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Finance and Monetary Affairs in the EU

Latest news on economic and monetary affairs in the European Union.

EU financial rules 2007-2013
Overview of new financial rules and funding opportunities 2007-2013.

Euro commemorative coins
Commemorative coins are 2-euro circulation coins bearing a special national design to commemorate a special event or personality. Commemorative coins have legal tender status throughout the euro area.

Community Reference Laboratories
CRLs are analytical laboratories designated by Community directives and regulations. They are an integral part of European risk management system. The mission of the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM) is to promote a common and reliable European measurement system in support of EU policies.

EU excise duties on commercial diesel – Frequently Asked Questions
The new proposal is based on the fact that existing tax differentials on diesel used by trucks ("commercial gas oil") create distortions of competition within the liberalised Internal Market of the haulage sector. In addition, they lead to "fuel tourism", where truck drivers alter their routes in order to benefit from low tax rates applied in certain Member States, thereby having a negative impact on the environment. In consequence, the Commission’s proposal aims at narrowing these differentials while reducing environmental damages.

European Neighbourhood Policy
Since the 2004 enlargement of the EU, relations with its neighbours have become the EU’s main external priority. Through the European Neighbourhood Policy, the EU aims to avoid new dividing lines between the enlarged EU and its neighbours to the east and on the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean. It invites these neighbours, on the basis of a mutual commitment to common values, to move beyond existing cooperation to deeper economic and political, cultural and security cooperation - strengthening stability, security and well-being for all concerned. The new feature goes beyond cooperation to include economic integration, for those ready and able.

EU Microsoft Statement - questions & answers
Competition: Statement of Objections to Microsoft for non-compliance with March 2004 decision - frequently asked questions

EU to propose lifting diesel taxes to avoid 'tank tourism'
The EC is to propose lifting minimum diesel taxes to discourage hauliers from tanking up in countries with low rates.

EU earmarks a billion dollars to combat South African poverty
The EU will hand over EUR 980m to the South African government in the next seven years to help fund anti-poverty programmes

Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe
The Stability Pact is the first serious attempt by the international community to replace the previous, reactive crisis intervention policy in South Eastern Europe with a comprehensive, long-term conflict prevention strategy.

Public pension expenditure - projection results
Public pension expenditure in the EPC and the European Commission projections: an analysis of the projection results

Secondary trading at EU airports
Study on the impact of the introduction of secondary trading at Community airports.

EU Budget 2007 figures
General Budget of the European Union for the financial year 2007 - the figures.

Slovenia's changeover to euro runs smoothly
The first hours of Slovenia's changeover from its tolar money to the euro ran smoothly after the tiny nation became the first former communist state to join the EU common currency.

Regional Policy in the European Union
Although the European Union is one of the richest parts of the world, there remain striking internal disparities of income and opportunity between its regions. The entry in May 2004 of 10 new member countries whose incomes are well below the EU average has widened these gaps. Regional policy transfers resources from affluent to poorer regions. It is both an instrument of financial solidarity and a powerful force for economic integration.

Pensions in the European Union
The proportion of older people in the EU is increasing much faster than the population of younger wage-earning taxpayers, making pensions reform in the EU essential. The fear is that the costs of caring for such a large number of older people will overwhelm the future budgets for pensions and health care.

EU - Asia trade statistics
Between 1999 and 2005, EU25 exports and imports of goods to the 13 Asian countries1 taking part in the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) both grew by more than 60%: exports rose from 99 billion euro to 161 bn, while imports increased from 206 bn to 336 bn.

ECB Statistical Data Warehouse
The Statistical Data Warehouse is the ECB’s new online data delivery service for statistics. It is intended for a wide range of users of euro area statistics, ranging from one-time visitors searching for a specific most recent statistic or a single data series to more frequent users such as market participants, journalists, analysts and researchers. It features robust and simple-to-use interfaces that allow users to quickly find, display, chart and download euro area data, including in some cases national breakdowns.

EC spring economic forecasts 2006-2007
Economic growth is projected to rebound in 2006 to 2.3% in the European Union and to 2.1% in the euro area, up from 1.6% and 1.3% in 2005, according to the Commission’s spring economic forecasts. The main impulses stem from a robust increase in investment, continued strong world growth and an improved outlook in Germany. Growth is expected to edge slightly lower in 2007 to 2.2% in the EU and 1.8% in the euro area. The EU as a whole is expected to create 3 ½ million new jobs over the period 2006-07, after nearly 3 million in the previous two years. This will help reduce unemployment from a peak of more than 9% in 2004 to an expected 8.2% in 2007 in the EU. Inflation remains remarkably stable at slightly above 2% despite soaring oil prices, which remain the main risk to economic growth.

Rural Development in the European Union - Statistical and Economic Information - Report 2006
The report "Rural Development in the European Union - Statistical and Economic Information - Report 2006" provides, at national and regional levels, statistical and economic information covering the three objectives of Rural Development policy 2007-2013. It also gives an overview of the implementation of Rural Development policy for the programming period 2000-2006.

Statistical panorama of European business
The new edition of European business - facts and figures, published by Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities, gives a comprehensive picture of the structure, development and characteristics of European business and its different activities: from energy and the extractive industries to communications, information services and media. It presents the latest available statistics from a wide selection of statistical sources describing for each activity production and employment, country specialisation and regional distribution, productivity and profitability, the importance of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), work-force characteristics, external trade etc.

Eurostat homepage
Eurostat is the Statistical Office of the European Communities. Established in 1953, Eurostat's mission is to gather and analyse figures from the different European statistics offices in order to provide comparable and harmonised data to the European Institutions so they can define, implement and analyse Community policies. Eurostat data covers the European Union, its Member States and its partners, and is published under a variety of Themes and Collections.

Euro indicators
Statistics for Economic and Monetary Union (euro-zone) and European Union (EU-15) from Eurostat

European Community Health Indicators
EU-wide health data from the European Community Health Indicators (ECHI) project is now published on the Commission's Public Health website. The aim of ECHI data is to enable policy makers to track developments in the health status of EU populations. The ECHI indicators aim to cover the 25 MS, the EU Candidate Countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey), the West Balkan Countries, the USA, Canada and Japan.

Stability and convergence update 2006-2007
Stability and Growth Pact (SGP) - Stability and convergence programmes update 2006-2007

ECB Financial Stability Review Dec 2006
The European Central Bank (ECB) Financial Stability Review, which has been published semi-annually since December 2004, assesses the stability of the euro area financial system with regard to both the role it plays in facilitating economic processes and its ability to absorb adverse disturbances and prevent them from having an inordinately disruptive impact.