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Global tensions and uncertainty test EU economy
While Europe's economy is set for continued growth in 2019, the near-term outlook is clouded by global trade tensions and significant policy uncertainty, ...
Cyber Europe 2012
Hundreds of cyber security experts from across the EU are testing their readiness to combat cyber-attacks in a day-long simulation across Europe today. In ...
Young European farmers get access to EUR 1 bn EU loan package
The EU Commission and European Investment Bank launched a EUR 1 bn loans package Monday targeting specifically young farmers. Nearly a third of young farmers' ...
New status for single-member private limited liability companies
The EU presidency said on 28 May the Council has agreed on a compromise text for a draft directive aimed at creating a new status for single-member private ...
S&P downgrades EU debt, Commission hits back
The Standard and Poor’s ratings agency downgraded the European Union’s credit-worthiness by one notch on Friday, blaming threats to cohesion including ...
EU Anti-Corruption Report
Corruption continues to be a challenge for Europe, according to the European Commission. Affecting all EU Member States, corruption costs the European economy ...
European Commission DG TAXUD page on VAT for e-commerce including legal texts
Agreement paves way for better VAT collection on online sales
EU Member States reached agreement Tuesday on detailed measures needed to simplify VAT rules for sales of goods online, also ensuring that online marketplaces ...
Business prospects for 2010 lowest in a decade
Businesses in Europe expect to invest and employ less in 2010 than at any time in the last decade. Also turnover and export forecasts are at their lowest ...
Member States need to do more on pensions, says EU
Further measures are needed if EU Member States are to maintain the income of men and women for the duration of retirement and prevent old-age poverty, an EU ...
ECJ ruling against sex discrimination in insurances key victory for women's rights, say civil society organisations
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) yesterday delivered its ruling in the Test-Achats case (C-236/09) concerning sex discrimination in insurance premiums. The ...
Fifth quantitative impact study is crucial element in finalisation of Solvency II
The CEA, the European insurance and reinsurance federation, has today called on all European insurers, both large and small, to take part in the European ...
Access to finance
Entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have access to only quite limited financial resources. To help them, France offers many sources of ...
Access to finance
Information about the sources of finance and business support in Germany.
Germany Investment Climate 2009
The German government and industry actively encourage foreign investment in Germany, and German law provides foreign investors national treatment. Under German ...
Access to finance
There are various sources of funding, support and advice available in Ireland for business owners from a variety of Irish bodies.
Access to finance
An overview of the sources of finance available to SMEs in Italy.
Commission recommends 2012 for correction of Latvia's excessive deficit - briefing
The European Commission on 2 July concluded that Latvia is running an excessive deficit under Article 104.7 of the EU Treaty and has proposed a deadline for ...
Access to finance
During economic growth in Latvia the most popular method of financing was bank loans. After Latvia joined the European Union businesses actively applied for EU ...
Access to finance
The Law on Small and Medium Size Business Development of the Republic of Lithuania that came into force on 1 January 2008 defines the types of small and medium ...
Access to finance
Information about the sources of finance available to SMEs in Luxembourg.
Luxembourg Investment Climate 2009
The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg offers a very favorable and welcoming attitude toward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).
Access to finance
An overview of the sources of finance available to SMEs in Malta.
Access to finance
There are several paths to obtaining secure finance for a business in the Netherlands. The Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel - KvK) provides an ...
Netherlands Investment Climate 2009
The Netherlands' trade and investment policy is among the most open in the world, with combined merchandise exports and imports virtually equal to GDP. The ...
Access to finance
A system of guarantee funds and loan funds exists in Poland. The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) also fulfills an important role implementing ...
Access to finance
An overview of the sources of finance available to SMEs in Portugal.
Access to finance
In Slovakia, there is a wide range of programmes, funds and loans available for the support of enterprise, which may be divided into public sector financial ...
Access to finance
In addition to European funding in various forms, several sources of funding are available to business persons in Slovenia. As a general rule, they follow the ...
Access to finance
An overview of the sources of finance available to SMEs in Spain.
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