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This Week's Top Stories from the European Parliament - 1-5 March 2019

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European Parliament launches website on European election results

This new, dynamic website contains all results from past and present European elections and is now available in all official EU languages.

Mobility package: Parliament adopts position on overhaul of road transport rules
Plenary session | TRAN | Yesterday

MEPs amend rules to fight illegal practices in road transport and improve working conditions for drivers.

On Thursday, Parliament approved its position to negotiate with the Council on revised rules for posting of drivers, drivers' rest times and better enforcement of cabotage rules. They also want to put an end to distortion of competition by hauliers using letterbox companies.

MEPs adopted measures to reconcile work and family life
Plenary session | EMPL | Yesterday

Plenary adopted new rules on paternity leave and non-transferable parental leave, in a final vote on Thursday.

MEPs back first EU management plan for fish stocks in the Western Mediterranean
Plenary session | PECH | Yesterday

A plan to manage fishing efforts and preserve stocks in the Western Mediterranean Sea for demersal species was approved by MEPs on Thursday.

The new plan covering demersal fish stocks, such as shrimps and Norway lobsters, aims to ensure that stocks can be exploited while maintaining their reproductive capacity. It should be evaluated after the first 5 years and every 3 years thereafter.

Schengen: MEPs adopt their position on temporary checks at national borders
Plenary session | LIBE | Yesterday

MEPs want to tighten time limits and conditions for internal border checks within the Schengen area.

The Schengen Borders Code, currently under revision, allows member states to carry out temporary checks at internal borders within the Schengen area, in the event of a serious threat to public order or to internal security.

Natural gas: Parliament extends EU rules to pipelines from non-EU countries
Plenary session | ITRE | Yesterday

To provide legal clarity for operators and competitive gas supply for all Europeans, MEPs approved new gas market rules to bring incoming pipelines under EU law.

Brexit: reciprocal visa-free access for EU and UK nationals
Plenary session | LIBE | Yesterday

UK nationals would be able to enter the EU visa-free for short periods after the country's exit, provided EU nationals enjoy the same conditions when travelling to the UK.

Brexit: political groups discuss options for an orderly withdrawal
Plenary session | Yesterday

In today's debate, speakers on behalf of political groups representing the majority of MEPs declared their continuing support for the withdrawal agreement.

Opening - Koevesi has Parliament's support as candidate for EU public prosecutor
Plenary session | 03-04-2019

President Tajani demanded that the Romanian authorities stop obstructing Laura Codruta Koevesi's candidacy to the European public prosecutor's office.

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