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SMEs in the EU

News and information about the European Union's policies for small and medium-sized businesses.

SMEs require an appropriate framework to internationalise 02 April 2019, 12:04 CET
Crafts and SMEs in Europe lead commercial activities within the EU but still do not fully benefit from international opportunities. The right framework conditions and better information about global opportunities are the key to facilitating SMEs' access to international markets.

SMEs are Fundamental for Sustainability 26 March 2019, 14:13 CET
SMEs need to be fully integrated in the strategies to make the EU more sustainable and to fight climate change for them to succeed. This is the message highlighted by SMEunited on the 5th week of its campaign for the EU elections.

SMEs call for a stronger Europe 20 March 2019, 23:14 CET
At the Tripartite Social Summit on Growth and Employment, ahead of the European Council, SMEunited President Ulrike Rabmer-Koller called for a stronger, united and forward looking Europe, truly shaped for SMEs.

SMEs drive social progress despite new challenges 19 March 2019, 15:36 CET
SMEs are the main source of jobs and the main social driver in Europe despite substantial challenges.

SMEs business confidence fades out 14 March 2019, 16:59 CET
Today, ahead of next week's Tripartite Social Summit and European Council, SMEunited President Ulrike Rabmer-Koller presented the latest EU SME Barometer.

Agreement paves way for better VAT collection on online sales 13 March 2019, 22:58 CET
EU Member States reached agreement Tuesday on detailed measures needed to simplify VAT rules for sales of goods online, also ensuring that online marketplaces play their part in the fight against tax fraud.

Modernising VAT for cross-border e-commerce 13 March 2019, 18:21 CET
European Commission DG TAXUD page on VAT for e-commerce including legal texts

Access to finance is still a concern for SMEs 13 March 2019, 13:57 CET
Accessing finance to fund their projects is still an important concern for Europe’s SMEs.

SMEs4Europe Campaign: Digitalisation is crucial for SMEs competitiveness 05 March 2019, 14:14 CET
Digital transformation is a big challenge for SMEs today. Highly innovative SMEs are faced with regulatory and financial barriers as well as skills shortage that hinder their growth. Traditional companies that are facing the digital transformation process risk losing their competitiveness.

States agree easier access to capital for Europe's SMEs 28 February 2019, 17:17 CET
EU ambassadors agreed a negotiating mandate Wednesday on proposed rules to help Europe's smaller businesses trying to list and issue securities on financial markets to tap market-based funding more easily and cheaply.

SMEs can make Europe stronger - SMEunited kicks off information campaign ahead of European Elections 26 February 2019, 13:56 CET
The European Union is at a crossroad. The upcoming elections of the European Parliament and the decision about the next European Commission will be decisive, not only for Europe, but also for SMEs.

Political groups reflect on SME policy 21 February 2019, 12:13 CET
MEP Othmar Karas, President of the SME Intergroup at the European Parliament, and SMEunited Secretary General Véronique Willems invited the different political groups to discuss future priorities for European SME policy.

SMEs Are Key for the Future of Europe 19 February 2019, 22:28 CET
Today, in Bucharest, SMEunited President Ulrike Rabmer-Koller met with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis and with Minister Radu Oprea (Business Environment, Commerce and Entrepreneurship). Representatives from SMEunited Romanian member organisation CNIPMMR joined the discussions. During the meetings, they focussed on the preparation of the Future of Europe debate at the upcoming Sibiu Summit in May, and SME priorities.

Supply Chain Initiative publishes annual report 2018 14 February 2019, 13:51 CET
The Supply Chain Initiative (SCI) published its annual report for the year 2018 today. The results of the annual survey of registered companies showcase that the SCI continues to make progress in the promotion of fair business practices in the food supply chain as a basis for commercial dealings.

EU-Singapore Trade Agreement underlines free trade as a vehicle for growth and prosperity 13 February 2019, 17:57 CET
Speaking after the approval of the EU-Singapore Trade and Investment agreements by the European Parliament today EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren said:

Transparency and speed are vital when dealing with food safety 12 February 2019, 14:15 CET
Speaking today after agreement in trilogue negotiations on the Regulation on Transparency and Sustainability in the EC Risk Assessment Process, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren said:

SMEs are key to fight climate change 07 February 2019, 15:12 CET
In a meeting yesterday with Commissioner Karmenu Vella, SMEunited President Ulrike Rabmer-Koller stressed the important role SMEs operating in eco-industry play in fighting climate change.

EU states agree better protection for whistleblowers 29 January 2019, 21:30 CET
The EU is moving towards guaranteeing a high level protection to whistleblowers across a wide range of sectors, following agreement Friday by EU states' ambassadors.

Trading practices (UTPs) - Christmas rush for a deal no longer about protecting farmers 19 December 2018, 18:30 CET
Retailers and wholesalers expressed dismay at the Agriculture Council decision yesterday to create a completely new class of mid-range company at an arbitrary figure of some 300 million euros, to be covered by the UTP directive.

Plastics: retailers and wholesalers support action, but still concerned at broadened producer responsibility 19 December 2018, 14:03 CET
Today's agreement in the Council on the directive on the reduction of the impact of certain plastics products on the environment sends a clear signal on the need to ensure that plastics can no longer be wasted.

Headlong rush on UTP directive is jettisoning EU principles - and won't help any farmer 12 December 2018, 23:52 CET
Ahead of the final scheduled trilogue on the Unfair Trading Practices Directive tomorrow, retailers and wholesalers warned negotiators not to forget fundamental principles laid down by EU law, or the implications of ignoring them EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren said:

EU businesses need transparent and fair online platforms: MEPs 10 December 2018, 13:57 CET
An EU Parliament committee approved Thursday a draft law which requires online platforms such as Google and Amazon to end unfair practices to businesses and set up effective redress mechanisms.

Retailers and wholesalers warn of risks in collective redress proposal 06 December 2018, 15:53 CET
Speaking today after the vote of the European Parliament JURI Committee report on collective redress, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren warned of the risk that the proposal as amended will spark a wave of vexatious litigation:

New commitments on foreign cards only a small step, but fails to create an online/offline playing field 04 December 2018, 17:53 CET
Retailers and wholesalers today welcomed the announcement that Visa and Mastercard have made commitments to bring transactions on cards issued outside the EU (non-EU visitors purchasing within the EU) broadly in line with those EU-issued cards.

Innovation is the engine of our economy 23 November 2018, 11:33 CET
Innovation is the engine of our economy and crucial for the competitiveness of Europe's economy. However, SMEs and start-ups have problems to finance innovative projects, seen as too risky by banks.