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EU Environment Policy

Latest news on the environment policies of the European Union.

EU states likely to miss 2030 clean air targets 30 June 2020, 23:58 CET
Most EU Member States are at risk of not complying with their 2020 or 2030 emission reduction commitments, a first Commission report on implementation of the European clean air rules has found.

MEPs greenlight criteria for sustainable investments 23 June 2020, 00:31 CET
Financial products that claim to be sustainable will have to prove it, following the European Parliament's green light Thursday to new rules aimed at preventing 'greenwashing' and boosting green investments.

EC evaluation of EU Common Fisheries Policy and Fishing Opportunities for 2021 17 June 2020, 23:58 CET
The Commission has published its yearly Communication on the progress of management of fish stocks in the EU, which is based on data from 2018.

Water quality 'excellent' in 85 pct of Europe's beaches: EU survey 09 June 2020, 19:17 CET
85% of swimming sites across Europe monitored in 2019 met the EU's stringent 'excellent' quality standards, according to this year's European bathing water quality assessment published on Monday.

European bathing water quality in 2019 08 June 2020, 23:06 CET
Bathing is an extremely popular and important leisure activity in Europe. This annual assessment of European bathing sites shows how well environmental protection measures are implemented, allowing people to make informed decisions on where to go to best enjoy Europe’s inland and coastal bathing sites.

CAP not halting biodiversity loss in farming: EU auditors 08 June 2020, 23:26 CET
The common agricultural policy has not been effective in reversing a decades-long decline in biodiversity and intensive farming remains a main cause of biodiversity loss, an EU auditors report said Friday.

EU budget: the Common Agricultural Policy and Common Fisheries Policy 03 June 2020, 23:42 CET
To help repair the economic and social damage brought by the coronavirus pandemic, kick-start European recovery, and protect and create jobs, the European Commission presented on 27 May 2020 a major recovery plan for Europe based on harnessing the full potential of the EU budget. This proposal includes a new recovery instrument, Next Generation EU, within a revamped long-term EU budget. In this context, the Commission is proposing to reinforce the funds available to support farmers and rural areas as well as the fisheries sector in recovering and delivering the European Green Deal and in particular the new Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies.

EU unveils green makeover for food and farming 27 May 2020, 23:55 CET
The European Commission took steps towards sustainable biodiversity, food and farming policies Wednesday, as it published its long-awaited 'farm to fork' policy roadmaps for the next 10 years.

EUR 1 billion to support Europe's battery industry 21 May 2020, 00:29 CET
The European Investment Bank confirmed at a meeting of the European Battery Alliance Tuesday that it expects to increase backing of battery-related projects in 2020 to more than EUR 1 bn financing.

Euro-MPs give green light to increased water reuse 13 May 2020, 19:02 CET
With a view to preventing water shortages in the EU, Euro-MPs approved Wednesday the Water Reuse Regulation, which defines for the first time minimum requirements at European level for reclaimed water.

Greenhouse gas emissions in EU reduced by 8.7% under ETS in 2019 06 May 2020, 21:38 CET
Emissions of greenhouse gases from all operators covered by the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) in 2019 fell by 8.7% compared to 2018 levels, the Commission reported on Tuesday.

Students: connect to nature in the time of COVID-19 through new "Earth School" 22 April 2020, 23:10 CET
With more than 1.5 bn learners hit by COVID-19 school closures, a UN Environment Programme coalition has launched 'Earth School' to provide free, high-quality educational content for students and teachers.

MEPs call for ambitious green COVID-19 recovery plan 22 April 2020, 22:27 CET
In a debate with Commission executive vice-president Frans Timmermans Tuesday, a committee of MEPs said the EU must remain firm on climate change and the timetable foreseen for the Climate Law.

New EU rules on power adaptors come into force 01 April 2020, 23:43 CET
A new EU regulation on external power supplies aimed at making a range of household appliances, from laptops to electric toothbrushes, more energy efficient entered into force on 1 April.

EU's Circular Economy plan to clamp down on waste 13 March 2020, 21:33 CET
The EU's Circular Economy action plan, launched Wednesday by the European Commission, outlines measures to reduce waste along the entire life cycle of products we produce, consume and dispose of.

EU Circular Economy Action Plan 11 March 2020, 17:21 CET
The European Commission has adopted a new Circular Economy Action Plan - one of the main blocks of the European Green Deal, Europe’s new agenda for sustainable growth. The new Action Plan announces initiatives along the entire life cycle of products, targeting for example their design, promoting circular economy processes, fostering sustainable consumption, and aiming to ensure that the resources used are kept in the EU economy for as long as possible. It introduces legislative and non-legislative measures targeting areas where action at the EU level brings real added value.

Circular Economy Action Plan - background guide 11 March 2020, 17:22 CET
The European Commission adopted on 11 March a new Circular Economy Action Plan - one of the main building blocks of the European Green Deal, Europe's new agenda for sustainable growth.

New EU strategy to decarbonise Europe's economy 11 March 2020, 17:40 CET
The EU Commission unveiled a new industrial strategy for Europe Tuesday to help industry's transitions towards climate neutrality and digitalisation, and boost its competitiveness and strategic autonomy.

EU paves way for greener partnership with Africa 10 March 2020, 23:17 CET
The EU's foreign policy chief and the Commission set out the basis for a new, 'green' strategy with Africa Monday, focusing on green and digital transformation, and promoting sustainable investment and jobs.

European Climate Law puts EU on course for net zero emissions 05 March 2020, 23:33 CET
The Commission proposed Wednesday to set Europe on an 'irreversible path to a more sustainable future', enshrining in legislation the EU's political commitment to be climate neutral by 2050.

The European Climate Law and Climate Pact 04 March 2020, 17:55 CET
The European Commission presented on 4 March a proposal to enshrine in legislation the EU's political commitment to be climate neutral by 2050, to protect the planet and our people.

Global coalition for biodiversity launched on World Wildlife Day 04 March 2020, 18:16 CET
On World Wildlife Day, and ahead of October's CoP 15 Convention on Biological Diversity, the EU Commission called Tuesday for stronger mobilisation in raising awareness of the need to protect biodiversity.

EIB and UNEP strengthen cooperation on climate and environmental actions 02 March 2020, 16:35 CET
The European Investment Bank (EIB) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) agreed Monday to deepen their cooperation to enhance climate and environmental actions.

LIFE Integrated Projects 17 February 2020, 22:47 CET
The European Commission announced on 17 February an investment of EUR 101.2 million for the latest projects under the LIFE programme for the Environment and Climate Action.

EU invests EUR 100m in projects to combat climate change 18 February 2020, 23:51 CET
The European Commission announced funding of EUR 101.2 million under the EU's LIFE programme Monday for new projects to support 10 major environment and climate projects in nine Member States.