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World leaders at G7 not impressed by Trump
World leaders apart from U.S. president Donald Trump committed at the G7 summit in Canada this weekend to fight protectionism and defend the rules-based ... last modified 11 June 2018, 12:44 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
Brexit: EU sets out guiding principles for talks on Ireland
The EU's chief negotiator voiced concern Thursday over the UK's stance on Ireland and Northern Ireland, as the Commission set out its principles for the ... last modified 07 September 2017, 23:30 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
UK referendum: ECB ready for contingencies
The European Central Bank is ready for all contingencies following the UK's EU referendum, ECB President Mario Draghi told MEPs as Britons prepared to vote on ... last modified 23 June 2016, 01:26 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
EU strengthens its defence against unfair trading
European Union states agreed Tuesday on a proposal to modernise the EU's trade defence instruments, with a view to shielding EU producers from damage caused by ... last modified 13 December 2016, 23:05 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
Social rights: EU prepares to address citizens' disconnect
More "fairness and social justice in Europe" is the aim of of the European Commission as it prepared next steps towards a European Pillar of Social Rights ... last modified 23 January 2017, 17:56 CET — filed under: , , , — Relevance: 1%
EU debates options for the future of Europe
President of the EU Commission Jean-Claude Juncker presented a White Paper to the European Parliament Wednesday outlining five possible paths for the EU to ... last modified 02 March 2017, 12:52 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
"Highly likely" Russia behind UK attack: EU summit
At a summit in Brussels, EU leaders condemned Russia Thursday for the recent nerve agent attack in Britain, agreeing to coordinate their response "in the light ... last modified 23 March 2018, 11:53 CET — filed under: , , , — Relevance: 1%
EU Parliament calls for swift UK exit
In a heated debate over the result of the UK's referendum on EU membership, MEPs called for a swift exit for the UK, by officially withdrawing from the EU ... last modified 28 June 2016, 17:20 CET — filed under: , , , — Relevance: 1%
Advisers set for tighter EU scrutiny over tax schemes
EU Member States reached political agreement Tuesday on new transparency rules for tax advisers, accountants, banks and lawyers who design and promote tax ... last modified 14 March 2018, 00:10 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
Values first, Europe tells President Trump
"The greatest task today is to consolidate the free world around Western values, not just interests," EU Council President Tusk told US President Donald Trump ... last modified 25 May 2017, 23:48 CET — filed under: , , , — Relevance: 1%
Brussels proposes new action against carcinogins at the workplace
The European Commission proposed new measures Thursday to limit workers' exposure to five cancer-causing chemicals, as well as other health problems. last modified 05 April 2018, 17:23 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
Dieselgate: EU states agree stricter rules on car emissions
Nearly two years after the VW car emissions scandal, EU Member States came to an agreement Monday to reform the system of type-approval and market surveillance ... last modified 29 May 2017, 23:36 CET — filed under: , , , — Relevance: 1%
G7 leaders push free trade agenda
Leaders of the G7 countries meeting at a summit in Japan reaffirmed their commitment to open and fair global trade and called for swift progress on regional ... last modified 28 May 2016, 00:24 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
'Historic day for climate action': EU signs Paris climate deal
The EU signed the global Paris climate agreement in a high-level ceremony in New York Friday. The agreement was concluded in December 2015 at the UN climate ... last modified 24 April 2016, 00:23 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
EU unveils 'climate-smart investments' worth EUR 9bn
The EU's Climate Action Commissioner announced some EUR 9 bn-worth of climate-focused investments Tuesday, for areas such as sustainable cities, sustainable ... last modified 12 December 2017, 16:59 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
EU bolsters efforts against radicalisation
The European Commission presented a series of measures Tuesday to support EU Member States in their efforts to prevent and fight radicalisation leading to ... last modified 14 June 2016, 16:53 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
Tougher EU food inspections on the menu
The EU Parliament adopted plans Wednesday to tighten up official food inspections, aiming to improve food traceability, combat fraud and restore consumer trust ... last modified 15 March 2017, 22:27 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
Paris climate deal set to enter into force next month following EU vote
In a ceremony attended by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the European Parliament has approved and signed the Paris agreement on climate change, paving the ... last modified 04 October 2016, 20:34 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
EU defence ministers agree joint military HQ
EU foreign affairs and defence ministers agreed Monday to establish joint military headquarters for the planning and conduct of non-executive military missions ... last modified 07 March 2017, 11:49 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
EU bolsters defences against terrorism
A package of anti-terrorism measures announced Wednesday will help address vulnerabilities exposed by recent terrorist attacks and make a real difference in ... last modified 18 October 2017, 18:32 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
Insurance products in EU set for new disclosure rules
The European Commission laid down new rules Friday for an Insurance Product Information Document (IPID), which will have to accompany all non-life insurance ... last modified 14 August 2017, 13:53 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
Green light for new EU rules on organic farming
After 20 months of discussion, EU Parliament and Council negotiators reached an informal agreement Wednesday on an overhaul of existing EU rules on organic ... last modified 29 June 2017, 00:05 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
EU-ACP defend Paris climate deal despite U.S. uncertainty
The EU and 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific developing countries reaffirmed their commitment to full implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change, ... last modified 18 May 2017, 19:08 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
EU tightens pressure on Poland over rule of law
The European Commission substantiated its grave concerns on a planned reform of the judiciary in Poland Wednesday in a Rule of Law Recommendation addressed to ... last modified 26 July 2017, 18:42 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
'No winners' as UK formally notifies EU of intention to leave
The British government duly delivered a letter from Prime Minister Theresa May to the European Council Wednesday, notifying it of the United Kingdom's ... last modified 29 March 2017, 15:40 CET — filed under: , , , — Relevance: 1%
EU reels from Italy vote as Renzi resigns
Italy was left facing economic and political uncertainty Monday as prime minister Matteo Renzi resigned after voters rejected his plans to reform the ... last modified 05 December 2016, 13:19 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
EU antitrust investigations to target e-commerce sites
EU competition authorities are looking to target their enforcement of EU antitrust rules at e-commerce markets, following publication of the Commission's final ... last modified 10 May 2017, 15:47 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
MEPs back new tax disclosure rules for multinationals
Members of the European Parliament gave their backing Wednesday to new rules to force large firms to make information about the tax bills they pay on a ... last modified 05 July 2017, 20:56 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
Eurogroup reports progress on Greece, Cyprus
EU finance ministers heard positive reports on Greece's moves towards economic stability and the recovery of the Cypriot economy at their meeting in Brussels ... last modified 08 November 2016, 00:40 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
Steel, market access top China-EU talks agenda
The EU and China held their 6th annual EU-China High-level Economic and Trade Dialogue in Brussels Tuesday with steel over-capacity and market access at the ... last modified 20 October 2016, 00:26 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%