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Guide to European Funding for the Non Profit Sector 2011-2012

Price EUR 39,00 (including 6 % VAT)
Publication date 05 May 2011
ISBN 9782874510144
Publication synopsis This fully revised and updated guide constitutes more than ever an essential 210 page handbook giving information on: - EU FUNDING - How is the EU’s budget decided upon? What does it take to be a successful EU fundraiser? - FOUNDATIONS - How can your organization receive co-funding from independent foundations and corporations? (Note that projects are rarely 100% funded by the European Commission). - STRUCTURAL FUNDS, COHESION FUND AND PRE-ACCESSION AID - How do Structural funds work and how can they be accessed? How can you increase your chances of accessing Structural Funds? (Includes a special note on the pre-accession financial instruments and the New Neighbourhood Instrument). - INTERNAL BUDGET LINES - Which lines are open to NGOs? Who to contact? Areas covered include Environment, Energy, Education and Culture, health, Employment & social affairs, Media, Civil Society, Enterprise, etc. -EXTERNAL BUDGET LINES - Which lines are open to NGOs? Is your organization eligible? Who to contact and what to do to apply? (Includes a note on co-operation with specific geographical areas such as with the ACP, Latin America and Asia, Mediterranean countries, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, South East Europe, and Central and Eastern Europe). In addition to providing a comprehensive look into European Fundraising, this Guide offers an important list of tips and contacts, which will allow you, and your organization, to easily find your way through the EU funding labyrinth. Unlike similar publications, which frequently represent a considerable financial investment, ECAS Guide’s is sold at a price that is comfortable and affordable. We offer you to buy the guide and become a “friend of ECAS” for only 50€. For this you will receive a monthly review of EU development relevant to the non-profit sector, alerts to opportunities of making your voice heard in the EU and a monthly or bi-monthly summary of all open calls for tenders or calls for proposals.

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