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Public Health Policy in the EU

Latest news on the public health policy of the European Union.

EU acts to address shortage of critical medicines 24 October 2023, 23:43 CET
The European Commission adopted Tuesday a set of actions to better prevent and mitigate critical medicine shortages in the EU, this winter, next winter and beyond.

Medicine Shortages in the EU - guide 24 October 2023, 21:27 CET
The European Commission adopted on 24 October a set of actions to better prevent and mitigate critical medicine shortages in the EU, this winter, next winter and beyond.

New funding puts world on verge of eradicating polio 11 October 2023, 23:50 CET
The EU, European Investment Bank and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced Wednesday a new finance partnership to eradicate polio and ensure health innovations are accessible to those who need them most.

EU green light for better protection from asbestos 03 October 2023, 18:35 CET
The European Parliament gave its green light Tuesday to new rules to protect EU workers from the health risks related to asbestos and to improve the early detection of asbestos.

EU institutions strike deal on sustainable and flexible fee system 26 September 2023, 12:23 CET
EU Council and European Parliament negotiators reached a provisional deal Monday on a regulation to modernise and simplify the structure of fees payable to the European Medicines Agency.

EU issues new Ecolabel criteria for hygiene products, menstrual cups 14 September 2023, 22:34 CET
The Commission adopted updated EU Ecolabel criteria for absorbent hygiene products Thursday with stronger standards for tampons, pads and nappies, and new criteria for reusable menstrual cups.

EU acts to prevent winter shortages of antibiotics 17 July 2023, 21:51 CET
The Commission and the European Medicines Agency issued recommendations Monday for avoiding shortages of key antibiotics used to treat respiratory infections in the next winter season.

Health Emergency Preparedness and Response (HERA) 17 July 2023, 21:46 CET
The Health Emergency Preparedness and Response (HERA) department’s mission is to prevent, detect, and rapidly respond to health emergencies. HERA, created in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, will anticipate threats and potential health crises, through intelligence gathering and building the necessary response capacities.

EU mercury ban to end use of dental amalgam 17 July 2023, 21:52 CET
A revision of the EU's Mercury Regulation, proposed Friday by the EU Commission, would fully prohibit the use of dental amalgam, which currently uses 40 tonnes of mercury in the EU annually.

EU steps up fight against antimicrobial resistance 13 June 2023, 23:33 CET
The EU Council adopted Tuesday a recommendation aimed at stepping up EU action to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in the fields of human health, animal health and the environment.

Brussels sets out new approach to mental health 07 June 2023, 22:51 CET
A new approach to mental health, set out Wednesday by the Commission, looks to put mental health on a par with physical health and ensure a new, cross sectoral approach to mental health issues.

EU Commission agreement with BioNTech-Pfizer on the delivery of vaccines - guide 26 May 2023, 23:27 CET
The EU Commission, acting with EU states and vaccine developers BioNTech-Pfizer, reached an agreement on 26 May to better address Member States' assessment of evolving needs for COVID-19 vaccines.

EU pharma legislation set for major reform 27 April 2023, 21:42 CET
The Commission proposed Wednesday the largest reform of EU pharmaceutical legislation in over 20 years - with the aims of promoting innovation and ensuring patient access to affordable medicines.

Revision of EU pharmaceutical legislation - guide 26 April 2023, 18:25 CET
The European Commission proposed on 26 April to revise the EU's pharmaceutical legislation - the largest reform in over 20 years - to make it more agile, flexible, and adapted to the needs of citizens and businesses across the EU. The revision will make medicines more available, accessible and affordable.

Council Recommendation on stepping up EU actions to combat AMR in a One Health approach - guide 26 April 2023, 18:28 CET
The European Commission proposed on 26 April 2023 a major revision of the EU's pharmaceutical legislation. The package also includes a proposal for a Council Recommendation containing complementary measures to combat AMR in the fields of human health, animal health and the environment, through the so-called One Health approach.

Massive state support propped up European businesses in 2021 25 April 2023, 22:19 CET
EU states spent around EUR 335 billion under state aid measures in 2021, the Commission said Monday, 57 per cent of which helped firms seriously affected by the pandemic to remain viable.

EU acts to mitigate risk of medical devices shortage 08 March 2023, 21:48 CET
The EU Council adopted a regulation Tuesday which extends the deadline for the certification of medical devices, with a view to mitigating the risk of shortages for European patients.

Avian flu: Brussels harmonises rules on animal vaccination 21 February 2023, 00:07 CET
As part of measures to address the largest epidemic of avian flu observed in the EU so far, the Commission is harmonising the rules on vaccination of animals against the most serious animal diseases.

EU adopts stringent residue limits for pesticides to protect pollinators 08 February 2023, 22:20 CET
The EU continued its battle to address pollinator decline Thursday with new rules on pesticides which will, once applicable, lower the maximum residues levels (MRLs) of two pesticides in food.

Lung cancer Europe's most common cause of death from cancer 01 February 2023, 21:50 CET
Lung cancer is by far the most common cause of death from cancer in Europe, the Commission reported Wednesday in the first country cancer profiles under the European Cancer Inequalities Registry.

European Cancer Inequalities Registry 01 February 2023, 18:31 CET
The European Cancer Inequalities Registry is a flagship initiative of Europe's 'Beating Cancer Plan'. It provides sound and reliable data on cancer prevention and care to identify trends, disparities and inequalities between Member States and regions.

Commission proposes extension of transitional periods for application of the Medical Devices Regulation 10 January 2023, 18:30 CET
The European Commission adopted on 6 January a proposal to give more time to certify medical devices to mitigate the risk of shortages.

Brussels makes final EUR 6.5 bn payment under SURE jobs programme 15 December 2022, 22:48 CET
The Commission disbursed over EUR 6.5 billion to nine Member States Wednesday, in the final transaction under the SURE instrument set up to protect jobs and incomes affected by the COVID pandemic.

EU Global Health Strategy - guide 30 November 2022, 22:08 CET
The European Commission adopted on 30 November a new EU Global Health Strategy to improve global health security and deliver better health for all in a changing world.

Use of antibiotics in Europe down, but more needs to be done 20 November 2022, 22:48 CET
On the eve of European Antibiotics Awareness Day (EAAD), a pan-European survey on antimicrobial resistance shows that half of Europeans still incorrectly believe that antibiotics kill viruses.