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General report on the activities of the European Union 2014

Author: Directorate-General for Communication
Price FREE
Publisher European Commission
Publication date 23 February 2015
ISBN 978-92-79-41125-0
Publication synopsis The year 2014 contained many events that made me proud to be European. The euro area family welcomed Latvia on 1 January — with Lithuania joining 1 year later. In Lima, Peru, the EU acted in a spirit of constructiveness and compromise to help pave the way towards a meaningful global climate-change deal in Paris. In the wake of the Ukraine crisis, we were able to unite, speak with one voice and act effectively, with trade sanctions, an association agreement and an energy deal to ensure gas supplies continue. The EU made significant progress towards a banking union, restoring confidence, ending the era of taxpayers having to pay for the mistakes of banks and enabling the financial sector to start lending again. In the opening year of the EU’s new multiannual financial framework, the first tranche of almost EUR 1 trillion of funding began to flow to the EU’s researchers, regions, farmers and more. Meanwhile, 510 million kilometres away, a European spacecraft was the first ever to land on a comet; an astonishing achievement of innovation and ingenuity.

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