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Electronic Dictionaries

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Talking Dictionaries
Talking Electronic Dictionaries provide instant word translation and synthesis of speech. Translations are not only displayed as text but also pronounced, making any dictionary in this section a great audio aid for foreign language learners. Optional extras include built-in language studying aids, games, business and travel features, professional add-on dictionaries, and lots more.

Non-speaking Dictionaries
Bidirectional, trilingual and multilingual Electronic Dictionaries offered here allow instant word translation and back translation, convenient search functions, quick and easy references, and more. Extensive word bases include special terminology content as well as commonly used phrases and idioms. Interactive electronic dictionaries are the modern way to work with languages on the go!

Professional Language Equipment

Travel Dictionaries
The models included in this section are designed to give you quick access to words and phrases you might need when traveling abroad. These remarkable Electronic Dictionary handhelds do not claim to give you a deep understanding of any particular subject; instead, they give you loads of commonly used expressions, in two or more languages. These handhelds also carry many useful features for travelers, like currency converters, calculators, travel guides, alarm clocks and so on.

Speech-to-Speech Translators
The latest achievements in the field of speech recognition are implemented in these Electronic Translators. They understand what you say and immediately speak the same in one or more languages, letting you converse with foreigners in their own language. Now, everything you need to understand and be understood is contained within these impressive electronic translators!

PDA Dictionaries
Versatile models listed here combine the usefulness of PDAs with the linguistic excellence of multilingual dictionaries. These comprehensive Electronic Dictionary models provide you with universal assistance that includes PDA and organizer features (reading e-books, viewing pictures, listening to music) along with access to multi-language dictionaries containing hundreds of thousands of words and thousands of common phrases. An all-in-one answer to a whole range of questions.

Other Electronic Dictionaries
Here you will find various supplementary items, accessories for enhancing devices sold on this website, electronic Bibles, and more.

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