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Crime & Justice Guides

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Guides on the EU crime and justice policy.
Decision establishing Eurojust
In order to improve cooperation in the fight against crime, the Council set up Eurojust. This body of the EU is competent to act in investigations and prosecutions relating to serious crime concerning at least two Member States.
European Police Office - Europol
The decision establishes the European Police Office (Europol) as a EU agency with responsibility for law-enforcement cooperation between Member States.
EU VAT anti-fraud strategy
In order to improve the VAT management system and to protect EU Member States against VAT fraud, the European Commission proposes a review, with particular regard to methods of control, registration, information and collection of revenue in the context of an increase in cross-border transactions.
A comprehensive EU anti-corruption policy
The aim of the anti-corruption policy of the European Union is to reduce all forms of corruption, at every level, in all EU countries and institutions and even outside the EU.
Allowing access to fingerprints on EURODAC - briefing
Police cooperation: allowing access to fingerprints stored in EURODAC by EU Member States' law enforcement authorities and by Europol.
European Arrest Warrant
The European Union has adopted a Framework Decision on the European arrest warrant and the surrender procedures between Member States. The decision simplifies and speeds up the procedure, given that the whole political and administrative phase is replaced by a judicial mechanism