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This Week's Top Stories from the European Parliament - 23-27 Oct 2017

27 October 2017, 00:20 CET
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EP to host high-level conference on clean energy financing on November 7
ITRE | Yesterday

Several experts and high profile figures will discuss best ways to finance transition from carbon to more sustainable energy sources. The event will tackle the challenges the European Union faces in regards to the energy transition: financing, job creation, growth, and investment.

Parliament sets guidelines for trade talks with Australia and New Zealand

Trade talks with Australia and New Zealand should aim to help the EU economy while protecting farmers and consumers, MEPs say in a resolution voted on Thursday. The EU is set to launch negotiations for new free trade agreements with the two countries, aiming to boost trade in goods and services, and investment flows. MEPs offer various proposals as their input to the Council and the Commission for future talks.

Zero tolerance for sexual harassment and abuse

Members strongly condemn any form of sexual violence and deplore the fact that these acts are too easily tolerated. Perpetrators must be punished, they add. Parliament reiterates its 2014 call on the European Commission to propose an EU-wide strategy, including a draft law with binding instruments, to protect women against violence, including sexual harassment and sexual abuse of women and girls.

EU budget 2018: more funds needed for growth, jobs, security, and climate change

MEPs set overall EU budget for 2018 at €162.6 billion (+1.2% on the Commission's draft budget) for commitments and €146.7 billion (+0.9%) for payments.

MEPs praise Daphne Caruana Galizia and call for concrete actions
PLENARY SESSION | 24-10-2017

MEPs unanimously praised the journalist's work, denounced an attack on democracy, and some called for numerous concrete actions to be taken in Malta and at EU level.

Environment - Parliament exceeds set targets, adopts stricter reduction goals
OTHERS | 24-10-2017

Parliament's CO2 emissions should be cut by 40% by 2030, EP leaders decided on Monday evening in a move to further reduce the institution's environmental footprint.

Boosting the use of organic and safer fertilisers in the EU

Innovative fertilisers produced from organic or recycled materials could be sold more easily across the EU under draft rules approved by Parliament on Tuesday. Existing EU rules on fertilisers cover mainly conventional fertilisers, typically extracted from mines or produced chemically, which are often both energy-consuming and CO2-intensive. Diverging national rules make it difficult for producers of organic fertilisers to sell and use them across the EU single market.

Drugs: fast EU-wide ban of new dangerous substances

New psychoactive substances will be banned from the EU faster. Producing and selling them will be punished with similar penalties to other illicit drugs. Under updated legislation passed by Parliament on Tuesday, the procedure to determine the potential effects of new psychoactive substances (NPS), and to adopt control measures in the EU if needed, will be significantly shorter, in order to keep up with the fast-paced developments on the market.

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