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Consumer protection under discussion by MEPS

Posted by EUbusiness at 08 March 2010, 23:10 CET |

The EU's internal market will be under scrutiny on Tuesday, 9 March, when a series of reports will be debated by MEPs in Strasbourg. Among the issues being discussed will be ways of resolving disputes without legal action and improving people's knowledge of the options open to them. The debate will be held Tuesday from 0900 CET and can be followed live online.

Romanian Liberal MEP Cristian Silviu Busoi urges member states to increase awareness of SOLVIT, the online problem-solving network which was created in 2002 to solve problems that arise for citizens and businesses due to the misapplication of internal market law. Busoi's report points out that citizens turn to the European Ombudsman with their problems instead of consulting SOLVIT because they are unaware of it. Therefore, its capacity should be increased by creating a common European institution website that will refer EU citizens directly to the institution or body competent to handle their complaint. Busoi's report


Another issue to be discussed by the MEPs will be the safety of toys. A report from Swedish Social Democrat Anna Hedh insists on strengthening market surveillance so that products on the EU market meet safety standards. The MEP also calls for periodic revisions of the Rapex guidelines. Ms Hedh supports the Commission’s initiative to step up international cooperation on the safety of products and pursue formal agreements with enforcement authorities in third countries, in particular China, the US and Japan.

Hedth’s report


Polish MEP Róza Thun from the centre right European People’s Party advocates increasing the accessibility of advice and problem-solving assistance as well as providing more information to citizens and businesses about their rights in the internal market. The MEP also suggests the establishment of an annual Internal Market Forum, which will be committed to application and enforcement of internal market legislation.

Thun’s report


The debate on consumer protection will be held on Tuesday, 9 March, from 0900 CET and can be followed live online.
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