Commission and under preparation would enable businesses to save around EUR 40.4bn from EUR 123.8bn on red-tape stemming from 72 EU texts and the measures that transpose and implement them in the Member States. Reduction measures put in place by the Commission or proposed by the Commission and already adopted could bring a reduction of EUR 7.6 billion. Measures proposed by the Commission and pending adoption by the European Parliament and the Council would add EUR 30.7 billion to that amount. Preparatory work on further reduction could lead to the presentation of additional measures bringing further reduction of at least EUR 2.1 billion. Now it is in the hands of the co legislators to ensure that businesses can feel the difference on the ground.

Access to finance 13 June 2012, 00:22 CET
Entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have access to only quite limited financial resources. To help them, France offers many sources of financial support.

Access to finance 02 June 2012, 00:28 CET
An overview of the finance programmes for small and medium businesses in Denmark.

Single Market Award 2009 - briefing 14 October 2009, 19:21 CET
On Wednesday 14 October, the Swedish Presidency and the European Commission jointly presented the Single Market Award for the first time. The Award highlights the importance of the free movement principles of EU's Internal Market and went to Aurora de Freitas of Portugal. Since 2004 Ms de Freitas has been lobbying French administrations to make it easier for Portuguese citizens to be granted residence permits in France.

Financing Programmes for SMEs 02 October 2009, 21:30 CET
The European Commission's DG ECFIN oversees programmes which provide access to finance for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). The day-to-day management of these activities is handled by major International Financial Institutions (IFIs).

The Euro - Business Benefits 02 October 2009, 21:35 CET
In addition to cutting costs and risk, the European Union's single currency benefits business by encouraging investments and bringing more certainty to business planning – thus allowing businesses to be more effective overall.

Cooperation in Tourism 15 April 2010, 12:40 CET
The need to enhance the understanding and visibility of tourism being a wide and multisectoral phenomenon, requires a strong cooperation with other organisations, public administrations, destinations, stakeholders, academic world, etc. The Commission is already collaborating with the different services. Given that at present the Community has no direct tourism competence, a number of areas in other European policies have a considerable and even growing impact on tourism.

Cooperation in Tourism 30 April 2018, 20:37 CET
The European Commission works on a number of initiatives to diversify and improve the range of tourism products and services available in areas such as sustainable tourism, accessible tourism, tourism for seniors, and low-season tourism.

ECB Survey on the access to finance of SMEs in the euro area 22 September 2009, 15:53 CET
The European Central Bank (ECB) has published a report on the results of a new survey on firms’ access to finance. The survey was conducted in cooperation with the European Commission between 17 June and 23 July 2009 and covered 6,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large firms in the euro area. It provides data on financing conditions for SMEs in comparison with those for large firms in the first half of 2009. The report published today contains the results of the first wave of this survey. Given that this is the first time the survey has been conducted, the results should be interpreted with caution.

eBusiness 15 September 2009, 19:34 CET
By enabling companies to sell to consumers and work with partners without being physically present, the European Commission sees eBusiness as being essential to helping European companies - particularly SMEs - take advantage of the Single Market, driving prices down and bringing "Europe's Best" to the world.

SMEs in EU Health Research 08 September 2009, 16:10 CET
Research-intensive small and medium-sized enterprises - SMEs are the main economic drivers of healthcare, biotechnology and medical technologies. High-tech SMEs in the health and biotechnology sectors are expected to play a prominent role in FP7 Health theme funded projects.

A European Private Company Statute 08 July 2011, 18:16 CET
Progress must be made to improve access for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to the Single Market and to promote their development in the European Union. The European Council proposes the adoption of a European Private Company Statute enabling companies to be set up across the Community, under simplified conditions.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme 07 August 2009, 23:05 CET
The European Commission's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme is one of the specific programmes under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP). With this programme, the Commission seeks to support innovation and SMEs in the EU.

More Risk Capital: equity funding 07 August 2009, 23:14 CET
Innovative growth-oriented businesses need equity investment. The European Commission in particular is seeking to improve the functioning of the EU's single market for equity investments.

Borrowing Environment in the EU 07 August 2009, 23:07 CET
Most businesses in Europe rely on bank loans for their external financing. However, borrowing can be difficult for SMEs - particularly if they lack collateral or do not have a long enough track record or credit history. For this reason, governments and other public authorities often facilitate small businesses' access to lending via various loan and guarantee schemes.

EU Funding for SMEs 07 August 2009, 23:10 CET
To facilitate small businesses growth and development, the EU has set out a comprehensive system of financial policies and instruments to support smaller businesses - SMEs - with the most appropriate sources and types of financing at each stage of their life.

The "Small Business Act" for Europe 07 August 2009, 23:12 CET
Adopted in June 2008, the "Small Business Act" for Europe (SBA) reflects the European Commission’s political will to recognise the central role of SMEs in the EU economy and for the first time puts into place a comprehensive SME policy framework for the EU and its Member States.

5th EUROCHAMBRES survey on the Services Directive 23 July 2009, 17:27 CET
About 40% of European national Chambers of Commerce believe that their country will not have fully implemented the Services Directive by the 28 December 2009 deadline. This marks the first drop in Chambers' confidence on the directive's implementation throughout EUROCHAMBRES' monitoring of the process.

One year later, EUROCHAMBRES deplores deadlock of Union for the Mediterranean 09 July 2009, 15:40 CET
One year after the optimistic launch of the "Union for Mediterranean", EUROCHAMBRES regrets that none of its two main components have advanced: the ambitious aim of creating a Union for political dialogue on shared Euro-Med challenges was repeatedly blocked by different countries, making their cooperation in this matter conditional on the solution of political conflicts in the region, and the identified priority projects still wait to be kick-started as they suffer from a lack of financing and ownership, with the secretariat of the Union still to be created.

Funding opportunities in the EU pharmaceutical industry 09 July 2009, 16:01 CET
Expand your business in the pharmaceutical industry through the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme developed by the European Commission to support innovation and SMEs in the EU.