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Asia and the EU

Latest news about Asia and the European Union. The EU is deepening its strategic partnerships with China, India, Japan and negotiations are well underway on new partnership and free trade agreements with South Korea and with south-east Asian countries. Asia comprises high-income industrialised partners and dynamic emerging economies but is also home to two thirds of the world's poor. Development cooperation therefore remains high on the EU's agenda with Asia, and more than five billion euros allocated to Asia by the EU for the period 2007-2013. Policies are address common challenges, such as climate change, sustainable development, security and stability, governance and human rights, as well as the prevention of, and response to natural and human disasters. The EU is stepping up its support to regional integration through the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), and intensifying cooperation with the Association of South-East Asia Nations (ASEAN), the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) and the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC).

EU Trade with India and China 26 November 2007, 14:44 CET
EU27 trade with China grew by 150% between 2000 and 2006. EU Trade with India up by 80%.

India EU trade 26 November 2007, 13:34 CET
EU-India trade has grown impressively over the years, from €4.4 billion in 1980 to over €46 billion in 2006. Trade with the EU represents almost 20% of India's exports and imports and the EU thus as a bloc is India's largest trading partner. The EU is also India's largest source of foreign direct investment. However, India accounts for just 1.8% of total EU trade. India attracts only 1.3% of the EU's world-wide investments.

China - EU trade 24 October 2007, 12:29 CET
The European Union and China, two of the biggest markets in the world, have everything to gain by deepening their commercial ties. Since 1978, bilateral trade has increased more than 60 fold and reached approximately EUR 254 billion in 2006 (Eurostat).

China and product safety: frequently asked questions 19 July 2007, 21:52 CET
EU Consumer Commissioner Meglena Kuneva is making a vist to the People's Republic of China on 21-27 July 2007.

China - EU trade - background note 12 June 2007, 23:02 CET
EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson met Chinese Commerce Minister Bo Xilai in Brussels on 12 June 2007 for the annual EU-China Joint Trade Ministerial Meeting. China and the EU have one of the fastest growing trading relationships in the global economy: Europe is now China's largest trading partner, and China Europe's largest source of manufactured imports. The Minister and the Commissioner reviewed bilateral trade relations. Commissioner Mandelson urged his Chinese counterpart to continue to address barriers to EU exporters and investors in the Chinese market and to protect EU businesses in China from intellectual property theft. Although China has now been in the WTO for six years, EU exporters and investors continue to face persistent problems entering and operating in the Chinese market.

European Business Council in Japan 04 June 2007, 12:31 CET
The National European Chambers of Commerce and Business Organisations in Japan together with their collective trade policy arm, the European Business Council (EBC), form the premier business networking platform for Europeans in Japan. With close to 3,000 European and Japanese members, this network reaches deep into the business communities of both Europe and Japan, and has close ties with the National European Governments and the European Commission. Many of the European members of this network have mastered the Japanese language and have a long history of involvement in the Japanese business environment. The EBC has been working to improve the trade and investment environment for European companies in Japan since 1972.

International customs operation Diabolo 23 April 2007, 17:02 CET
The joint 'Diabolo' customs operation was a maritime operation that focused on containers shipped from Asian ports of loading to EU ports of discharge. The operation focused mainly on counterfeit cigarettes, but the possibility that other counterfeit goods or sensitive goods could be retained or seized by the EU Member States was also incorporated.

South Korea set to start free trade talks with EU 04 April 2007, 13:47 CET
South Korea will soon start talks with the European Union for a similar free trade agreement that it recently struck with the United States.

Japan and the EU 17 April 2013, 21:15 CET
On 25 March 2013, the EU and Japan officially launched the negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement. The negotiations with Japan will address a number of EU concerns, including non-tariff barriers and the further opening of the public procurement market. The first round of negotiations is/was held in Brussels on 15-19 April 2013. In July 2012, the European Commission asked the EU Member States for their agreement to open the negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement with Japan. On that occasion, an impact assessment of the future Free Trade Agreement was released. Later that year, the Council decided to give the Commission 'the green light' to start these negotiations.

China and the EU 26 August 2006, 10:10 CET
China and the EU, two of the biggest markets in the world, have everything to gain by deepening their commercial ties. Since 1978, EU-China trade has increased more than 60-fold and reached around EUR 210 billion in 2005 (Eurostat).

Asia and the EU 05 March 2008, 22:51 CET
Economic relations between the EU and ASEAN and ASEM, take the form of bilateral trade ties, region-to-region partnerships, and multilateral co-operation.