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Air Transport in the European Union

27 February 2015, 21:34 CET
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Among the different modes of transport, air transport has experienced the fastest growth. However, it must overcome the problem of its infrastructures becoming saturated. The European Union is therefore committed to modernising and adapting the infrastructure to increasing passenger flows, whilst also improving their rights and safety. In order to do this, the Union is working to implement the Single European Sky. Moreover, the introduction of optimum traffic management technologies will enable the challenges related to economic efficiency, safety and respect for the environment to be reconciled.

Photo AirbusThe aviation sector employs more than 3 million people in the European Union (EU). Airlines and airports alone contribute more than €120 billion to the European GDP. More than 700 million passengers departed or arrived at EU airports in 2005. Linking people and regions, air transport plays a vital role in the integration and the competitiveness of Europe, as well as its interaction with the world.


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