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EU late payment campaign
Every year across Europe thousands of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) go bankrupt waiting for their invoices to be paid. Yet late payment of bills is often ... last modified 05 October 2012, 17:48 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
Doing business in Slovenia: Sustainability
The Slovenian Development Strategy is the document that provides businesses with guidance on how to become more sustainable. last modified 17 May 2012, 01:25 CET — filed under: , , , , — Relevance: 1%
Make sure UTP negotiations help farmers - and consumers
Today's European Parliament Plenary gave a mandate to Paolo de Castro MEP to start negotiations with the Council and Commission on the Directive on Unfair ... last modified 25 October 2018, 12:55 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
New industrial revolution communication
Europe needs to reverse the declining role of industry for the 21st century with the aim to deliver sustainable growth, create high-value job and solve ... last modified 10 October 2012, 17:42 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
Communication on Energy Prices - guide
The European Commission adopted on 13 October a Communication on Energy Prices, to tackle the exceptional rise in global energy prices, which is projected to ... last modified 13 October 2021, 22:19 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
Need for COVID exit plans across Europe
EuroCommerce is pleased that the Commission has sought to propose a number of ideas on how Europe can gradually return to normal once the immediate danger of ... last modified 15 April 2020, 23:34 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
Review of European Company Statute - briefing
The European Company Statute (SE) gives companies operating in more than one Member State the possibility to reorganise their cross-border business under one ... last modified 23 March 2010, 16:23 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
Revision of Public Procurement Directives
New EU rules on public procurement and concession contracts approved by the European Parliament on 15 January 2014 are expected to ensure better quality and ... last modified 15 January 2014, 19:56 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
EU Organic Day - Retailers and wholesalers linking supply with demand
Marking the first annual EU Organic Day, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren said today: last modified 24 September 2021, 00:02 CET — filed under: , , , , — Relevance: 1%
Wholesalers key to Europe's economy
EuroCommerce today launched its report "Wholesale at the Centre of Europe’s Economy" setting out wholesalers' key contribution to making the European economy ... last modified 04 March 2020, 00:48 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
SMEunited Presents A Detailed New SME Policy Agenda For Europe
Ahead of the newly elected European Parliament’s first Plenary meeting, SMEunited presents its suggestions for a renewed European policy agenda for SMEs. last modified 02 July 2019, 18:28 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
Retail alliances - working to get the best deal for Europe's consumers
With the Commission today holding a workshop on joint purchasing and pursuing its review of horizontal competition rules, EuroCommerce Director-General ... last modified 25 October 2021, 23:58 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
EU-Singapore Trade Agreement underlines free trade as a vehicle for growth and prosperity
Speaking after the approval of the EU-Singapore Trade and Investment agreements by the European Parliament today EuroCommerce Director-General Christian ... last modified 13 February 2019, 17:57 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
European Parliament greenlights institutional greenwashing of consumers' investments and pensions
The European Parliament has given its green light to the European Commission's plans to label nuclear energy and fossil gas as 'green investments'. For BEUC, ... last modified 06 July 2022, 18:54 CET — filed under: , , , , — Relevance: 1%
ESBA Calls for a Stronger, Standardised SME Test
Today (5 October), the European Commission, national governments and European business representatives met in Brussels to discuss the current state of the SME ... last modified 05 October 2016, 23:22 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
European Commission's Insolvency proposal: good but needs more punch for MSMEs
On 22 November 2016, the European Commission presented its proposal for a Directive on preventive restructuring frameworks, second chance and measures to ... last modified 21 March 2017, 00:23 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
ESBA Board meeting hosted by Google
On 3 February 2017, Google Brussels kindly hosted ESBA for its first Board meeting of the year. last modified 21 March 2017, 00:29 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
ESBA starts Subscriber Service for individual businesses
As of 1 March, individual companies can become direct ESBA subscribers. We aim to bring together a great variety of businesses from across the EU to network, ... last modified 21 March 2017, 00:36 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
ESBA Press Release: Work-life balance off balance
On 26 April 2017, the European Commission published the European Pillar of Social Rights Package. last modified 27 April 2017, 23:41 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
Commission Mulls Revision of SME Definition
On 8 June 2017, the European Commission published an inception impact assessment regarding a potential revision of the EU SME definition. last modified 12 June 2017, 12:53 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
EU misses the mark with Geoblocking decision
On 6 of February the European Parliament Plenary approved the agreement on the geo-blocking regulation, reached in trilogue by the European Institutions 2017. ... last modified 07 February 2018, 23:58 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
Commission Unveils Platforms to Business Proposal
Today (26 April), the European Commission unveiled a proposal on promoting fairness and transparency for business users of online intermediation services ... last modified 26 April 2018, 23:08 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
SME Barometer: lockdown measures turn down recovery expectations
The SME Business Climate Index presented on 15 March shows a partial recovery of 5.2% up to 59.8% after the neg last modified 15 March 2021, 23:35 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
Fighting Climate Change Must Be A Worldwide Effort
Ahead of the UN Climate Action Summit in New York, SMEunited insists on how crucial it is that the European Union’s new efforts to cut GHG emissions be ... last modified 10 October 2019, 16:43 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
Headlong rush on UTP directive is jettisoning EU principles - and won't help any farmer
Ahead of the final scheduled trilogue on the Unfair Trading Practices Directive tomorrow, retailers and wholesalers warned negotiators not to forget ... last modified 12 December 2018, 23:52 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
Doing business in the Netherlands: Environmental rules
Dutch businesses must comply with specific environmental regulations, which are based on the Environmental Management Act and incorporated within general ... last modified 24 February 2016, 00:09 CET — filed under: , , , , — Relevance: 1%
Profits of Europe's SMEs on the rise: ECB survey
Smaller businesses in Europe have reported increasing profits for the first time since the beginning in 2009 of a European Central Bank survey, which also ... last modified 29 November 2017, 23:37 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
Access to finance
A guide on the financial support available to businesses in Cyprus. last modified 29 May 2012, 00:42 CET — filed under: , , , — Relevance: 1%
Plastics: retailers and wholesalers support action, but still concerned at broadened producer responsibility
Today's agreement in the Council on the directive on the reduction of the impact of certain plastics products on the environment sends a clear signal on the ... last modified 19 December 2018, 14:03 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
Retailers and wholesalers warn of risks in collective redress proposal
Speaking today after the vote of the European Parliament JURI Committee report on collective redress, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren ... last modified 06 December 2018, 15:53 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
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