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Understanding China training programme 2010 launched!

Following the successful experience of the first cycle, the Understanding China programme is launching its second annual training cycle, aimed at business intermediary organisations - such as Chambers of Commerce, trade promotion agencies, sectoral associations, etc. – wishing to deepen their knowledge on China.

China is one of the largest and most challenging economies in the world. It represents a huge economic potential but also poses a number of difficulties for EU businesses - especially SMEs - trying to enter the market. A better knowledge and greater understanding of China are crucial to increasing Europe's competitiveness and enhancing Europeans' capacity to take advantage of the potential of its market.

Understanding China addresses these needs by creating a new business dialogue on China-related issues.

  • Targeted high-quality and specialist training programme for European executives from different European business representative organisations, working on international trade and/or China issues;
  • An enhanced policy dialogue by organising interactive high-level conferences for senior company representatives, academic experts and policymakers, and through the creation of a China Advisory Council;  
  • This interactive website, with its ambition of becoming a true Ideas Community on EU-China business issues.


Understanding China website


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