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European Commission

Latest news and information from the European Commission.

Lobbyists register to be mandatory for all EU institutions
The Commission proposed Wednesday that its 'Transparency Register' evolve into a mandatory system covering all EU institutions.

Brussels consults on tax haven blacklist
The EU Commission has released a first list of countries suspected of facilitating tax avoidance, leaving EU Member States to choose which countries deserve closer scrutiny of their taxation practices.

Juncker sets up Task Force for Brexit talks
Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has set up a Task Force to prepare for and conduct negotiations with the United Kingdom over leaving the European Union under under Article 50.

State of the Union: Juncker addresses EU's key challenges
In his 2016 State of the Union address to the European Parliament, EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said the Union was facing key challenges of populism, unemployment and social injustice.

Commission confirms Spain, Portugal missed budgetary targets
The European Commission confirmed Thursday that Spain and Portugal will not correct their excessive deficit by recommended deadlines, and that they risk financial sanctions.

2017 EU Budget prioritises growth, jobs and migrant crisis
A draft EU Budget for 2017 of EUR 134.9 bn, proposed by the EU Commission, focuses on supporting recovery of the economy and addressing Europe's border and immigration challenges.

EU looks to key partnerships to help tackle migrant crisis
A new focus on third country partnerships in conjunction with development aid to tackle the root causes of migration was promised by the EU Commission in a new plan set out Tuesday.

EU looks to extend flagship investment plan
The European Commission looked Wednesday to extend its flagship Investment Plan for Europe beyond 2018, hailing its achievements in creating jobs and 'getting Europe investing again'.

Commission pledges new transparency for expert groups
The European Commission has adopted new rules on how it selects the advisory expert groups which provide external expertise to help inform the policy-making process.

Register of Commission expert groups and other similar entities
This Register was set up by the Commission to ensure transparency on expert groups assisting the Commission in relation to: the preparation of legislative proposals and policy initiatives; the preparation of delegated acts; the implementation of EU legislation, programmes and policies, including coordination and cooperation with EU Member States and stakeholders in that regard; where necessary, the early preparation of implementing acts, before submission to the committee in accordance with Regulation (EU) N°182/2011.The Register lists both Commission expert groups and other similar entities, i.e. consultative entities set up by the Union legislator and not by the Commission, which have a similar or identical role to that of Commission expert groups and are administered and financially managed by the Commission. For each expert group, the Register provides valuable information including on the Commission department which is running the group, as well as on its members, its mission and tasks. The Register also includes relevant documents which are produced and discussed by the groups.

Spain, Portugal under caution over budget deficits
Spain and Portugal were given one more year to correct their excessive deficits after the European Commission published its Spring economic package Wednesday.

EUR 1.8m EU aid to help redundant Belgian workers
The EU Commission is proposing to provide Belgium with EUR 1.8 million to help 488 workers made redundant by several manufacturers of construction machinery in the Wallonia region.

New EU customs rules into force
New customs rules for the European Union will make life simpler for businesses that trade in Europe and better protect consumers against illegal and counterfeit goods, says the EU Commission.

EU forecasts modest growth amid Brexit warning
The EU forecast continuing modest growth for Europe's economy Tuesday, but warned that the outlook was affected by uncertainty surrounding the Chinese economy and the UK's upcoming referendum on EU membership.

April infringements' package: key decisions
In its monthly package of infringement decisions, the European Commission is pursuing legal action against EU Member States for failing to comply with their obligations under EU law. These decisions, covering various sectors and EU policy areas (see Annex I and II), aim to ensure the proper application of EU law for the benefit of citizens and businesses. The key decisions taken by the Commission (including, 2 letters of formal notice, 35 reasoned opinions and 6 referrals to the Court of Justice of the European Union) are presented below and grouped by policy area.

EU proposes visa-free travel for Ukraine citizens
The EU is proposing lifting visa requirements for citizens of Ukraine by adding the country to its list of countries whose citizens are able to travel without a visa to the Schengen area.

Top Stories from the European Commission - 1-5 April 2019
Environmental Implementation Review - Antitrust: Objections to Valve and five videogame publishers on "geo-blocking" of PC video games, BMW, Daimler and VW on emission cleaning technology - Safety Gate for dangerous products - list of dangerous products - EU Trust Fund for Africa - Pan-European Personal Pensions - ACP partnerships talks - Secure ID cards and residence documents - fast broadband in Italy - Road safety statistics - Rule of Law in Poland - WTO cases on ICT and pharmaceuticals - infrastructure investment

Top Stories from the European Commission - 26-30 November 2018
G20 Summit - Mergers: EC probe into proposed acquisition of VDM by Aperam in nickel alloy industry; Nidec proposed acquisition of Whirlpool's refrigeration compressor business; EC approves acquisition of Fibria by Suzano, subject to conditions - EU Reports: EU-Lebanon cooperation, EU-Jordan partnership - EC launches Knowledge Centre to fight malnutrition - Commission reports on progress in risk reduction in the Banking Union - Banking Union: Progress Report on risk reduction and non-performing loans - Strategy for climate neutral Europe by 2050 - Brexit preparedness: provisional agreement on amending EU rules on type-approvals for vehicles - Study: Trade supports over 36 million jobs across EU - WTO reform: EU proposes way forward on the functioning of the Appellate Body

Top Stories from the European Commission - 17-21 September 2018
State aid: Italy incompatible aid to Naples port authority - European Border and Coast Guard qgreement on operational cooperation with Serbia - EU consumer rules: Airbnb commits to complying with Commission and EU consumer authorities' demands - European Citizens' Initiative: Commission registers 'Eat ORIGINal! Unmask your food' and 'Stop fraud and abuse of EU funds' initiatives - aid to Central African Republic - EU supports media freedom in Western Balkans

Top Stories from the European Commission - 29 October-2 November 2018
EU trade agreements report - State aid: support for Klaipeda LNG terminal in Lithuania - Myanmar human rights and labour rights situation - European Vocational Skills Week - Mergers probe into steel suppliers Tata Steel and ThyssenKrupp joint venture proposal - Commission approves Mars' acquisition of AniCura, subject to conditions - EU commits EUR 300 million for clean, healthy and safe oceans - Quantum Technologies Flagship kicks off with first 20 projects - EUR 58m humanitarian aid for Sahel and Central African Republic

Top Stories from the European Commission - 6-10 May 2019
Political and economic developments in Hong Kong - Macao - initiative supporting regions in industrial transition - Spring 2019 Economic Forecast - EU leaders to look ahead to common future at Sibiu summit - loss of biodiversity - Commission adopts common methodology to measure food waste across the EU

Top Stories from the European Commission - 8-12 April 2019
Africa-Europe Alliance - financing for small businesses in Africa - Mergers: conditional approval of Nidec's acquisition of Embraco, fine for General Electric EUR 52m for providing incorrect information in LM Wind takeover - EU Facility for Refugees in Turkey - 2018 Official Development Assistance - first ever image of a black hole - foreign investment screening regulation - 'No-deal' Brexit preparedness - EU-China Summit - Future of Work - state of the Energy Union - Facebook changes its terms - Digital Day 2019 - Artificial intelligence ethics

Top Stories from the European Commission - 5-9 November 2018
State aid: EC approves support for gas interconnector between Greece and Bulgaria; Romania needs to recover around EUR 60m incompatible aid from energy producer CE Hunedoara - Africa-Europe Alliance - Paradise Papers illegal tax breaks for yachts and aircraft - Banks: EC suspends referral of Spain to Court - MiFID II: EC suspends referral of Spain to Court - Autumn Forecast - Airport slot allocation: EC calls on Court to fine Portugal - Railway safety: Bulgaria referred for failure to transpose and comply with EU rules on railway safety - Luxembourg referred to Court for not completely implementing EU anti-money laundering rules - Universal Service Directive: Portugal referred - EC clears creation of six joint ventures by Daimler and BMW, subject to conditions - fishing opportunities in Atlantic and North Sea - Endocrine disruptors strategy - EC approves Disney acquisition of parts of Fox, subject to conditions - EU contributes EUR 26m to improve women, children and adolescents' health around the world

Top Stories from the European Commission - 10-14 June 2019
Additional EUR 3.5m to tackle Ebola epidemic - quantum, EU-Africa taskforce report and digital start-ups - Data Protection Regulation one year on - EU budget 2021-2027 - EU risk assessment model in the food chain - 'no-deal' Brexit preparations - Deepening Economic and Monetary Union - decline in non-performing loans - Tata Steel-ThyssenKrupp - criminal proceedings new rules - Digital Economy and Society Index

Top Stories from the European Commission - 22-26 October 2018
Relocation of European Medicines Agency and European Banking Authority - support for digital teaching and learning in schools - LIFE Programme funding - EUR 3 bn Erasmus+ budget - Italy budget - EC proposes to strengthen subsidiarity and proportionality in EU policy-making - Work Programme 2019 - EUR 200m for renewable energy for self-suppliers of electricity in France - EU and Japan discuss economic cooperation - rule of law in Jordan