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EU Company News

Latest European company news from, with business commentary and analysis on companies in Europe.

EU due diligence law to make corporate governance more sustainable 25 February 2022, 17:09 CET
The European Commission unveiled its long-awaited proposal Wednesday for an EU law that establishes a corporate sustainability due diligence duty on companies over a certain size.

Germany home to 19% of Europe's fastest-growing companies: study 15 July 2020, 00:00 CET
Germany has the most fast-growing companies in Europe, with a total of 191 companies, followed by Italy (190) and the UK (173), a study of the fastest-growing companies in Europe and the US found Tuesday.

Company restructuring in EU made easier 19 November 2019, 17:29 CET
The EU Council adopted Monday a Directive on cross-border conversions, mergers and divisions providing harmonised procedures for companies to merge, divide or move within the EU Single Market.

Foreign ownership of European companies on the rise 13 March 2019, 22:55 CET
There has been a continuous rise in foreign company ownership in key sectors in the EU and an increase in investments from emerging economies such as China, a report detailing foreign direct investment in the EU shows.

Brussels mulls new guidelines for company reporting on climate info 22 February 2019, 16:17 CET
As part of its Sustainable Finance Action Plan, the EU Commission launched Thursday a consultation with the objective to finalise new guidelines for company reporting on climate-related information.

EU company law set to go digital 06 February 2019, 00:18 CET
EU co-legislators agreed Monday on new rules to make it easier to establish a business electronically and promote online operations throughout a company's lifecycle through the use of digital tools.

Company law rules updated for digital era 06 December 2018, 22:47 CET
EU states agreed Wednesday to modernise company law rules with a view to facilitating the use of digital tools and online processes in a company's contacts with public authorities throughout its lifecycle.

Brussels approves Peugeot acquisition of Opel 06 July 2017, 12:35 CET
The European Commission gave its unconditional approval to the acquisition of Opel by Peugeot Wednesday, concluding that the transaction raised no competition concerns in the relevant markets.

'Trade secrets' directive given EU green light 14 April 2016, 17:45 CET
Euro-MPs gave the green light Thursday to new EU rules to help firms win legal redress against theft or misuse of their trade secrets. The legislation ensures freedom of expression and information, so that the rules do not restrict the work of journalists.

EU to ease mobility of non-EU corporate employees 13 July 2010, 23:30 CET
The proposed Directive of the European Commission covers third-country nationals who reside outside the EU territory and apply to be admitted to the territory of a Member State in the framework of an intra-corporate transfer. The new conditions of entry and residence aim at helping international companies to rely on mobility of third-country national intra-corporate transferees (ICTs).

12 Member States warned to implement EU rules on shareholders' rights 24 June 2010, 22:03 CET
The European Commission is taking action against a twelve EU Member States in the area of public procurement and for late implementation of the Shareholders' Rights Directive.

EU urges Member States to give a boost to small businesses 11 June 2010, 23:13 CET
The EU published today its annual SME report, estimating the loss of jobs in the SME sector over 2009 and 2010 to 3.25 million. The report stresses that EU Member States should take action to boost the small and medium enterprises sector in order to generate new employment opportunities.

European SME Week 2010 kicks off 25 May 2010, 23:51 CET
Vice President Antonio Tajani has launched the European SME Week 2010 in Brussels today. This pan-European campaign is designed to promote and support entrepreneurship. Over 3 million people are estimated to participate in the some 1261 events and activities that are being organised in 37 countries across Europe.

European Commission authorises acquisition of Vedici by the 3i investment group 22 May 2010, 17:36 CET
The European Commission has cleared, under the EU Mergers Regulation, the proposed acquisition of the French Vedici group of healthcare facilities by the British investment group 3i.

Commission to ease bottlenecks to financing of smaller businesses 07 May 2010, 08:47 CET
To address the difficult financing situation of SMEs, EU Commissioners proposed today to upgrade the SME Finance Forum into a high-level dialogue between financial institutions and SMEs. The SME Finance Forum 2010, being held in Brussels today, focuses on new strategies for improving access to finance for SMEs.

Commission action makes setting up business in Ireland easier 05 May 2010, 22:50 CET
Following changes to Irish legislation that remove obstacles to setting up a business in Ireland, the European Commission has closed its infringement case.

Late business payments: MEPs want deadlines 29 April 2010, 23:59 CET
MEPs believe that deadlines for paying bills in the business world should be laid down by law for both the private and public sectors. Yesterday Euro-MPs approved amendments to a planned EU directive designed to tackle the problem of late payments.

EU okay for State Street's Intesa Sanpaolo acquisition 29 April 2010, 23:50 CET
The European Commission has cleared under the EU Merger Regulation the proposed acquisition of two subsidiaries of the Italian Intesa Sanpaolo banking group by an US-based corporation.

EC looks to boost European Company 25 March 2010, 14:17 CET
The European Commission has launched a public consultation to determine whether changes are needed to make the European Company Statute (SE) work better. With the review of the SE Statute, the Commission is aiming to increase the use of the SE across the EU.