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EU Single Market

News and information about the European Union's single market.

Late Payment Directive 03 March 2011, 14:31 CET
A summary of the new Late Payment Directive aimed at tackling the problem of late payment for goods and services.

Low Voltage Directive 03 March 2011, 13:29 CET
The Low Voltage Directive forms part of the CE Marking system and covers certain low voltage products.

Internal Market Information (IMI) system - guide 23 February 2011, 00:29 CET
The European Commission is taking action to help citizens and businesses to benefit fully from the opportunities offered by the Single Market by publishing a strategy to improve governance of the single market. The expansion of the Internal Market Information (IMI) system to other areas of EU law such as, potentially, gambling and e-commerce1 will help to achieve this. IMI is a multilingual online application that allows national, regional and local authorities to communicate quickly and easily with their counterparts elsewhere in the EU. By December 2010, nearly 6 000 authorities were using this system where they can assist each other in order to, for example, process applications from foreign professionals, grant permissions or check that cross-border service providers comply with security obligations.

Product Labelling 01 February 2011, 23:36 CET
A summary of the EU product labelling rules for goods sold within the Single Market.

CE Marking 30 March 2011, 14:42 CET
A summary of the CE Marking process which is required for certain products to be lawfully sold within the Single Market.

EC program to deepen the Single Market for services - guide 27 January 2011, 17:09 CET
While services currently represent two-thirds of the EU's GDP and employment, they only make up for around one-fifth of total intra-EU trade. Today, only about 8 per cent of European SMEs do business in other Member States. This lack of dynamism not only hampers choice for consumers, but also prevents small and innovative businesses to grow, develop their activities and become more competitive. To unlock this potential of the Single Market for services by 2012, the European Commission has today adopted a set of targeted actions to tackle remaining problems. The Services Directive aims precisely at removing unnecessary and burdensome obstacles to trade in services in the Single Market. One year after the implementation deadline, the Commission and the Member States have completed an assessment of how the Directive has been implemented on the ground. The results of this so-called "mutual evaluation" exercise conclude that, while much has been achieved so far, the Single Market for services is not yet delivering its full potential.

EU ban on illegally-harvested timber 28 December 2010, 21:09 CET
The EU has enacted new legislation aimed at those who place timber or timber products on the Single Market. This new legislation bans the sale of illegally-harvested timber and imposes a new system to track its source.

Single Market Act - guide 28 October 2010, 23:18 CET
The European Union’s Single Market is the cornerstone of more than 60 years of European integration. Barriers that once stopped goods and services from freely flowing from Lisbon to Helsinki have been torn down. Companies now benefit from a market of 500 million consumers. Consumers travelling abroad have seen dramatic cuts in mobile phone charges. A single currency has made shopping and travelling abroad effortless. Workers now benefit from extensive rights. People can work, study and live anywhere in the EU’s 27 Member States. While Europeans can be proud of these achievements, businesses and citizens also know that hurdles still exist when they exercise their rights. The European Commission set out a series of concrete solutions in two reports published today to boost the single market. In the EU Citizenship Report, the Commission proposes measures to make peoples’ lives easier when they exercise their EU rights to get married, buy a house or register a car in another EU country. To boost growth, competitiveness and social progress, the Single Market Act calls for action to make the lives of all market participants – companies, consumers and workers – easier.

Overview of Competitiveness in 27 EU Member States 28 October 2010, 12:55 CET
The Europe 2020 Strategy puts forward as a key priority for the Union the promotion of a more resource efficient, greener and more competitive economy. This Memo presents an abridged look at industrial competitiveness in all 27 EU Member States drawn from the report Member States competitiveness performance and policies. The main objective is to analyse industrial competitiveness across the Union and to present the policy measures Member States carry out to improve their competitiveness and, by implication, the competitiveness of Europe as a whole.

Poland must stop violating EU rules on internal gas market: EU 14 July 2010, 18:31 CET
The European Commission has sent a request to Poland to stop the violations of the EU rules creating a Single Market for gas after Poland imposed an obligation on gas importers to store a certain percentage of gas in the country.

EU to increase investor protection in EU investment fund market 03 July 2010, 00:48 CET
The European Commission has today completed a programme of improvements to the EU framework for investment funds. The new rules better empower investors by requiring a new standardised fund document, while also setting out in detail the high standards of conduct of business that investment fund managers must comply with.

EU contract law to smooth Single Market for businesses 01 July 2010, 22:35 CET
The European Commission proposed today options for a more coherent approach to contract law. The goal is to bring more legal certainty for businesses and simpler rules for consumers.

Euro-MPs call for food price transparency 28 June 2010, 22:13 CET
New legislation is needed to ensure fair returns to farmers and transparent prices to consumers, by enforcing fair competition throughout the food supply chain, said the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee on Monday.

New EU trust label to make e-trading more reliable 24 June 2010, 22:03 CET
The European Parliament's Internal Market Committee approved today new proposals for a European trust mark to encourage cross-border e-trading by building consumer trust.

Euro-MPs urge application of common EU energy rules 09 June 2010, 17:08 CET
The EU should accelerate the application of common energy policy rules, and the policy itself must aim to improve competitiveness, security of supply and sustainability, concluded a joint meeting of over 250 MEPs and MPs from EU Member States in Brussels on Tuesday.

Country by country breakdown of 15th Progress Report on European Telecoms Market 2009 25 May 2010, 23:52 CET
The European Commission's latest (15th) annual report on the Single European Electronic Communications Market shows that consumers, businesses and the EU economy as a whole are denied the full economic benefits of a truly single and competitive EU-wide telecoms market because of inconsistent application of EU telecoms rules. The report indicates that most Member States' markets have become more competitive, but remain national in dimension and that the level of competitiveness varies strongly between Member States. This is why the Commission's Digital Agenda for Europe calls for swift and consistent enforcement of existing telecoms rules and indicates that the Commission intends to propose appropriate steps to reduce the cost of the absence of a Single Market in telecoms services.

Lack of progress on single EU telecoms market hurts consumers 25 May 2010, 23:55 CET
Consumers, businesses and the EU economy as a whole are denied the full economic benefits of a truly single and competitive EU-wide telecoms market because of inconsistent application of EU telecoms rules,according to the European Commission's annual report on the Single European Electronic Communications Market.

EU mulls improvements to European contract law 22 May 2010, 17:39 CET
The European Commission, seeking to boost cross-border trade and to ensure strong rights for consumers, convened a new expert group to propose ways to improve contract law in the European Union.

Latest trends in SMEs access to finance and EU financial instruments - Briefing 07 May 2010, 08:44 CET
Latest trends in SMEs access to finance and on the financial instruments under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme.

Commission to ease bottlenecks to financing of smaller businesses 07 May 2010, 08:47 CET
To address the difficult financing situation of SMEs, EU Commissioners proposed today to upgrade the SME Finance Forum into a high-level dialogue between financial institutions and SMEs. The SME Finance Forum 2010, being held in Brussels today, focuses on new strategies for improving access to finance for SMEs.

Sweden told to comply with EU cosmetics rules 05 May 2010, 22:52 CET
The European Commission has taken further steps against Sweden for infringing EU law on cosmetic products by introducing excessive requirements in the notification of such products.

Commission action makes setting up business in Ireland easier 05 May 2010, 22:50 CET
Following changes to Irish legislation that remove obstacles to setting up a business in Ireland, the European Commission has closed its infringement case.

Progress on services directive too slow, say Euro-MPs 28 April 2010, 23:34 CET
The hotly contested services directive was due to be implemented in national law by 28 December 2009. This Tuesday, four months after the deadline, MEPs and members of national parliaments held a meeting in Brussels to discuss whether the EU Member States have done their duty in this regard.

MEPs suggest amendments to the Directive on falsified medicines 07 April 2010, 09:58 CET
The European Parliament's Internal Market Committee published yesterday an Opinion suggesting improvements to the Directive on medicinal products, as regards the supply chain of falsified medicinal products.

EC acts against 12 Member States on implementation of EU rules 18 March 2010, 22:35 CET
The European Commission has taken action against a total of 12 Member States on implementing EU Internal Market rules in the areas of acquisitions in the financial sector, pension funds, shareholders’ rights, and anti-money laundering.