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Europe in Figures - Eurostat Yearbook 2008

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What was the population growth in the EU27 over the last 10 years? In which EU Member State is it most common to own a house? Which Member State has the highest hourly labour cost? Which Member States are the most popular tourist destinations? The answers to these questions and to many more can be found in the 12th edition of the Eurostat Yearbook1, published by Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities. Europe in Figures - Eurostat Yearbook 2008 provides users of official statistics with an overview of the wealth of information that is available on Eurostat's web site and within its online databases. It shows how key indicators have developed during the last eleven years in the EU27, the euro area, the Member States and the Candidate countries. Data for the EFTA countries, the US and Japan are included when available.

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