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European Parliament adopts new EU law to cut farm antimicrobial use
Today, the plenary of the European Parliament adopted a long-awaited law which will restrict the use of antimicrobials in food-producing animals and thus help ...
European Parliament basic bank account vote - a life-belt for millions of consumers
The European Parliament today voted for binding European rules to make basic payment accounts available to all EU consumers. These should offer most basic ...
EU Parliament wants rail passenger rights beefed up
The European Parliament today voted to upgrade rail passenger rights.
New EU roaming price caps from July 1
Phone calls, SMS texts and data usage costs when roaming within the EU will be further axed from July 1.
A big step closer to group actions anywhere in the EU
The European Parliament has confirmed in a plenary vote today that it wants citizens in all EU countries to be able to go to court as a group if a company has ...
European Parliament adopts unambitious Energy Efficiency Directive
Today the European Parliament passed the EU Energy Efficiency Directive which sets energy savings targets for providers. Energy companies will be required to ...
Food from cloned animals: consumers left in the dark - BEUC
Despite European consumers having no appetite for food from cloned animals or their offspring, they might be eating it unawares. Today’s European Commission ...
EP vote on fish labelling
In a disappointing vote, the European Parliament rejected the new rules on fish labelling proposed by the European Commission as part of the EU Common ...
EU Contract law - MEPs on the wrong track
The European Parliament votes this week Wednesday 8 on a report by MEP Diana Wallis (UK) supporting the European Commission’s proposal for a European contract ...
Dangerous consumer goods found in high numbers in EU
In 2017, more than 2,000 non-food products failing safety requirements were notified to the EU’s rapid alert system (RAPEX). This figure might however only ...
EU presents plans to repair car testing
The European Commission presented its plans on 27 January for overhauling the framework to approve cars in the European Union.
"New Deal for Europe's Energy Consumers" sees light of day
Helping consumers to get a better energy deal is the core of a number of initiatives announced by the European Commission today. This New Deal outlines the way ...
No home run for home loans (BEUC)
The European Parliament voted today to adopt first-time, Europe-wide laws protecting people taking home loans.
Bank proposal on current account fee transparency - bold announcement, zero substance
BEUC, the European Consumers’ Organisation, rejects EBIC’s (European Bank Industry Committee) plans to self-regulate the transparency and comparability of ...
EU nanotechnology plan: tiny focus on consumer protection
Everyday products from clothes to children’s toys contain nanomaterials. Regrettably, the European Commission today disregarded calls from the European ...
Consumers sidelined in Capital Markets Union
Today, the European Commission has kicked off an action plan to reduce companies’ reliance on banks and diversify their funding sources across the EU’s 28 ...
Major EU update of Data Protection laws: Consumers handed greater control of their data
BEUC welcomes today’s proposed update of EU Data Protection laws by the European Commission. These will make European standards applicable to all companies ...
European Consumers' Organisation
BEUC, the European Consumers' Organisation, acts as the umbrella group in Brussels for its members and its main task is to represent them at European level and ...
Volkswagen settles in the United States
The settlement of Volkswagen with US consumers and government regulators has been announced.
This time it should be personal: EP takes strong stance on data protection law
The European Parliament’s Civil Liberties committee vote today as they lead efforts to seal an update of EU Data Protection and privacy laws.
EU concludes reform with stronger guarantee rights for consumers in future
The EU institutions have approved a deal which includes rights for consumers of digital content and services like software, streaming or game downloads for the ...
Consumer groups welcome new EU consumer policy strategy for the next five years
Today the European Commission adopted the "Consumer Agenda", its consumer policy strategy for the next five years. It lays down the Commission's consumer ...
Internet users better off as EU moves to protect net neutrality
The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) welcomes today’s decision to keep the internet free and able to innovate. The EU body gathering national telecom ...
Survey: Consumers see potential of artificial intelligence but raise serious concerns
According to a survey conducted by consumer groups in nine EU countries published today, consumers believe that artificial intelligence (AI) can bring ...
Google’s Fitbit takeover: EU merger control proves unable to protect consumers in the digital economy
BEUC, representing the interests of consumers in 32 European countries, deeply regrets that the European Commission's decision to approve Google's takeover of ...
Futile European Parliament vote on bank deposit guarantees
Today’s European Parliament vote on EU rules governing deposit guarantees – which protect consumers when banks go bankrupt – has regrettably been in vain.
Many goods recalled, many good reasons for stricter surveillance
New figures out today for the number of hazardous non-food products recalled in 2015 confirm the urgent need to tighten product surveillance rules in Europe.
EU plans on digital economy are step in right direction but more ambition is needed
The European Commission today put forward its plans to update the EU’s rules about digital services such as those offered by online search companies (e.g. ...
Privacy Shield opens hole in protection of EU citizens' privacy
The European Commission today is clearing the way for the transfer of EU consumers' personal data to the US. However, the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) ...
European Parliament calls for TiSA agreement that protects and benefits consumers
Today, the European Parliament’s plenary adopted recommendations to the European Commission on the ongoing ‘Trade in Services’ (TiSA) agreement.
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