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Agriculture in the EU

Latest Agriculture news from the European Union.

EU Pollinators Initiative 02 June 2018, 23:55 CET
The European Commission launched on 1 June the first-ever EU initiative to address the rapid decline of wild pollinators Friday, insects such as bees, bumblebees, butterflies and other insects.

EU launches pollinator initiative to save our bees 03 June 2018, 00:16 CET
With one in ten pollinating insects on the verge of extinction, and a third of bee and butterfly species declining, the EU launched Friday its first-ever initiative to address the decline of wild pollinating insects.

The Common Agricultural Policy beyond 2020 01 June 2018, 21:53 CET
The European Commission published proposals on 1 June for regulations modernising and simplifying the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

EU sets out plan for new common agricultural policy 02 June 2018, 00:00 CET
A proposal for a new common agricultural policy, outlined Friday by the EU Commission, focuses on greater flexibility for EU Member States, better targeting of support and more environmental ambition.

EU looks to satellites to check farm payments 28 May 2018, 18:58 CET
The EU Commission adopted new rules Friday which would for the first time expressly allow a range of modern technologies to be used when carrying out checks for CAP payments, including satellite data.

EU set for new rules for organic farming 25 May 2018, 10:40 CET
The EU Council adopted new EU rules on organic production and the labelling of organic products Wednesday, with a view to encouraging and simplifying sustainable development of organic production in the EU.

Court upholds EU ban on bee-harming pesticides 17 May 2018, 21:17 CET
The Commission was right to impose restrictions on the use of three bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides, imidacloprid, clothianidin and thiamethoxam, the EU's General Court ruled on Thursday.

Neonicotinoids 29 April 2018, 23:25 CET
Neonicotinoids are active substances used in plant protection products to control harmful insects, which means they are insecticides. The European Commission closely monitors the possible relations between bee health and pesticides and is determined to take the most cautious approach possible to protect bees.

EU states vote to ban bee-harming pesticides 29 April 2018, 23:29 CET
A committee of EU member states' representatives have backed a proposal for a near-total ban of three bee-killing neonicotinoid insecticides which a scientific review said were harmful to bees.

Green light for new EU rules on organic food 19 April 2018, 23:25 CET
Euro-MPs gave the green light Thursday to a new law on organic food production and labelling, with a view to boosting organic production and ensuring that only high-quality organic food is sold in the EU.

Brussels looks to clamp down on unfair food trading practices 17 April 2018, 15:47 CET
The EU Commission put forward proposals Thursday to ban the most damaging unfair trade practices in the food supply chain, with a view to ensuring fairer treat­ment for smaller food and farming businesses.

Food supply chain: EU targets unfair trading practices 12 April 2018, 18:43 CET
The Commission is targeting the most damaging unfair trade practices to grant farmers and small and medium sized businesses greater certainty and less need to manage risks over which they have little or no control.

EC proposes 'de minimis' aid increase for farmers 04 March 2018, 23:57 CET
Brussels is proposing to increase the maximum amount of agricultural state aid that Member States can distribute without prior notification from EUR 15,000 to EUR 25,000, over three years, per farm holding.

MEPs set out plan to save Europe's bees 01 March 2018, 23:41 CET
The EU needs a long-term strategy to rebuild the bee population, the EU Parliament said Thursday calling for more investment in protecting bee health, fighting honey adulteration and supporting beekeepers.

EU auditors to scrutinise organic food checks 22 February 2018, 13:20 CET
The EU Court of Auditors is set to conduct an audit of checks on Europe's organic food, to look at the control system governing the production, processing, distribution and import of organic products.

The Future of Farming - UK agricultural policy after Brexit 31 January 2018, 23:45 CET
In a new report for Policy Network, Charlie Cadywould looks at how competing visions of Brexit might impact British agriculture in the coming years, offering a set of radical progressive alternatives for future policy. He urges Labour to reach out to the Conservative-dominated countryside, with creative thinking towards rural policy more generally. This report sets out how competing visions of Brexit may impact the British agriculture sector in the coming years, and sets out a radical set of alternatives for future policy. It is aimed specifcally at a progressive audience for whom farmers, and rural communities more generally, have not historically been considered natural allies or constituents.

EU Farm Council ends minimum intervention price for skimmed milk powder 29 January 2018, 23:52 CET
EU agriculture ministers intervened to stabilise dairy markets Monday with an amendment to the so-called Fixing regulation for public intervention to halt the automatic buying-in of skimmed milk powder.

MEPs urge fight against spread of fake honey 24 January 2018, 23:16 CET
The EU must step up support for beekeepers, ban harmful pesticides, invest more in developing safe bee drugs and clamp down on imports of fake honey, MEPs on the EU Parliament's agriculture said Tuesday.

EU mulls action to halt decline of pollinators 12 January 2018, 17:56 CET
The EU Commission launched a consultation Thursday on a European initiative to halt the decline of bees and other pollinators, warning that future generations would pay a heavy price if the EU fails to act.

Commission renews approval of glyphosate herbicide for 5 years 12 December 2017, 23:18 CET
The European Commission renewed for 5 years EU approval of glyphosate Tuesday, following scientific assessment which it says concludes there is no link between glyphosate and cancer in humans.

Approval of pesticides in the EU 12 December 2017, 23:15 CET
What are pesticides? Who decides on their authorisation? Who is responsible for their use? How can pesticides be used safely? An active substance is only approved by the European Commission after a rigorous and lengthy science-based assessment to ensure its use is safe. The assessment of these dossiers is then conducted jointly by: the national authorities in EU Member States; the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

The Future of Food and Farming - Commission Communication 29 November 2017, 17:53 CET
The European Commission released on 29 November 2017 a Communication on 'The Future of Food and Farming', outlining the ways to ensure that the oldest EU common policy remains future-proof.

EU farm reform offers stronger role for Member States 29 November 2017, 17:56 CET
EU Member States will have a stronger role in deciding how to allocate EU public subsidies to farmers under proposals for more sustainable farming put forward by the EU Commission Wednesday.

EU eggs keep free range status despite bird flu 23 November 2017, 13:36 CET
Producers of free range eggs can continue to market their products as such even if their hens have restricted access to open-air runs because of bird flu following changes to EU egg marketing standards.

EU states endorse new rules for organic farming 22 November 2017, 00:01 CET
EU Member States representatives endorsed Monday a deal to overhaul existing rules on organic production and labelling of organic products, provisionally agreed with the European Parliament in June.