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Culture Policy in the EU

Latest business news about culture policy in the European Union.

EU sends Apple antitrust objections over music streaming rules 28 February 2023, 18:41 CET
The European Commission sent a Statement of Objections to American technology company Apple Tuesday clarifying its concerns over App Store rules for music streaming providers.

Guidelines on collective agreements of self-employed people - guide 29 September 2022, 22:24 CET
The European Commission adopted on 29 September Guidelines on the application of EU competition law to collective agreements ('‘Guidelines') regarding the working conditions of solo self-employed people.

EU launches first calls for proposals to support audiovisual industry 08 February 2022, 18:05 CET
The European Commission published the first three calls for proposals under the Creative Europe MEDIA 2022 programme Thursday, with a total of EUR 226 million of EU funding available this year.

New European Bauhaus 20 January 2022, 17:20 CET
The New European Bauhaus is a creative and interdisciplinary initiative that connects the European Green Deal to our living spaces and experiences. The New European Bauhaus initiative calls on all of us to imagine and build together a sustainable and inclusive future that is beautiful for our eyes, minds, and souls. Architects, students & all creative minds who reimagine our future ways of living: put your projects & ideas of beautiful, sustainable & inclusive living places forward! Apply for the 2022 NewEuropeanBauhaus Prizes!

European Bauhaus prizes 2022 20 January 2022, 17:24 CET
The EU opened applications for the 2022 New European Bauhaus prizes on 18 January. The 2022 edition will celebrate new inspiring examples of the transformations the initiative wants to bring about in our daily lives, living spaces and experiences.

Increased EU budget for Covid-hit creative Europe 19 January 2022, 00:23 CET
The European Commission adopted the 2022 work programme for Creative Europe Thursday, with an increased budget of around EUR 385m to help support the Covid-hit cultural and creative sectors.

EU prepares for coordinated return of cultural activities 30 June 2021, 18:38 CET
The European Commission published EU guidelines Tuesday to ensure a coordinated approach to the safe resumption of activities in the cultural and creative sectors across the EU.

New Brussels plan for recovery of media sector 07 December 2020, 21:28 CET
The EU Commission unveiled Thursday an action plan for recovery of the media/audiovisual sector, hit badly by the coronavirus crisis, and seen as essential for democracy, diversity and digital autonomy.

Galway, Rijeka start as European Capitals of Culture 03 January 2020, 23:28 CET
The city of Rijeka in current EU president Croatia and Galway in Ireland began their joint one year tenure of the title of European Capital of Culture on Wednesday 1 January 2020.

DiscoverEU - background guide 15 January 2020, 22:59 CET
Around 20,000 18-year-olds are receiving a travel pass under the fourth and latest round of DiscoverEU, which attracted some 75,000 applications from across Europe.

MEPs vote for 30 pct European content for on-demand TV 03 October 2018, 23:15 CET
Members of the European Parliament voted Tuesday on updated rules on audiovisual media services, protecting children better, with stricter rules on advertising, and 30% European content in video-on-demand.

New social fund, double Erasmus funding in new EU Budget 03 June 2018, 20:39 CET
For the next long-term EU budget, the EU Commission proposes to reinforce and better target several existing Funds including a new European Social Fund and double funding for Erasmus to EUR 30 bn.

Funding deal secures future for EU Youth Orchestra 01 February 2018, 15:18 CET
EU ambassadors endorsed Wednesday a provisional agreement reached with the European Parliament on 25 January on future financing of the European Union Youth Orchestra.

Creative Europe 13 January 2022, 22:41 CET
Creative Europe is the European Commission's flagship programme to support the culture and audiovisual sectors. The main objectives of the programme are to safeguard, develop and promote European cultural and linguistic diversity and heritage; increase the competitiveness and economic potential of the cultural and creative sectors, in particular the audiovisual sector. The Creative Europe programme is divided in 3 strands, Culture, MEDIA and the cross-sectoral strand.

No tax break for bridge, as it's not a sport: EU Court 26 October 2017, 22:56 CET
Bridge is not a 'sport' and cannot be exempt from the EU's VAT Directive, the European Court of Justice court ruled Thursday, though it does come under the concept of 'cultural services'.

EU to clamp down on illegal import of cultural goods to finance terrorism 13 July 2017, 23:47 CET
The EU Commission put forward Thursday new rules to clamp down on the illegal import and trafficking of cultural goods from outside the EU, often linked to terrorist financing and other criminal activity.

Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor 06 July 2017, 23:07 CET
The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor is designed to help national, regional and municipal policy makers identify local strengths and opportunities and benchmark their cities against similar urban centres using both quantitative and qualitative data. The platform allows users to browse the 168 selected cities and the quantitative and qualitative information about their performance in the Countries and Cities pages.

House of European History 04 May 2017, 23:05 CET
The House of European History is dedicated to the understanding of the shared past and diverse experiences of European people. It's a place where you can discover different points of view and common ground in European history. The House is an exceptional place, where visitors become involved and can enjoy learning about the history of Europe and the process of integration, in twenty-four European languages.

MEPs back plans to adapt more books for blind people 24 March 2017, 00:13 CET
MEPs on the EU Parliament's legal affairs committee gave their backing Thursday to new draft rules to make more books available in formats designed for blind and visually impaired people.

Aarhus and Pafos are 2017 European Capitals of Culture 05 January 2017, 00:16 CET
The Danish and Cypriot cities of Aarhus and Pafos will hold the title of European Capital of Culture - one of the most popular EU projects for the year 2017.

Culture at heart of EU international relations 09 June 2016, 12:17 CET
A new strategy to put culture at the heart of EU foreign policy adopted on 8 June is in line with the European Commission's priority to make the EU a stronger global actor. Culture can play a crucial role in strengthening international partnerships.

Culture strategy to help drive EU foreign policy 09 June 2016, 17:21 CET
EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini adopted a new EU strategy for international cultural relations Wednesday, with a view to making the EU a stronger actor on the global scene.

European Youth Orchestra finds EU lifeline 02 June 2016, 21:12 CET
The European Youth Orchestra, under threat of imminent closure, found a lifeline Wednesday when the European Commission announced it had found short and long term solutions to keep it alive.

A profile of current and future audiovisual audiences 11 February 2014, 11:20 CET
Nearly 70% of Europeans download or stream films for free, whether legally or illegally, according to a new European Commission study on audience behaviour. It also finds that 40% of smartphone owners and more than 60% of tablet owners watch films on their devices. The study finds that this is not surprising because, while the public takes a lot of interest in films as a whole, the nearest cinema is often some distance from them and the choice on screen is frequently rather limited. It suggests that the European film industry can increase revenues by exploiting different types of profit-making online platforms to increase the availability of films and reach new audiences. The audience behaviour study is based on research, analysis and interviews with audiences in 10 Member States - the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Lithuania and Denmark. Nearly 5 000 people aged from 4-50 were asked about their film habits and preferences.

Directive on collective management of copyright and related rights and multi-territorial licensing 04 February 2014, 13:48 CET
New rules on music copyright approved by the European Parliament on 4 February 2014 aim to make it easier for online providers to get licences to stream music in more than one EU country. The Directive on collective rights management and multi-territorial licensing of musical works for online use, already informally agreed with Council, should stimulate the development of EU-wide online music services for consumers and ensure that artists' rights are better protected and that they receive adequate royalties promptly.