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European Labour Authority
The European Labour Authority started its activities on 16 October with an inaugural ceremony and the first meeting of its Management Board.
Commission to issue EU SURE bonds of up to EUR 100 billion as social bonds
The European Commission announced on 7 October that it will issue its forthcoming EU SURE bonds of up to EUR 100 billion as social bonds.
Roma people living in the EU - guide
There are between 10 million and 12 million Roma in the European Union, in candidate countries and potential candidate countries in the Western Balkans. Roma ...
Doing business in the UK: Staff welfare
Labour legislation covers basic workplace standards which employers must follow. These include protection against discrimination, the right to equal pay and ...
Quarterly Review analyses deepening social crisis
The employment and social situation in the EU remained critical in the fourth quarter of 2012 with employment receding overall and unemployment rising further, ...
Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information (EESSI)
EESSI is an IT system that helps social security institutions across to EU exchange information more rapidly and securely, as required by the EU rules on ...
Lisbon strategy for growth and jobs
Before the financial and economic crisis hit the EU, the Lisbon strategy had helped create more than 18m new jobs. When the economy slumped, the EU acted to ...
New rules for non-EU nationals coming to the EU for studies
The European Commission is proposing to make it easier and more attractive for non-EU national students, researchers and other groups to enter and stay in the ...
Protection against exposure to hazardous chemicals
The European Commission has proposed to better protect workers from risks linked to exposure to chemicals at the workplace.
Survey of adult skills
One in five adults in Europe have low literacy and numeracy skills, and even a university degree in the same subject is no guarantee of the same level of ...
Flight time limitations - stricter rules on aircrew fatigue
New rules on maximum flight times for pilots and cabin crew should now be adopted by the European Commission, as a resolution calling on it to withdraw them ...
Business & Enterprise in the EU
While modern and often successful, European business and industry knows it cannot afford to rest on their laurels. It is a constant challenge to remain ...
EU support to fight the crisis in the automotive sector
The European automotive sector, with 12 million jobs depending on this strategic industry, has been hit particularly hard by the current economic crisis with ...
European Social Fund (ESF)
The ESF invests in people, with a focus on improving employment and education opportunities across the European Union. It also aims to improve the situation of ...
50 years of the European Social Fund
On 28 June 2007, in Potsdam, Germany, a high-level event to mark the official 50th birthday of the European Social Fund (ESF) brought together EU Ministers and ...
Bridging the Gender Pay Gap - EU guide
Across the EU economy, women continue to earn an average of 15% less than men, according to the European Commission. A new report released today sets out ways ...
European social dialogue: benefits for workers and companies
The Portuguese EU Presidency and the European Commission organised a major conference on 29 and 30 November 2007 in Lisbon to discuss the concrete outcomes of ...
Pensions in the European Union
The proportion of older people in the EU is increasing much faster than the population of younger wage-earning taxpayers, making pensions reform in the EU ...
Renewed Social Agenda - guide
The European Commission will launch the Renewed Social Agenda in Brussels on 2 July 2008. This ambitious package presents a comprehensive answer to rapidly ...
Joint Report on Social Protection and Social Inclusion 2008
The European Commission on 25 February presented the annual Joint Report on Social Protection and Social Inclusion, prepared jointly with EU Member States. The ...
A European Private Company Statute
Progress must be made to improve access for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to the Single Market and to promote their development in the European ...
Doing business in Cyprus: Staff welfare
According to Cypriot legislation, banning all forms of discrimination with regard to employment and gender equality in terms of employees' rights and ...
Gender Equality Strategy - background guide
The European Commission presented on 5 February its strategy for equality between women and men in Europe.
2019 Gender Equality report
On the occasion of this year's International Women's Day, the European Commission published its 2019 report on equality between women and men in the EU.
Doing business in Estonia: Staff welfare
Laws in Estonia enforce equal treatment and non-discrimination in the workplace and define health and safety standards.
Doing business in Hungary: Staff welfare
Social legislation in Hungary ensures equal opportunities for men and women and sets health and safety standards at the workplace.
Proposal to modify Council Regulation (EEC) No 3821/85 on tachographs - guide
The European Commission has proposed to revise the tachograph legislation to make full use of new technological opportunities such as satellite positioning. ...
EU SURE social bonds first issue
The European Commission issued a EUR 17 billion inaugural social bond on 21 October under the EU SURE instrument to help protect jobs and keep people in work.
EU proposals for the steel industry: Preserving sustainable jobs and growth in Europe
The European Commission suggests policy measures to support the European steel sector to overcome its serious challenges, largely due to global overcapacity.
Annual report on the application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights - guide
The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights has now been legally binding for over a year – primarily on the EU institutions (European Parliament, Council and the ...
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