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Finance and Monetary Affairs in the EU

Latest news on economic and monetary affairs in the European Union.

Markets unnerved after volatile week of economic data - Euro currency news daily 22 September 2023, 11:04 CET
In the UK, inflationary data has eased slightly. However, GDP data was weaker than expected and as such the Bank of England left interest unchanged this week.

InvestEU 13 September 2023, 17:03 CET
The InvestEU Programme supports sustainable investment, innovation and job creation in Europe. With the EU budget guarantee provided to International and National promotional banks, the InvestEU programme aims to trigger more than €372 billion in private investments to high EU policy priority areas.

Consumers to get extra protection when taking out a loan 13 September 2023, 00:14 CET
Consumers will get much-needed extra protection when taking out credit (as of 2025), with the European Parliament giving its final stamp of approval to the Consumer Credit Directive today.

New EU SME Relief package to tackle late payments 13 September 2023, 00:08 CET
The European Commission presented Tuesday a series of initiatives to ease current pressures on smaller businesses (SMEs), including cutting paperwork, simplifying taxes and ensuring they are paid in due time.

EU lowers growth forecast as high inflation takes toll 13 September 2023, 00:07 CET
The European Union lowered its growth forecast for Europe's economy Monday, with weak demand and consumption, and high and increasing consumer prices taking a heavier toll than expected.

EU looks to speed up access to social benefits from abroad 06 September 2023, 23:03 CET
The Commission proposed to make access to social security services quicker and simpler across borders Wednesday, by making full use of digital tools, reducing administrative burden for citizens and business.

Digital coordination of social security systems in Europe - guide 06 September 2023, 18:33 CET
The European Commission proposed on 6 September concrete steps to further digitalise the coordination of social security systems in Europe. In a dedicated Communication, it lays out actions to make access to social security services quicker and simpler across borders by making full use of digital tools, reducing administrative burden for citizens and business.

Russia's share in EU trade falls below 2 pct 05 September 2023, 23:25 CET
EU trade with Russia has been strongly affected by import and export restrictions imposed by the EU following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the EU's statistical office reported on Friday.

Business bankruptcies in EU at highest level since 2015 28 August 2023, 21:19 CET
The number of bankruptcies declared by EU businesses in the second quarter of 2023 reached the highest level since the start of the data collection in 2015, the EU's statistical office Eurostat reported Thursday.

Commission undermines standards for corporate sustainability reporting under industry pressure 01 August 2023, 01:05 CET
The European Commission published today a Delegated Act on the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) that puts a significant dent into the hope that investors and other users of information will have access to reliable and comparable sustainability data from companies. This is necessary to steer the economy towards a path that is compatible with our planetary boundaries.

Brussels adopts European Sustainability Reporting Standards 01 August 2023, 00:57 CET
The EU Commission adopted Monday the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) for use by all companies subject to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Adoption of European Sustainability Reporting Standards - guide 01 August 2023, 00:51 CET
The European Commission adopted on 31 July the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) for use by all companies subject to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

EU provisionally agrees new framework for hedge funds 20 July 2023, 22:32 CET
Negotiators from the EU Council and European Parliament reached political agreement last night on a proposal to improve the regulatory framework applicable to the investment funds industry.

Foreign subsidies rules enter into force 13 July 2023, 17:12 CET
New foreign subsidies rules began to apply Wednesday, to address distortions caused by foreign subsidies and enable the EU to ensure a level playing field for companies operating within the Single Market.

Brussels adopts rules for implementing Foreign Subsidies Regulation 10 July 2023, 18:26 CET
The EU Commission adopted Monday rules for implementing the Foreign Subsidies Regulation (‘FSR'). The Implementing Regulation details procedural aspects of the implementation of the FSR.

Commission invites offers for second joint gas purchasing 07 July 2023, 21:58 CET
The European Commission invited 'reliable international gas suppliers' to submit offers Friday under the second EU joint gas purchasing tender, which runs from 7 July to 10 July.

Sustainability, wellbeing at heart of Europe's 'Open Strategic Autonomy' 06 July 2023, 21:42 CET
Sustainability and people's wellbeing should be at the heart of Europe's strategic foresight, the European Commission said on Thursday in its 2023 Strategic Foresight Report.

EU's transition to circular economy behind schedule 04 July 2023, 22:21 CET
EU measures and billions of euros spent have had little impact on EU countries' transition to a circular economy, according to a report published Monday by the European Court of Auditors.

EU payment services update to boost fintech innovation 03 July 2023, 00:31 CET
The EU Commission put forward proposals Wednesday to modernise payments services and the financial sector to include enhanced protection for consumers making electronic payments in the EU.

Digital Euro: Retailers and wholesalers generally supportive but have crucial concerns 29 June 2023, 23:03 CET
As the legislative proposal to enable the digital euro was published on 28 June, and the investigation phase of the digital euro is progressing towards a decision later in 2023, the retail and wholesale sector voices its general support while also highlighting some key concerns.

EU proposals focus on consumer needs for the future of digital payments and finance 28 June 2023, 23:00 CET
The European Commission published an ambitious package of measures today that have the potential to improve consumer conditions in payments and digitalised financial services. There are proposals on a digital Euro (while maintaining access to cash), steps to tackle payment fraud and on protecting consumers' data in Open Finance.

EU reaches deal on joint procurement of defence products 28 June 2023, 22:45 CET
The European Parliament and Council reached a deal Tuesday on new rules to incentivise EU countries to jointly procure defence products and support the EU’s defence industry.

Modernising payments services - guide 28 June 2023, 22:16 CET
The European Commission put forward proposals on 28 June to bring payments and the wider financial sector into the digital age.

Brussels outlines framework for new digital euro 28 June 2023, 21:33 CET
The EU Commission set out proposals Wednesday for a framework for a possible digital form of the euro that the ECB may issue in future, as well as for continued access to euro banknotes and coins.

Single Currency Package - guide 28 June 2023, 19:06 CET
The European Commission on 28 June put forward two proposals to ensure that citizens and businesses can continue to access and pay with euro banknotes and coins across the euro area, and to set out a framework for a possible new digital form of the euro that the European Central Bank may issue in the future, as a complement to cash.