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The euro - the EU single currency

Latest news about the European Union's single currency.

Risk-off as tensions between Russia and Ukraine intensify - Euro currency news daily 21 January 2022, 12:03 CET
US treasury yields fell back again yesterday, but so too did equity markets, this time as investors turned even more risk-averse. The prospect of less US Federal Reserve stimulus this year and rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine meant for a run on riskier assets and currencies.

EU moves to strengthen banks' resilience 01 November 2021, 18:01 CET
The EU Commission said Wednesday its review of EU banking rules will ensure EU banks become more resilient to potential future economic shocks and contribute to Europe's recovery post-COVID.

New EU authority to crack down on money-laundering 04 August 2021, 00:37 CET
The EU Commission proposed Monday a new authority to combat money laundering, part of a package of measures to strengthen Europe's fight against money laundering and countering terrorism financing.

Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) 20 July 2021, 22:11 CET
The European Commission presented on 20 July a package of legislative proposals to strengthen the EU's anti-money laundering and countering terrorism financing (AML/CFT) rules. The package also includes the proposal for the creation of a new EU authority to fight money laundering.

EUR 371m fine for investment banks cartel 20 May 2021, 18:31 CET
Seven investment banks were found Thursday to have breached EU antitrust rules through participation of traders in a cartel in the primary and secondary market for European Government Bonds.

EU prepares for end of LIBOR financial benchmark 02 December 2020, 22:06 CET
The European Parliament and EU Council reached provisional agreement Tuesday on key amendments to EU rules on financial benchmarks, in preparation for the end of LIBOR on December 31 2021.

Banking rules revised to help COVID recovery 25 June 2020, 00:24 CET
The EU agreed to temporarily adapt its banking rules Wednesday in order to maximise the capacity of banks to lend money and support households and businesses to recover from the COVID-19 crisis.

Euro candidates still to meet EU convergence demands 11 June 2020, 23:00 CET
The European Commission published the 2020 convergence report Wednesday, in which it provides its assessment of the progress non-euro area Member States have made towards adopting the euro.

Convergence report reviews Member States' progress towards joining euro area 10 June 2020, 23:34 CET
The European Commission published on 10 June the 2020 convergence report in which it provides its assessment of the progress non-euro area Member States have made towards adopting the euro.

Coronavirus: banking package to facilitate bank lending 30 April 2020, 00:14 CET
A new banking package, adopted Tuesday by the EU Commission, aims to ensure that banks can continue to lend money to support the economy and help mitigate the economic impact of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Banking Package to facilitate bank lending 28 April 2020, 22:03 CET
The European Commission adopted on 28 April a banking package to help facilitate bank lending to households and businesses throughout the European Union.

New EU cross-border payments rules into force 17 December 2019, 18:27 CET
Consumers and businesses in non-eurozone EU Member States will enjoy cheaper cross-border payments in euro from Monday, as new rules came into force pricing these the same as domestic payments.

ECB models need to include climate change, says Lagarde 04 December 2019, 00:24 CET
Climate change should be included in the European Central Bank's macroeconomic models, ECB chief Christine Lagarde said Monday in her first appearance at the European Parliament in her new role.

Brussels consults on implementation of Basel III reforms 14 October 2019, 23:57 CET
The EU Commission has launched a public consultation on implementation of the Basel III standards - the reforms to improve the regulation, supervision and risk management in the banking sector.

New rules for online shopping in EU take effect 18 September 2019, 23:04 CET
New EU rules on online shopping, which came into force on Saturday 14 September, should make it easier and safer for consumers to pay for goods and services online and to manage their personal finances.

Safer, easier electronic payments and online banking 13 September 2019, 22:59 CET
New EU rules apply as of 14 September 2019 that will make it easier and safer for consumers to pay for goods and services online and to manage their personal finances.

EU support programme helps Greece towards financial stability 28 August 2019, 23:23 CET
Greece has shown steady recovery since it successfully concluded its European Stability Mechanism support programme to restore financial stability and promote growth and job creation, the EU said Tuesday.

EU bank stress test too feeble: auditors 11 July 2019, 22:34 CET
The latest bank stress test by the European Banking Authority should have been more demanding in testing banks' resilience to systemic risks across the EU, the EU Court of Auditors said on Wednesday.

Euro drop hits cost of living for Europeans in USA 13 June 2019, 16:17 CET
Europe now accounts for less than a fifth (19 per cent) of the world’s most expensive cities, with 11 European cities dropping out of the top 100, according to ECA International's latest Cost of Living report.

Banks fined over EUR 1bn for foreign exchange cartel 21 May 2019, 00:49 CET
The EU Commission fined five banks - Barclays, RBS, Citigroup, JPMorgan and MUFG - EUR 1.07 billion Thursday for taking part in two cartels in the Spot Foreign Exchange market for 11 currencies.

ECB must allow full scrutiny of banking supervision: EU auditors 14 January 2019, 14:13 CET
The European Court of Auditors called Monday on EU legislators to intervene and ensure the European Central Bank allows full access to documents for audits related to banking supervision.

EU's single currency turns 20 years old 08 January 2019, 23:29 CET
The euro, Europe's common currency, turned 20 on 1 January 2019. 11 EU states launched the euro in January 1999, introducing a shared monetary policy under the European Central Bank.

#EUROat20 03 January 2019, 23:18 CET
20 years ago, on 1 January 1999, 11 EU countries fixed their exchange rates, adopted a shared monetary policy under the European Central Bank, and launched a new common currency on world financial markets: the euro. Three years later, euro notes and coins entered into circulation. Today, the euro is the currency of 19 EU countries, over 340 million EU citizens and the second most important currency in the world.

Brussels seeks stronger global role for euro 06 December 2018, 18:09 CET
The EU Commission put forward a number of initiatives Wednesday to boost the global role of the single currency, seeking to challenge the dollar's global dominance, particularly in the energy sector.

Third Progress Report on risk reduction and the declining trends as regards non-performing loans 29 November 2018, 21:12 CET
The European Commission reported on 28 November for the third time on the progress achieved on risk reduction efforts.