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EU Media and Audiovisual Policy

Latest news on the media and audiovisual policies of the European Union.

New Brussels plan for recovery of media sector 07 December 2020, 21:28 CET
The EU Commission unveiled Thursday an action plan for recovery of the media/audiovisual sector, hit badly by the coronavirus crisis, and seen as essential for democracy, diversity and digital autonomy.

Brussels mulls regulatory action against fake news 14 September 2020, 22:07 CET
Online platforms need to show more accountability, responsibility and transparency, the EU Commission said Thursday, as it presented its assessment of the effectiveness of the EU Code of Practice on Disinformation.

Social media platforms improve action against hate speech 24 June 2020, 00:22 CET
Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have improved action on countering illegal hate speech online, says a Commission report, but better transparency and user feedback is still needed.

EU asks online platforms to report on fake coronavirus news 16 June 2020, 00:33 CET
The EU stepped up its campaign against online disinformation Wednesday, asking online platforms for monthly reports on action to promote authoritative content and limit fake information on the coronavirus.

Netflix, Youtube slow streaming networks to help fight Coronavirus 25 March 2020, 00:25 CET
Netflix and YouTube have agreed to a European request to reduce pressure on the Internet caused by increased demand from social distancing measures in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

Is EU's fight against fake news bearing fruit? 18 March 2020, 23:54 CET
EU efforts to fight the spread of verifiably false or misleading information for the purposes of economic gain or intentionally deceiving the public are to be evaluated by the EU's auditors.

Fight against fake online news must be stepped up, EU warns Facebook, Twitter 04 November 2019, 23:13 CET
Signatories to an EU code of practice including Facebook, Google and Twitter have shown patchy progress in the fight against online disinformation, says a new report published Tuesday by the EU.

Russian propaganda singled out as EU moves against fake news and foreign electoral interference 14 October 2019, 22:44 CET
The threat to democracy posed by the "highly dangerous nature of Russian propaganda" was singled out by the European Parliament Thursday as it called for stronger action to counter disinformation.

EU centre to combat fake news: call for tenders 07 October 2019, 18:45 CET
The European Commission published Monday a call for tenders to create the first core service of a digital platform to help fight disinformation, or fake news, in Europe.

German law restricting Google news not admissible: EU Court 12 September 2019, 16:40 CET
A German provision stopping Google search from using newspaper snippets without publisher authorisation must be disregarded as it was not notified to the Commission, the EU Court ruled Thursday.

Copyright rules 'for digital age' clear final EU hurdle 17 April 2019, 00:52 CET
The EU gave the green light Monday to rules adapting copyright law to a 'digital single market', protecting authors and artists, with new possibilities for accessing and sharing copyright-protected content online.

Youth4Regions programme for aspiring journalists 09 April 2019, 23:50 CET
Youth4Regions is a European Commission programme helping journalism students and young journalists to discover what the EU is doing in their region.

Directive on television and radio programmes 28 March 2019, 23:57 CET
The European Parliament gave its approval on 28 march for a Directive that will simplify cross-border distribution and retransmission of television and radio programmes.

Euro-MPs pass controversial Internet copyright law 27 March 2019, 18:55 CET
The EU Parliament approved new Internet copyright rules Tuesday, giving Internet platforms liability content users upload, and journalists a share of copyright-related revenue obtained by their news publisher.

Copyright rules for the Internet 26 March 2019, 18:13 CET
The European Parliament voted in favour of a new Copyright Directive on 26 March, which is designed to bring tangible benefits to citizens, all creative sectors, the press, researchers, educators, and cultural heritage institutions.

Russian disinformation main source of fake news in Europe, say MEPs 19 March 2019, 14:01 CET
Russia's disinformation campaigns are the main source of fake news in Europe, along with China, Iran and North Korea, MEPs said Thursday, calling on the EU to fight back against hostile propaganda.

Brussels accepts Disney, Sony commitments on pay-TV 07 March 2019, 23:48 CET
The European Commission accepted Thursday commitments offered by Disney, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. and Sky regarding concerns over film licensing contracts for pay-TV with Sky UK.

New EU Copyright Directive 14 February 2019, 17:06 CET
The European Parliament, EU Council and the Commission found a political agreement on 13 February to make the copyright rules 'fit for digital era' in Europe and bring benefits to all creative sectors, the press, researchers, educators, cultural heritage institutions, and citizens.

EU reaches deal on digital copyright reform 14 February 2019, 21:05 CET
Creatives and news publishers will be empowered to negotiate with internet giants thanks to a deal reached late Wednesday on copyright rules which also contains safeguards on freedom of expression.

The Code of conduct on countering illegal hate speech online 23 June 2020, 00:32 CET
On 22 June 2020, the European Commission released the results of its fifth evaluation of the 2016 Code of Conduct on countering illegal hate speech online.

Brussels welcomes speedier Facebook, Twitter responses to hate speech 06 February 2019, 18:34 CET
89 per cent of flagged content is removed by tech giants Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter within 24 hours and 72% of the content deemed to be illegal hate speech is removed, the EU reported on Monday.

EU urges tech giants to step up fight against fake news 31 January 2019, 23:17 CET
The EU Commission called on tech giants including Google, Facebook and Twitter Tuesday to intensify their efforts to crack down on disinformation in the run up to the 2019 European elections.

EU institutions reach deal on cross-border access to online content 18 December 2018, 17:57 CET
Parliament, Commission and Council negotiators reached a political agreement Thursday on proposed EU copyright legislation to make online TV and radio programmes more easily available in Europe.

Russian interference prompts EU action against disinformation 05 December 2018, 21:36 CET
Europe needs to join forces to protect its democracies against Russia's interference in elections and referenda, the EU Commission said Wednesday as it unveiled an action plan to counter disinformation.

EU vs Disinformation 10 June 2020, 22:12 CET
EUvsDisinfo is the flagship project of the European External Action Service's East StratCom Task Force. It was established in 2015 to better forecast, address, and respond to the Russian Federation's ongoing disinformation campaigns affecting the European Union, its Member States, and countries in the shared neighbourhood. EUvsDisinfo's core objective is to increase public awareness and understanding of the Kremlin's disinformation operations, and to help citizens in Europe and beyond develop resistance to digital information and media manipulation.