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Time to revaluate the EU's relationship with Turkey
With concerns mounting over the state of democracy in Turkey, the European Parliament this week debated options for future relations with the long-standing ... last modified 28 April 2017, 00:32 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
Towards a Circular Economy
While the world's leaders and environmental experts in Paris grapple with trying to agree a global deal on climate change, the European Commission this week ... last modified 03 December 2015, 22:01 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
Taxing the multinationals
The issue of transfer pricing may not sound too exciting but it is an important issue of taxation which the European Commission is under increasing pressure to ... last modified 05 June 2014, 22:22 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
Member States and businesses not doing enough for GDPR
With only a few months left before the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) comes into force, many businesses and EU Member States are not doing enough ... last modified 01 February 2018, 23:46 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
EUbusiness opportunity
Re: EUbusiness opportunity for buyout or investment last modified 23 March 2016, 17:45 CET — Relevance: 1%
Achievements of Latvia's EU presidency
Latvia ended its six-month stint as President of the Council of the European Union on 30 June. It has stuck to its task admirably, chaired some 200 EU ... last modified 02 July 2015, 16:50 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
Fake news wins elections
As elections take centre stage in Europe, the issue of fake news and the proliferation of deliberate misinformation on the Internet become a central issue. last modified 21 April 2017, 12:14 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
Hope lies in Generation Erasmus
Not a huge surprise to learn that graduates with international experience fare much better on the job market. A study on the impact of the European Union's ... last modified 24 September 2014, 22:39 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
Making Europe's cities sustainable
Cities the world over are grappling with the same challenges - how to continue to grow as hubs of economic activity and innovation, and, at the same time, to ... last modified 28 November 2013, 15:38 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
Putin the real winner from Trump-Brexit axis
This year has been a dispiriting one for the EU. The implications of the votes on Brexit and the American presidency for Europe's economy and its security are ... last modified 20 December 2016, 00:13 CET — filed under: , , , — Relevance: 1%
Cameron's anti-EU stance gets a bashing
The gloves came off when the new European Commission took office this week, with Britain, or at least its prime minister David Cameron, taking some hefty blows. last modified 06 November 2014, 22:31 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
Infringements day at the EC
Wednesday was infringements day at the European Commission, a monthly occasion, when the Commission announces the various infringements proceedings it is ... last modified 26 February 2015, 18:02 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
EU renews commitment to gender equality
International Women's Day on 8 March was an opportunity for the EU to assess progress on gender equality in Europe. Bringing out a report on gender equality, ... last modified 10 March 2016, 17:40 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
New year, new leaders, new laws
2014 looks like being a big year for the EU, with a number of important laws coming into force, and some key decisions set to affect Europe's future. last modified 09 January 2014, 23:45 CET — Relevance: 1%
Paris attacks: Europe's new reality
The attacks in Paris were an attack on our freedoms, an attack against our European values and our way of life, an attack against all of us, said president of ... last modified 19 November 2015, 18:30 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
Europe declares solidarity against attack on fundamental values
EU flags flew at half-mast on Thursday as officials from the European Council, the Commission and Parliament expressed their solidarity with the victims of ... last modified 08 January 2015, 17:21 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
Commission reviews EU's animal welfare strategy
The European Commission marked the mid-point of the EU's Strategy for the Protection and Welfare of Animals 2012-2015 last week at a conference in Brussels ... last modified 20 February 2014, 18:31 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
Europe's farmers look for help
There was no great outpouring of support for European farmers last month, when around 5,000 of them spent a day in Brussels protesting about falling dairy and ... last modified 22 October 2015, 22:09 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
EU plans for cutting red tape, with less but better regulation
As the United Kingdom begins to gear up for its referendum on EU membership following the Conservative win in the general election, the European Commission ... last modified 21 May 2015, 17:11 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
Mandatory lobby register on the cards
About time, some would say, as the European Commission this week launched a public consultation on making the EU lobby transparency regime mandatory. last modified 03 March 2016, 22:06 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
Transatlantic trade talks: what is the problem?
This week, Europe's Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem attempted to breath new life into the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership talks that have ... last modified 20 November 2014, 22:09 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
EU Budget 2016 debate gets under way
The EU got down to preparing plans for next year's budget this week, with the European Parliament targeting growth, solidarity and paying the bills as ... last modified 12 March 2015, 17:31 CET — Relevance: 1%
The resilience of European tourism
World Tourism Day on 27th September exists to foster awareness internationally of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic ... last modified 29 September 2017, 00:17 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
New, safe 'Safe Harbour' agreement needed urgently
MEPs from the Civil Liberties Committee have called on the European Commission to come up with safe alternatives to the EU-US Safe Harbour agreement, in the ... last modified 15 October 2015, 16:57 CET — filed under: , , , — Relevance: 1%
Solutions for Europe's future that the public can understand
The European Parliament responded to the pressing challenges facing the EU by approving three resolutions Thursday which explored the future development of the ... last modified 16 February 2017, 23:29 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
Support for creative Europe - EUR 170m available
Are you the creative sort? Are you maybe a film-maker, an author or an artist or actor, looking for funding to get your project off the ground. If you work in ... last modified 12 December 2013, 21:39 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
EU reviews its policy towards its eastern neighbours
Ukraine and Russia were topics of this week in the European Union, with the Europe's Parliament approving huge financial assistance to Ukraine, while the ... last modified 26 March 2015, 22:57 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
EBU - Eastern Partnership agreement to strengthen independence of East European media
The agreement on 2 October between the European Commission and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) to work at strengthening the independence of the media in ... last modified 02 October 2014, 23:24 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
Connecting Europe aims for better use of public money
The second year of the Juncker Commission continued this week with the investment theme, with the launch of a second call for proposals under the Connecting ... last modified 05 November 2015, 22:58 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
No time for 'business as usual' as Commission presents its second work programme
This is no time for business as usual, said the Commission's First Vice-President Frans Timmermans as he presented the second work programme of the Juncker ... last modified 29 October 2015, 18:36 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%