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Controlling fuel poverty during the transition
The transition from a fossil fuel economy to a renewable one, and the use of low-carbon bridge technologies like nuclear power and carbon capture and storage ...
How to Preserve Trust in Anti-trust
Let it be known: yesterday was European Competition Day. With a one-day conference in Stockholm, hosted by the Swedish EU Presidency, the European Commission ...
New EUbusiness study: only 2% of MEPs have financial experience
Who are the people responsible for reviewing and legislating on around 75% of all laws enacted in the 27 EU member states on behalf of 375m voters? As Europe ...
What the EU should do about CCS
This morning, the Centre for European Reform launched the report which Simon Tilford and I have written about what the EU should do about CCS (carbon capture ...
Major progress on wind in 2009
2009 is in danger of being remembered as the year of the Copenhagen ‘failure’ and Obama’s failure to get a cap-and-trade bill through the US Senate. However, ...
Economic mayhem and the 2009 European elections
At a time of financial turmoil, electing 700-odd representatives to the European Parliament in Strasbourg this June may seem somewhat of a sideshow.
Renewing and decentralising Iraq’s electricity
The European Union and Iraq on 18 January signed an agreement to strengthen their energy cooperation in areas such as natural gas, energy security and ...
Imagination, Entrepreneurship and the EU
Each year the European Union spends billions of euros on an array of programmes with aims that include developing new technologies and encouraging Universities ...
How can the EU best meet its 2020 renewables target?
Climate change: Europe needs to move more than three times as fast over the next 12 years as it has over the last 12.
Will Merkel II be green?
Angela Merkel’s victory in Germany’s election was not unexpected. What was less clear was who her coalition partner would be. The decline in the Social ...
Ireland votes for a more effective EU
The Irish have voted to accept the Lisbon Treaty so, unless the Czech Republic or Poland decide unexpectedly to refuse to do so, the Treaty of Lisbon will come ...
Acting locally, thinking globally
“Think global; act local” – the phrase often used by of Friends of the Earth – is an excellent philosophy.
Major economies talk money, not targets
Most international discussion about climate change this week has been about finance, not targets. This is good news. Targets are important, but mainly for ...
Little progress, just a dustpan and brush
The Finance Ministers of the G20 economies met over the weekend in Scotland. UK Prime Minister Brown, who attended the meeting, won headlines for his support ...
The EU and energy efficiency
The now-ratified Lisbon Treaty says that there will, in the future, be a common energy policy, but this is unlikely to have much practical impact. Yet the EU ...
EU talks finance as well as targets
The EU is prepared to push for funding to help developing countries control emissions and deal with the effects of climate change, according to the current ...
We have much to learn from Scandinavia
The Danish government has said that it will pay for poor nations, including the Maldives, to send people to the Copenhagen climate conference in December. This ...
Is the ‘peak oil’ debate relevant?
Should we worry about oil and gas running out? No.
Brazil must look after the Amazon - with our help
Brazilian president, Lula da Silva, says (quite often) that “Brazil is in charge of looking after the Amazon” and, to be fair, his government has tried to ...
Ukraine is more than just a transit country
Ukraine is one of the top 20 countries in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and it is the site of Chernobyl. It is also a country which, after it became ...
Focus on forests and finance
During the last two days of the Copenhagen Summit, world leaders should focus less on targets and more on forest protection and finance.
Copenhagen + Obama = progress?
The single most important thing that must be agreed at Copenhagen is to provide substantial extra money to protect forests.
Substantial EU progress on CCS
On Tuesday 2 February 2010, European Union member states agreed to European Commission proposals on how to distribute billions of Euros collected under the ...
Carbon and energy taxes in Europe
The demand to ‘make the polluter pay’ by putting a price on the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases produced has been a major point of ...
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