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Internal Market Law Summaries

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Summaries of EU Legislation on the Internal market.
Labelling of textile products
The labelling of textile products in the EU harmonises the names of textile fibres and other terms used in labelling or other documents accompanying these products, in order to ensure adequate information for consumers and to promote the development of the internal market.
Copyright and related rights in the EU: term of protection
This Directive aims to harmonise the term of protection for copyright and related rights in the EU. It sets the term of protection for copyright at 70 years and for related rights at 50 years.
EC Action Programme Customs 2013 (2008-2013)
The European Community action programme Customs 2013 (2008-2013) aims to support the development of a pan-European electronic customs environment which ensures that customs activities match the needs of the EU internal market, guarantees the protection of the financial interests of the EC and increases safety and security.
Towards a Single Market in Creative Content Online
Online content knows no bounds and is on the increase. Reaching almost 500 million consumers, content services could significantly enhance the competitiveness of the European music, film and games industry by 2010. This is why the European Commission is encouraging the development of a stronger and more consumer-friendly internal market for online creative content within the European Union.