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The Court of Auditors' Annual Activity Report 2009

01 April 2010, 14:27 CET
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The European Court of Auditors is publishing its Annual Activity Report for 2009 today.

“The Court made significant progress during the year in implementing its Audit Strategy 2009 – 2012; the impact of the Court’s work has improved and resources have been used more efficiently. A major step was the Court’s decision to ask the Council to approve new Rules of Procedure to help streamline our procedures for adopting reports and opinions“, says Mr Vítor Caldeira, President of the European Court of Auditors.

The number of reports produced by the Court rose from 42 in 2008 to 57 in 2009. The Court’s main product, the annual report on the implementation of the EU budget, was adopted as planned. Altogether 37 specific annual reports, pertaining to the European agencies and other decentralised bodies on the 2008 financial year, were adopted in 2009. Moreover, the Court adopted a total of 18 special reports. As in previous years the reports examined financial management issues in a wide range of areas - from, for example, the EU food aid for deprived persons to the Commission's treasury management.

The Annual Activity Report provides an overview of the key results and achievements of the Court during the year as well as the main developments in its audit environment and internal organisation.

Annual Activity Report 2009

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