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You are here: Home topics Research & Technology in the EU "Science and Technology" - Special EUROBAROMETER 340

"Science and Technology" - Special EUROBAROMETER 340

Author: Research Directorate-General
Price FREE
Publisher European Commission
Publication date 21 June 2010
Publication synopsis According to this Eurobarometer report published on 21 June, nearly 80% of Europeans say they are interested in scientific discoveries and technological developments, compared to 65% interested in sport. Over 70% of Europeans want to see the expansion of EU-funded research in the future. But only 10% consider themselves well-informed about science, nearly 60% think scientists should put more effort into communicating about their work and 65% believe governments should do more to interest young people in scientific issues. Europeans overwhelmingly recognise the benefits and importance of science but many also express fears over risks from new technologies, the power that knowledge gives to scientists and human rights issues linked to science. Special Eurobarometer reports are based on in-depth thematical studies carried out for various services of the European Commission or other EU Institutions and integrated in Standard Eurobarometer's polling waves.

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