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Competition Law Summaries

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Summaries of EU Legislation on Competition policy.
Application of Articles 81 and 82 of the EC Treaty by Ina Dimireva — last modified 03 December 2009, 16:20 CET
The new arrangements for applying the anti-trust procedures, which were introduced by Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2003, are designed to ensure more effective enforcement of the European Community competition rules in the interest of consumers and businesses, while easing the administrative burden of firms doing business in Europe. Via decentralised application of the competition rules and by strengthening a posteriori control, the Regulation will lighten the European Commission's workload and increase the part played by national authorities and courts in implementing competition law while guaranteeing its uniform application.
Common Organisation of Agricultural Markets by Ina Dimireva — last modified 22 December 2009, 13:06 CET
The common organisation of agricultural markets in the European Union provides a single legal framework governing the domestic market, trade with third countries and rules regarding competition.
European Industrial Policy by Ina Dimireva — last modified 13 December 2009, 00:23 CET
The European Commission is presenting a new industrial policy to create a more suitable framework for European manufacturing. Establishing a solid and dynamic industrial base contributes to the growth of the European Union and sustains its economic and technological leadership in a context of growing globalisation.