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Defining Environmental Risk Assessment Criteria for Genetically Modified (GM) Mammals and Birds to be placed on the EU market
Globally, GM mammals and birds are being developed for a range of purposes, including use as food, pets or for production of pharmaceuticals. There is a ...
Food and Feed Labelling
In the EU rules are put in place on the labelling of foodstuffs to enable European consumers to get comprehensive information on the contents and the ...
Novel food
Novel foods are foods and food ingredients that have not been used for human consumption to a significant degree within the Community before 15 May 1997. ...
Maximum pesticide limits for food products for human consumption and animal feedingstuffs
All foodstuffs intended for human or animal consumption in the EU are subject to a maximum residue level (MRL) of pesticides in their composition in order to ...
General Food Law
The aim of the General Food Law Regulation is to provide a framework to ensure a coherent approach in the development of food legislation. At the same time, it ...