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Consumer Policy Law Summaries

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Summaries of EU Legislation on Consumer Policy.
Protection of video game users by Ina Dimireva — last modified 12 January 2010, 20:40 CET
Strong growth in the European video game market and the development of new media has increased the risk that consumers will be exposed to illegal or harmful content. The video game industry has introduced a self-regulatory video game rating system aimed particularly at the protection of minors.
Nutrition and health claims by Ina Dimireva — last modified 12 January 2010, 20:39 CET
Nutrition and health claims which encourage consumers to purchase a product, but are false, misleading or not scientifically proven are prohibited. The aim is to improve protection of consumers’ health and rights. European legislation has created a list of nutrition and health claims and the conditions for their authorisation which applies throughout the EU.
Labelling, presentation and advertising of foodstuffs by Ina Dimireva — last modified 12 January 2010, 19:40 CET
Pre-packaged foodstuffs must comply with compulsory harmonised EU standards on labelling and advertising. The details that must appear on packaging include the name under which the product is sold, a list of ingredients and quantities, potential allergens (products which may cause allergies), the minimum durability date and conditions for keeping.
Language use in consumer information by Ina Dimireva — last modified 12 January 2010, 19:39 CET
Language use is dealt with in various provisions of Community law. These provisions can be very strict, for example when it comes to potentially dangerous products. The legislation on language use aims to inform consumers properly and promote multilingual information, whilst guaranteeing Member States' freedom in language matters.
Protection of Geographical Indications and Designations of Origin by Ina Dimireva — last modified 11 January 2010, 19:05 CET
This Regulation establishes the rules for protecting designations of origin and geographical indications for agricultural products and foodstuffs intended for human consumption in the EU.
Common system of VAT (the 'VAT Directive') by Ina Dimireva — last modified 26 December 2009, 00:45 CET
This Directive codifies the provisions implementing the common system of VAT, which applies to the production and distribution of goods and services bought and sold for consumption within the European Community.
The safety of toys in the EU by Ina Dimireva — last modified 03 March 2022, 22:23 CET
Toys contribute to child development and play is an essential part of growing up. However, toys have to be safe for children to play with. Ensuring that toys marketed in the EU do not put children at risk is a priority. EU legislation aims to ensure that toys meet safety requirements that are amongst the strictest in the world, especially in relation to the use of chemicals in toys.
General rules: product safety by Ina Dimireva — last modified 16 December 2009, 01:11 CET
The general safety of products placed on the market is guaranteed by EU legislation, which ensures a consistent, high level of protection for the health and safety of consumers.
Unfair Commercial Practices by Ina Dimireva — last modified 16 December 2009, 01:10 CET
Unfair commercial practices by businesses in their relations with consumers will be prohibited throughout the EU. Unfair commercial practices comprise misleading and aggressive practices, and practices which use coercion as a means of selling.
General principles of food law - European Food Safety Authority by Ina Dimireva — last modified 03 December 2009, 16:04 CET
The EU's legislation governing the general principles of food law and harmonised controls also underpins the European Food Safety Authority, a European agency which provides the scientific reference point for food-related control and evaluation.