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This Week's Top Stories from the European Parliament - 6-10 September 2021

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Press release - Press briefing on plenary session on Friday, 10 September, at 11.00

Spokespersons for Parliament and for political groups will hold a briefing on the 13-16 September plenary session on Friday at 11.00, in Parliament's Ana Politkovskaya press room.

Article - How the EU will help mitigate the impact of Brexit

A €5 billion EU fund will support people, companies and countries affected by the UK's withdrawal from the Union.

Article - EU Blue Card: new rules to attract more highly-skilled workers

Find out how the EU aims to increase the attractiveness of the European Blue Card for highly-skilled migrants.

Press release - Conference on the Future of Europe: European Citizens' Panels set to start

The European Citizens' Panels will kick off their deliberations with the first 200-citizen meeting between 17 and 19 September in Strasbourg.

Article - State of the EU debate 2021: how to follow it

The State of the EU debate, looking at work to date and plans for the future, takes place on 15 September in Strasbourg. Follow it live.

Article - Future of Europe: citizens' panels take the floor

Citizens' panels will meet over the coming months to discuss the EU's future and make recommendations. Find out more.

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