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Crime in the EU

European Union crime and justice policy - European judicial cooperation in criminal matters - EU initiatives in in preventing and combating crime in Europe.

EU to tighten cybersecurity of connected devices 04 December 2020, 18:26 CET
The EU Council approved Thursday conclusions acknowledging increased use of consumer devices connected to the internet and the related new risks for privacy, information security and cybersecurity.

Cyber attacks threat grows under Covid-19 20 October 2020, 23:15 CET
Cyber criminals have advanced their capabilities during the pandemic, adapting quickly and targeting victim groups more effectively, according to a report Tuesday from the EU cybersecurity agency.

56,000 persons surrendered on European arrest warrant since 2005 02 July 2020, 23:44 CET
Since 2005, 185,575 European Arrest Warrants were issued and 56,298 executed, according to a report Thursday assessing the transposition of the European arrest warrant in 27 Member States and the UK.

MEPs demand data protection guarantees for fingerprint exchange with UK 15 May 2020, 00:17 CET
The EU Council should not allow fingerprint data exchange between the UK and EU countries without guarantees on reciprocity and data protection in place, the European Parliament said on Thursday.

Brussels to clamp down further on dirty money 08 May 2020, 00:41 CET
The EU Commission put forward Thursday a set of measures it wants to take over the next 12 months to better enforce and coordinate EU rules on combating money laundering and terrorist financing.

One hour for Internet firms to remove terrorist content 01 October 2019, 18:48 CET
Internet companies would be forced to remove content promoting terrorism within an hour of being informed, under new EU rules adopted by an EU Parliament committee on Wednesday.

Eurojust launches new Counter-Terrorism Register 06 September 2019, 00:40 CET
A new Counter-Terrorism Register, launched Thursday by Eurojust, the EU's agency on judicial cooperation, will help EU countries exchange information on terrorist offences in a quick, efficient and uniform manner.

New EU cybersecurity certification rules in force 27 June 2019, 17:14 CET
The EU's Cybersecurity Act, agreed by negotiators in December 2018, entered into force Thursday, providing Europe with a framework of cybersecurity certification of products, processes and services.

Brussels seeks common approach to 5G security threats 28 March 2019, 23:35 CET
The EU Commission recommended a common EU approach to 5G security Tuesday, setting out measures to ensure 5G infrastructures are resilient and secure from technical or legal 'backdoors'.

Brussels launches 'eLeniency' tool to help break cartels 19 March 2019, 23:24 CET
A new online 'eLeniency' tool, launched by the EU on Tuesday, is aimed at making it it easier for companies and lawyers to submit documents as part of leniency and settlement proceedings in cartel cases.

MEPs call for tougher cyber-security to counter Chinese 5G threat 12 March 2019, 18:30 CET
The EU Parliament called Tuesday for action at EU level on the security threats linked to China’s growing technological presence in the EU, as it adopted a new Cybersecurity certification scheme for products, processes and services.

Euro tax police needed to tackle financial crime: MEPs 01 March 2019, 00:13 CET
A special tax committee set up by the EU Parliament in the wake of the Luxleaks, Panama Papers and Paradise papers scandals adopted Wednesday a roadmap to fairer, more effective taxation and to tackling financial crimes.

EU adds Saudi Arabia to money-laundering blacklist 14 February 2019, 00:29 CET
Saudi Arabia has been added to the EU's list of 23 third countries with strategic deficiencies in their anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing frameworks, revealed Wednesday by the Commission.

EC requests Maltese anti-money laundering watchdog to step up supervision of banks 09 November 2018, 00:25 CET
The EU Commission requested the Maltese anti-money laundering supervisor Thursday to take additional measures to fully comply with its obligations under the fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive.

EU makes progress in fight against travel document fraud 17 October 2018, 23:46 CET
The EU Commission took stock of measures to combat identity fraud Tuesday, implemented under a 2016 action plan to improve security of travel documents as part of the fight against terrorism.

VAT fraud costs the EU EUR 50 billion a year 24 September 2018, 22:49 CET
EU countries lost almost EUR 150 billion in VAT revenues in 2016, of which EUR 50 bn went to the benefit of criminals, according to a new study published Friday by the European Commission.

Terrorist content removed from web in 1 hour under new EU rules 12 September 2018, 23:07 CET
In his State of the Union address to the EU Parliament Wednesday, Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker outlined new rules which would get terrorist content off the web within one hour.

EU anti money-laundering rules enter into force 11 July 2018, 00:12 CET
New EU rules against money laundering, which entered into force Monday, introduce stricter transparency requirements on the real owners of companies and strengthen the fight against terrorist financing.

New travel authorisation system to screen travellers before entering EU 06 July 2018, 11:45 CET
The EU Parliament gave its green light Thursday to a new travel information and authorisation system intended to screen criminals and terrorists before they arrive in the EU. It should be operational in 2021.

Parliament, Council reach deal on EU-wide penalties for money laundering 07 June 2018, 22:55 CET
The European Parliament and the EU Member States reached provisional agreement Thursday on strengthened criminal law measures to counter money laundering.

EU adopts amended money laundering, terrorist financing rules 16 May 2018, 00:24 CET
The EU Council adopted Monday a directive strengthening EU rules to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing - part of an action plan launched after a spate of terrorist attacks in Europe in 2016.

Brussels wants fingerprints added to ID cards 18 April 2018, 20:36 CET
The EU Commission put forward a package of security measures Tuesday, including more secure ID cards, stricter rules on explosives and firearms, and better data sharing to help fight crime and terrorism.

6 hours for tech firms to hand over key evidence under EU security proposal 18 April 2018, 00:01 CET
Police and judicial authorities would gain easier and faster access to e-evidence such as e-mails or documents under new EU proposals to help them investigate, prosecute and convict criminals and terrorists.

"Highly likely" Russia behind UK attack: EU summit 23 March 2018, 11:53 CET
At a summit in Brussels, EU leaders condemned Russia Thursday for the recent nerve agent attack in Britain, agreeing to coordinate their response "in the light of the answers provided by the Russian authorities".

EU gives tech giants one hour deadline to remove terrorist content 04 March 2018, 12:38 CET
Tech giants Facebook and Google will be given one hour to remove terrorist content from their social media platforms under tighter rules on illegal content online, released Thursday by the EU Commission.