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Energy Policy in the EU

Latest news on the energy policy of the European Union.

Consumers to be helped by new labelling of the power supply of electric vehicles 04 November 2018, 17:14 CET
ANEC welcomes adoption of the European Standard, EN 17186 'Identification of vehicles and infrastructures compatibility - Graphical expression for consumer information on Electric Vehicle power supply'.

Commission and Bill Gates launch EUR 100m clean energy investment fund 19 October 2018, 00:22 CET
The EU and Breakthrough Energy signed an agreement Wednesday to set up an investment fund to help innovative European companies develop and bring new clean energy technologies to the market.

Brussels boost for European battery industry 16 October 2018, 18:23 CET
The EU Commission claimed progress Monday in efforts to establish the EU as a lead player in battery innovation and manufacturing, as it struggles to catch up with China with plans for clean energy transition.

Strategic Action Plan for Batteries 16 October 2018, 00:21 CET
The Strategic Action Plan for Batteries covered all the activities which can help Member States, regions and European industry establish competitive, innovative and sustainable battery manufacturing projects in the EU. These include measures on the access to raw materials, research and innovation, skills, the regulatory framework that will ensure that the batteries placed on the market are not only competitive, high quality and safe but also sustainable and recyclable. The Action Plan was built on discussions with key industrial stakeholders, interested Member States and the European Investment Bank.

European Battery Alliance - background guide 15 October 2018, 23:17 CET
One year on from the launch of the European Battery Alliance (EBA), the Commission Action Plan is in place, the first pilot production facilities are being built and further projects are announced to establish the EU as the lead player in the strategic area of battery innovation and manufacturing.

Clearer fuel pump labels appear across Europe 14 October 2018, 23:45 CET
A new harmonised set of fuel labels took off across Europe on 12 October, with the aim of giving drivers better information on the suitability of fuels for their vehicles wherever they travel in the EU.

New EU fuel marking 14 October 2018, 23:06 CET
A new harmonised set of fuel labels went live across Europe on 12 October, giving drivers better information on the suitability of fuels for their vehicles wherever they travel in the EU.

European Battery Alliance 10 October 2018, 22:41 CET
For Europe, battery production is a strategic imperative for clean energy transition and the competitiveness of its automotive sector. Moreover, the Commission's 'New Industrial Policy Strategy' goal is to make the EU the world leader in innovation, digitisation and decarbonisation.

EBRD bans new oil, but fails to align its gas criteria with Paris Agreement 26 September 2018, 15:41 CET
On 25 September, the EBRD released the draft of its upcoming Energy Sector Strategy. The strategy will guide the Bank's operations in the sector for the next five years, and had not been updated since 2013, prior to the fundamental change in the energy and climate policy context brought on by the Paris Agreement.

EUR 58 billion in hidden subsidies for coal, gas and nuclear 13 September 2018, 18:48 CET
As EU leaders discuss the future of the EU electricity market, new research reveals how much money goes to supporting coal, gas and nuclear in the form of so-called capacity mechanisms.

September switch-off for halogen light bulbs in EU 06 September 2018, 00:04 CET
Energy intensive and inefficient halogen light bulbs can no longer be sold across the EU as of 1 September, helping consumers save on energy bills and helping the EU to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

New Ecodesign rules for light bulbs, applicable from September 2018 01 September 2018, 18:16 CET
As of 1 September 2018 energy intensive and inefficient halogen light bulbs can no longer be sold across the European Union.

Russia loses WTO claims against EU energy policy 14 August 2018, 21:43 CET
Russia lost most of its claims against EU energy policy measures at the World Trade Organisation Friday, over alleged incompatibility of the EU's third energy package with the multilateral trade rules.

Court upholds EC decision on state aid to UK's Hinkley nuclear plant 12 July 2018, 22:31 CET
The EU's top Court upheld Thursday a Commission decision to approve aid provided by the UK in favour of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station, dismissing an action brought by Austria.

Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan 28 June 2018, 23:38 CET
The primary objective of the Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan (BEMIP) initiative is to achieve an open and integrated regional electricity and gas market between EU countries in the Baltic Sea region, ending energy isolation. The initiative's members are the European Commission and Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, and Sweden. Norway participates as an observer.

Baltic states sign energy synchronisation agreement with EU 29 June 2018, 11:55 CET
The heads of state or government of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland signed a roadmap Thursday for synchronising the Baltic States' electricity grid with the continental European network by 2025.

Synchronisation of Baltic States' electricity networks with the continental European network (CEN) 28 June 2018, 22:47 CET
On 28 June, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker signed, jointly with leaders of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland a political Roadmap for synchronising the Baltic States' electricity grid with continental Europe.

EU states confirm 2030 renewable energy target 29 June 2018, 11:55 CET
EU states gave the green light Wednesday to a provisional agreement on the revision of the renewable energy directive, with a headline target of 32% energy from renewable sources at EU level for 2030.

14 EU countries call for strong action to limit warming to 1.5°C 25 June 2018, 23:26 CET
Environment Ministers of Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom meeting in Luxembourg today have called upon the EU to make significant further efforts to fight climate change, over and above the already taken commitments.

EU confirms deal on energy savings and governance 21 June 2018, 00:23 CET
EU decision-makers have reached agreement on a 32.5 per cent target for energy savings by 2030, as well as a new instrument to help EU Member States deliver on Europe's energy and climate goals.

EU opens way to net zero greenhouse gas emissions 21 June 2018, 00:03 CET
EU decision-makers agreed to aim for a net zero emissions economy "as soon as possible" in the early hours of this morning.

EU overturns barriers to rooftop revolution but renewable target falls short of serious climate action 15 June 2018, 12:13 CET
Solar panels could soon cover millions more rooftops in Europe, after the EU reached a deal on Wednesday to make it easier for households to play a part in the renewable energy transition, said Greenpeace.

EU renewables deal will hurt climate and forests 14 June 2018, 17:08 CET
EU decision-makers reached agreement in the middle of the night on an unambitious Renewable Energy Directive with rules on bioenergy that put both the climate and forests worldwide at risk.

EU energy deal targets 32 pct renewables by 2030 18 June 2018, 14:17 CET
EU Parliament and Council negotiators struck a deal last night for a share of energy from renewables of at least 32% of the EU's gross final consumption in 2030, with an upwards revision clause by 2023.

Climate change activists call on EU energy ministers to unlock rooftop revolution 11 June 2018, 23:12 CET
Climate change activists urged EU energy ministers meeting in Luxembourg to live up to their climate commitments and stop restricting the rights of people to produce and share their own renewable energy. The ministers are gathering two days ahead of final negotiations with the European Parliament and the European Commission on the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive.