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EU Environment Policy

Latest news on the environment policies of the European Union.

9th Annual Conference of the Principles (Singapore, from 28 June 2023, 09:00 CET to 28 June 2023, 18:00 CET) —
The 2023 Annual Conference of the Green, Social, Sustainability and Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles (collectively known as the "Principles") will be held in Singapore on Wednesday 28 June.

EU looks to end wasteful packaging, boost reuse and recycling 30 November 2022, 23:20 CET
The European Commission proposed Wednesday new EU-wide rules to reduce packaging waste, promote reuse and refill, increase the use of recycled plastics, and make it easier to recycle packaging.

Regulation on Packaging and Packaging Waste - guide 30 November 2022, 22:37 CET
The European Commission proposed on 30 November new EU-wide rules on packaging, to tackle this constantly growing source of waste and of consumer frustration.

EU Certification of Carbon Removals - guide 30 November 2022, 22:28 CET
The European Commission adopted on 30 November a proposal for a first EU-wide voluntary framework to reliably certify high-quality carbon removals.

New EU carbon removal certification 'will prevent greenwashing' 30 November 2022, 23:21 CET
The Commission set out plans Wednesday for a framework to define what constitutes removal of carbon from the atmosphere and its storage, and to incentivise such activities.

EUR 380m funding for LIFE environment projects 23 November 2022, 17:59 CET
The European Commission approved Wednesday more than EUR 380 million of funding for 168 new projects across Europe under the LIFE Programme for the environment and climate action.

COP27 step towards climate justice, but much more needed, says EU 22 November 2022, 18:53 CET
The UN Climate Summit ended Sunday with a positive agreement on a fund to address the impacts of climate change bringing justice to developing countries particularly vulnerable to climate change.

EU Algae Initiative 15 November 2022, 23:19 CET
The European Commission adopted on 15 November the Communication 'Towards a strong and sustainable EU algae sector', a pioneering initiative to unlock the potential of algae in the European Union.

EU issues EUR 6 bn green bond, 2.5 bn for Ukraine 15 November 2022, 23:10 CET
The EU Commission issued a further EUR 8.5 bn Tuesday, EUR 6 bn through a green bond for its recovery programme and EUR 2.5 bn to support Ukraine following Russia's war against it.

New Euro 7 standards to reduce pollutant emissions from vehicles 14 November 2022, 17:50 CET
The European Commission presented a proposal Thursday to reduce air pollution from new motor vehicles sold in the EU to meet the European Green Deal's zero-pollution ambition.

EU strengthens emission reduction targets for member states 10 November 2022, 18:24 CET
The EU Council and Parliament reached provisional political agreement Wednesday on stricter regulation of greenhouse gas emissions in member states including less flexibility and more transparency.

EU participation at COP27 - guide 04 November 2022, 18:23 CET
At the COP27 UN Climate Change Conference starting this weekend in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, the European Commission will call on all Parties to take urgent action to bring down greenhouse gas emissions and respect the commitments they made under the Paris Agreement and in the Glasgow Climate Pact adopted last year at COP26.

Deal confirms zero-emissions target for new cars and vans in 2035 03 November 2022, 22:35 CET
The EU Parliament and Council reached a provisional agreement Thursday night on revised CO2 emissions reduction targets for new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

EU steps up water, air action towards 2050 zero-pollution goal 27 October 2022, 18:57 CET
The European Commission proposed Wednesday to strengthen EU environment rules on ambient air, surface and groundwater pollutants, and treatment of urban wastewater.

New Air Quality Rules - guide 27 October 2022, 00:02 CET
The European Commission proposed on 27 October stronger rules on ambient air, surface and groundwater pollutants, and treatment of urban wastewater.

Final approval for EU's one-size-fits-all charging port 26 October 2022, 18:26 CET
A USB-C port will become mandatory in 2024 for electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and headphones, following final approval by EU ministers Tuesday of the common charger directive.

EU sets stricter rules for energy performance of buildings 26 October 2022, 18:26 CET
The EU Council reached agreement Tuesday to ensure all new buildings will be zero-emission buildings by 2030 and existing buildings transformed into zero-emission buildings by 2050.

EU agrees position for UN COP27 climate summit 25 October 2022, 22:24 CET
EU environment ministers decided Monday on the common negotiating position they will take to the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm El-Sheikh in two weeks' time.

Common charger for European mobile devices set for 2024 06 October 2022, 23:36 CET
European consumers will be able to use a single charging solution for their electronic device, following the EU Parliament's approval Tuesday of the long-awaited Radio Equipment Directive.

EU, US prosecutors step up cooperation in fight against environmental crime 06 October 2022, 18:42 CET
Specialised public prosecutors from the United States and EU Member States agreed Monday to step up cooperation on tackling major cross-border and intercontinental environmental crime.

EU moves to reduce waste from single-use plastics 03 October 2022, 17:55 CET
The EU took legal steps against 11 Member States Thursday, calling on them to step up implementation of the Single-Use Plastics Directive to reduce the impact of certain plastic products on the environment.

CO2 emissions from new cars in Europe plummeted in 2020 28 September 2022, 21:46 CET
Average CO2 emissions of new cars registered in the EU, Iceland, Norway and the UK in 2020 decreased by 12% compared with 2019 levels, according to data from the EU's environment agency.

EU member states need to step up fight against illegal fishing: auditors 27 September 2022, 22:31 CET
Measures to keep illegal fishing in check are not as effective as they should be, the EU's auditors said Monday, with illegally fished products stubbornly ending up on customers' plates.

New EU rules to allow use of recycled plastics in food packaging 15 September 2022, 23:19 CET
The EU Commission adopted new rules Thursday on the safety of recycled plastic materials which set clear rules to ensure that recycled plastic can be safely used in food packaging in the EU.

MEPs vote to strengthen new EU deforestation law 13 September 2022, 18:34 CET
The European Parliament voted Tuesday for significant improvements to a proposal which demands that companies ensure products sold in the EU do not come from deforested or degraded land.