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Employment Policy in the EU

Latest news on employment policy in the European Union.

EU SURE social bonds first issue 21 October 2020, 23:53 CET
The European Commission issued a EUR 17 billion inaugural social bond on 21 October under the EU SURE instrument to help protect jobs and keep people in work.

EU states look to coordinate COVID travel measures 13 October 2020, 17:07 CET
The EU adopted Tuesday a common framework on travel measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with recommendations to help states take decisions based on the epidemiological situation region by region.

EU to issue EUR 100bn social bonds to protect jobs 08 October 2020, 16:29 CET
The EU Commission announced Wednesday that it will issue its forthcoming SURE bonds of up to EUR 100 billion - designed to help protect jobs and keep people in work through the pandemic - as social bonds.

Commission to issue EU SURE bonds of up to EUR 100 billion as social bonds 08 October 2020, 00:15 CET
The European Commission announced on 7 October that it will issue its forthcoming EU SURE bonds of up to EUR 100 billion as social bonds.

EUR 87.4 bn to support workers through COVID-19 29 September 2020, 14:26 CET
The EU Council approved Friday financial support of EUR 87.4 bn to 16 Member States in the form of EU loans under SURE - a temporary EU instrument to mitigate unemployment risks during the COVID-19 crisis.

SURE - the temporary Support to mitigate Unemployment Risks in an Emergency 25 September 2020, 22:11 CET
The temporary Support to mitigate Unemployment Risks in an Emergency (SURE) is available for Member States that need to mobilise significant financial means to fight the negative economic and social consequences of the coronavirus outbreak on their territory. It can provide financial assistance up to EUR 100 billion in the form of loans from the EU to affected Member States to address sudden increases in public expenditure for the preservation of employment.

Brussels to improve workers' protection against cancer-causing chemicals 23 September 2020, 14:22 CET
The EU Commission proposed a new revision of the Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive Tuesday, with new or revised limit values limiting workers' exposure to three important cancer-causing chemicals.

Improved protection against cancer for workers 22 September 2020, 17:42 CET
To improve workers' protection against cancer, the European Commission proposed on 22 September to further limit their exposure to cancer-causing chemicals.

MEPs give green light to major road transport reform 14 July 2020, 17:43 CET
The European Parliament agreed major reform of the road transport Thursday, when MEPs backed revised rules to improve driver working conditions and stop distortion of competition in road transport.

Brussels presents new employment agenda 08 July 2020, 00:05 CET
The European Commission outlined a package Wednesday to give improve opportunities for young people in a post-Covid Europe to develop their potential and thrive in green and digital transitions.

European Skills Agenda 01 July 2020, 21:25 CET
The Commission presented on 1 July the European Skills Agenda for sustainable competitiveness, social fairness and resilience. It sets ambitious, quantitative objectives for upskilling (improving existing skills) and reskilling (training in new skills) to be achieved within the next 5 years.

Youth Employment Support 01 July 2020, 21:17 CET
The European Commission is taking action on 1 July to give young people all possible opportunities to develop their full potential to shape the future of the EU, and thrive in the green and digital transitions.

EU reaches provisional deal on new rules for truck drivers 10 June 2020, 23:19 CET
The EU Parliament's transport committee endorsed Monday a provisional agreement with ministers to improve driver working conditions, posting of drivers and better enforcement against illegal practices.

Brussels consults on fair minimum wages 08 June 2020, 22:12 CET
The EU Commission launched Wednesday a second-stage consultation of European trade unions and employers' organisations on how to ensure fair minimum wages for all workers in the EU.

Commission sets out agenda for gender equality 09 March 2020, 18:31 CET
A new Gender Equality Strategy, outlined Thursday by the EU Commission, sets out key actions for the next 5 years and commits the executive to include an equality perspective in all EU policy areas.

Gender Equality Strategy - background guide 05 March 2020, 18:43 CET
The European Commission presented on 5 February its strategy for equality between women and men in Europe.

Unemployment in the EU at lowest rate since 2000 30 January 2020, 23:20 CET
The unemployment rate in the 28 EU Member States was 6.2 per cent in December 2019, continuing a steady decline from previous months, according to figures published Thursday by Eurostat.

MEPs back transport package to improve conditions for drivers 24 January 2020, 00:11 CET
A European Parliament committee approved a deal Tuesday to reform the road transport sector with revised rules for posting of drivers, drivers' rest times and better enforcement of 'cabotage' rules.

European Green Deal Investment Plan + Just Transition Mechanism 14 January 2020, 23:20 CET
The European Green Deal's Investment Plan - the Sustainable Europe Investment Plan - presented on 14 January will mobilise public investment and help to unlock private funds through EU financial instruments, notably InvestEU, which would lead to at least €1 trillion of investments.

Gender gap could hold back expected R&D surge: report 14 November 2019, 15:57 CET
Complacency over gender diversity could be an important factor in holding back an expected global surge in research and development activity, according to new research published on Wednesday.

European Labour Authority 16 October 2019, 21:17 CET
The European Labour Authority started its activities on 16 October with an inaugural ceremony and the first meeting of its Management Board.

European Labour Authority begins work 17 October 2019, 20:25 CET
Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker launched a new EU agency Wednesday, the European Labour Authority, which began work by holding its first Management Board meeting in Brussels.

European Labour Authority 16 October 2019, 18:24 CET
The European Labour Authority (ELA) ensures that EU rules on labour mobility and social security coordination are enforced in a fair and effective way and makes it easier for citizens and businesses to reap the benefits of the internal market.

Stages - Traineeship 02 October 2019, 23:28 CET
Trainees work all over the European Commission/Services/Agencies mostly in Brussels, but also in Luxembourg and across the European Union. The content of the job depends on the service you are assigned to. You may, for example, work in the field of competition law, human resources, environmental policy etc.

EU work-life balance directive comes into force 04 August 2019, 23:43 CET
An EU Directive on work-life balance, which came into force Thursday, aims to increase the participation of women in the labour market and the take-up of parental leave and flexible working arrangements.