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Single Market Guides

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Guides on the EU Single Market policies.
Cross-border parcel delivery by EUbusiness — last modified 14 December 2017, 23:02 CET
EU negotiators reached a provisional agreement on 13 December 2017 to make prices for cross-border parcel delivery services more transparent and affordable and to increase regulatory oversight of the EU parcel market.
Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement by EUbusiness — last modified 29 November 2017, 20:22 CET
The European Commission presented on 29 November 2017 measures to ensure that intellectual property rights are well protected, thereby encouraging European companies, in particular SMEs and start-ups, to invest in innovation and creativity.
Public procurement initiative by EUbusiness — last modified 04 October 2017, 14:30 CET
To strengthen the Single Market and as part of the continuous effort to stimulate investment in the EU, the European Commission has put forward an initiative to carry out procurement more efficiently and in a sustainable manner, while making full use of digital technologies to simplify and accelerate procedures.
Member States compliance with EU law - 2016 report by EUbusiness — last modified 06 July 2017, 22:39 CET
Today's Annual Report on monitoring the application of EU law sets out how the Commission monitored and enforced EU law in 2016. The online Single Market Scoreboard, also published today,shows that whilst most barriers to the free movement of persons, services, goods and capital are being eliminated, in some fields the situation is stalling or even worsening.
Compliance and practical functioning of the EU Single Market - Q&A by EUbusiness — last modified 03 May 2017, 13:35 CET
The European Commission has set out a Single Market Compliance package, aiming to make it easier for people and companies to manage their paperwork online in their home country or when working, living or doing business in another EU country. It will also help ensure that commonly agreed EU rules are respected.
Revised shareholders' rights directive by EUbusiness — last modified 14 March 2017, 17:35 CET
The European Parliament approved on 14 March a report on the revision of the EU shareholders' rights directive. The final adoption step will take place in the European Council shortly. The directive will enter into force two years after its publication in the official journal.
Roadmap to a deeper and fairer Single Market by EUbusiness — last modified 29 October 2015, 13:56 CET
The European Commission presented on 28 October a roadmap to unleash the full potential of the Single Market and make it the launchpad for Europe to thrive in the global economy.
Better Regulation Agenda by EUbusiness — last modified 19 May 2015, 18:01 CET
The European Commission adopted on 19 May its Better Regulation Agenda. This comprehensive package of reforms covering the entire policy cycle will boost openness and transparency in the EU decision-making process, improve the quality of new laws through better impact assessments of draft legislation and amendments, and promote constant and consistent review of existing EU laws, so that EU policies achieve their objectives in the most effective and efficient way.
EU trade mark reform package by EUbusiness — last modified 23 April 2015, 13:30 CET
The European Commission, European Parliament and Council reached provisional political agreement on 21 April on the EU's trade mark reform package. The agreed measures are set to make trade mark registration systems all over the EU more accessible and efficient for businesses in terms of lower costs, increased speed, more predictability and greater legal certainty. The Commission says the reform will improve conditions for businesses to innovate and to benefit from more effective trade mark protection against counterfeits, including non-authentic goods in transit through the EU's territory.
Smart Regulation in the EU - making EU law lighter by EUbusiness — last modified 14 October 2014, 18:24 CET
The European Commission is taking stock of its efforts to make EU law lighter, simpler and less costly. Under the title "Smart Regulation in the EU – Building on a Strong Foundation" politicians, stakeholders and experts have been examining the achievements and persisting challenges in the field of smart regulation, administrative burden reduction and better implementation of EU legislation. On this occasion, Dr Edmund Stoiber, the Chairman of the independent High Level Group on Administrative Burdens advising the Commission since 2007, will hand over the group's final report to EC President José Manuel Barroso.
Industrial competitiveness - Commission reports by EUbusiness — last modified 11 September 2014, 23:10 CET
EU manufacturing possesses a number of competitive strengths that should be leveraged to promote economic growth, despite the current difficult economic environment. This is the conclusion of the two reports on industrial competitiveness released by the Commission today. However to ensure that growth does not stall, the EU and Member States urgently need to address a number of areas of concern: investment, access to finance, public administration, access to foreign markets, innovation and energy prices.
Unfair trading practices in the food supply chain by EUbusiness — last modified 15 July 2014, 22:30 CET
The European Commission adopted on 15 July a Communication encouraging EU Member States to look for ways to improve protection of small food producers and retailers against the unfair practices of their sometimes much stronger trading partners. Before a food product reaches the consumer, many different market players (producers, processors, retailers, etc.) in the supply chain add to its quality and value. Due to developments such as increased market concentration, there are very different levels of bargaining power in the relations between the players in the supply chain. Whilst differences in bargaining powers are common and legitimate in commercial relationships, these imbalances can in some cases lead to unfair trading practices (UTPs).
Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights by EUbusiness — last modified 01 July 2014, 23:24 CET
The European Commission adopted on 1 July two communications: an Action Plan to address infringements of intellectual property rights in the EU, and a Strategy for the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPR) in third countries.
EU Platform on undeclared work by EUbusiness — last modified 10 April 2014, 16:37 CET
The European Commission is proposing a new EU Platform to bring together all the various national enforcement bodies involved in the fight against undeclared work.
Single-Member Companies Directive by EUbusiness — last modified 10 April 2014, 16:20 CET
Today, SMEs face too many obstacles that hamper their economic activities within the Single Market. From the perspective of company law, they often find it costly and difficult to do business across borders. Only a small number of SMEs (2%) invest and establish subsidiaries abroad. The proposal for a Directive on single-member private limited liability companies tackles these obstacles as it would standardise requirements for the creation of companies with a single shareholder. It would remove the burdensome process of registering subsidiaries and make it easier for SMEs to operate across the EU.
Corporate governance package by EUbusiness — last modified 10 April 2014, 16:03 CET
The European Commission has today adopted measures to improve the corporate governance of around 10 000 companies listed on Europe’s stock exchanges. This would contribute to the competitiveness and long-term sustainability of these companies. Other proposals would also provide cost-efficient company law solutions for SMEs which operate across borders. The package of measures implements key actions identified in the Communication on the long-term financing of the European economy of 27 March.
Noise emissions of motor vehicles by EUbusiness — last modified 03 April 2014, 15:59 CET
The European Parliament on 2 April voted to tighten noise limits for cars to protect public health. The new law informally agreed with EU ministers requires the introduction of labels to inform buyers of the noise levels of new cars, as well as the addition of sound to hybrid and electric vehicles to alert pedestrians.
Challenges and opportunities of EU re-industrialisation: 2013 EU industrial structure report by EUbusiness — last modified 17 February 2014, 22:09 CET
According to a European Commission report published today on the current status of EU industry, most sectors have still not regained their pre-crisis level of output and significant differences exist between sectors and Member States. The "EU industrial structure report 2013: Competing in Global Value Chains" sheds more light on the downward trend in manufacturing. Also highlighted are the mutually beneficial links between manufacturing and services as well as the importance of global value chains. The report ultimately underlines the growing need to mainstream industrial competitiveness into other policy fields. These issues, recently highlighted by the Commission's Communication on a European Industrial Renaissance, will be directly addressed at the forthcoming Competitiveness Council meeting on 20-21 February.
Commission calls for European Industrial Renaissance by EUbusiness — last modified 22 January 2014, 18:54 CET
The European Commission is urging EU Member States to recognise the central importance of industry for creating jobs and growth, and of main-streaming industry-related competitiveness concerns across all policy areas. This is the key message of the communication 'For a European Industrial Renaissance', adopted on 22 January.
Roadmap for completing the single market for parcel delivery by EUbusiness — last modified 17 December 2013, 00:25 CET
The European Commission has today adopted a communication on completing the Single Market for parcel delivery to boost e-commerce in the EU, and to ensure that e-retailers and consumers have access to affordable and high-quality parcel delivery services.