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Assignment "Strengthening credit operations in a local microfinance organization": Request for Expressions of Interest 25 June 2009, 14:20 CET
The International Finance Corporation (IFC) through its Advisory Services in Europe and Central Asia and via its Azerbaijan and Central Asia Microfinance Transformation Program intends to finance the assignment "Strengthening credit operations in a local microfinance organization".

European Social Partners' revised agreement on parental leave: one extra month of parental leave 18 June 2009, 22:49 CET
On 18 June 2009, in the presence of Vladimir Spidla, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, the European Social Partners, have formally adopted an agreement revising their 1995 Framework Agreement on Parental Leave.

Solvency II: One step closer toward a stronger European insurance industry 17 June 2009, 12:31 CET
The Chief Risk Officers' Forum welcomes the European Parliament and the Council's recent decisions to approve the proposed Solvency II directive. The Forum strongly believes the directive represents an important step toward implementing an advanced supervisory and solvency framework which will help strengthen the European insurance industry. The Forum now urges the European Commission to introduce clear and effective implementing measures that will deliver the directive's basic principles.

CEA argues for full renewal of the Insurance BER 02 June 2009, 23:15 CET
CEA urges EC to include standard policy conditions and security devices in the Block Exemption Regulation (BER) renewal.

CEA welcomes EC Communication on supervisory architecture 27 May 2009, 23:53 CET
The CEA, the European insurance and reinsurance federation, welcomes the publication today of the European Commission’s Communication in which it sets out its proposals for a new EU financial supervisory architecture.

EUR 1 trillion EU regulatory burden on business: study 27 May 2009, 22:41 CET
On the eve of Competitiveness Council discussions on better regulation, a new study published by EUROCHAMBRES estimates that complying with and reporting on EU regulation introduced in the last 11 years has cost European businesses over EUR 1 trillion.

European governments can provide EUR 65bn stimulus to economies 14 May 2009, 12:27 CET
Research released in Brussels by leading credit management services company Intrum Justitia shows that European governments could provide a EUR 65bn stimulus to their home economies by simply paying invoices owed to suppliers in full and on time.

Solvency II regulation will enhance policyholder protection 05 May 2009, 16:04 CET
The CEA, the European insurance and reinsurance federation, welcomes today's formal approval of the Solvency II Framework Directive by the EU's Economic and Financial Affairs (Ecofin) Council.

Destructive potential of EU billions 16 April 2009, 09:43 CET
CEE Bankwatch Network and Friends of the Earth Europe today warned that environmentally destructive and economically unsound projects, at a total cost of 23 billion euro, in the ten new EU member states of central and eastern Europe, may receive an 'un-smart' green light as the European Union seeks to rapidly deploy billions of euros to offset the worsening economic crisis.

Commission revision on Late Payments does not go far enough 08 April 2009, 17:15 CET
Intrum Justitia, Europe's leading Credit Management Services company, commends the European Commission's proposal to amend the existing Late Payment Directive and agrees with EU Enterprise Verheugen as describing late payments as a "disease". Intrum Justitia also agrees that SMEs are hard hit by the crisis and the problems of companies' liquidity in a time of the credit crunch must be addressed by the Commission.

Small businesses' confidence hits new record low: first EU SME survey 12 March 2009, 17:23 CET
European SMEs have reached a new record low in business confidence, according to an EU-wide survey recently conducted by UEAPME, the European craft and SME employers' organisation, and its members.

European Investment Bank loans underline importance of the automobile industry for Europe's economy 12 March 2009, 17:17 CET
The European automobile manufacturers welcome the EUR 3 billion in loans freed today by the European Investment Bank (EIB) to finance automotive projects, most of them concerning ‘green’ investments. As the Bank indicated, in total around EUR 7 billion will become available in the first half of this year and its budget allows maintaining similar levels of financing until 2012. “The arrangement with the EIB underlines the importance of the automobile industry for investments, R&D and employment in Europe as a whole”, says ACEA secretary general Ivan Hodac.

Eurovignette vote: mixed results say business organisations 12 March 2009, 00:13 CET
European business organisations UEAPME Transport Forum, EUROCHAMBRES and EuroCommerce were left with mixed feelings by today's contradictory voting results on the Eurovignette directive at the European Parliament's plenary session.

Successful completion of the first 2009 EU Gateway Business Mission to Japan renews strength of EU- Japan business cooperation 11 March 2009, 13:33 CET
9 March 2009 Press Release

Accounting rules and micro entities - when simplification becomes complication 26 February 2009, 14:20 CET
The European Federation of Accountants and Auditors (EFAA), Europe's leading accountancy organisation dedicated solely to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, criticised today's communication by the European Commission giving Member States the option to exempt micro entities from preparing and publishing annual accounts.

Services Directive: General improvement, but concerns over impact - EUROCHAMBRES survey 06 February 2009, 00:05 CET
On the occasion of a Czech Presidency conference on the future of services in Prague today, Secretary General Arnaldo Abruzzini presented the findings of the 4th EUROCHAMBRES survey on the implementation of the Services Directive.

Celebrate European Data Protection Day - Keep consumers in control! 29 January 2009, 18:42 CET
Today is the Third European Data Protection Day. Privacy is a fundamental consumer right, that must be respected both offline and online. Yet consumers' privacy is currently more under threat than ever before.

ECAR renews call for EC "Repairs Clause" 29 January 2009, 00:17 CET
The European Campaign for the Freedom of the Automotive Parts and Repair Market (ECAR) has written to the EU Czech Presidency to express its strong support for the European Commission's proposal of a Repairs Clause that liberalises the market in automotive spare parts.

Collective Redress: Going Around in Circles 27 November 2008, 23:55 CET
When things go wrong with a service or product in our mass production and consumption economies, a high number of consumers can easily be affected. It is not hard to imagine situations where several people would want to group their individual claims against the same trader into one single action, and benefit from a collective redress mechanism: consumers who have suffered skin infections due to the leather treatment of their armchairs, passengers who have missed their Christmas holidays because of a rogue tour operator, consumers wanting to act against their bank for illegal overcharges...

Zero Tolerance towards Sexual Exploitation of Children 25 November 2008, 14:14 CET
From 25-28 November, the 3rd World Congress Against Sexual Exploitation Of Children & Adolescents will see Heads of State, government officials, experts and thousands of activists renew global commitments and move forward the global agenda to stop the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. The previous two Congresses took place in Stockholm in Sweden (1996) and Yokohama in Japan (2001).

Blue Card Scheme still too cautious, EUROCHAMBRES says 20 November 2008, 16:35 CET
Following today's vote by the European Parliament on the proposed Blue Card scheme, EUROCHAMBRES expresses its satisfaction with the fact that, for the first time, the EU is taking a common approach to the issue of legal economic migration.

First REACH hazardous chemicals list is a drop in the ocean 30 October 2008, 19:25 CET
The first-ever list of 15 hazardous chemicals released today by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is a welcome start, but it is a drop in the ocean when compared to the hundreds of well-known dangerous substances present in products used every day across Europe, said a coalition of environmental, health, consumer and women’s public interest groups.

European Employment Strategy has paid off: report 09 October 2008, 12:52 CET
The European Employment Strategy has paid off, in terms of creating both more and better jobs, according to the new European Restructuring Monitor’s annual report 2008 from the European Foundation of the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound), the Dublin-based EU agency. The report, which examines patterns of employment expansion in Europe between 1995-2006, concludes that women workers in particular have benefited from this period of stronger European employment growth.

TI welcomes new transparency on EU fund beneficiaries but calls for more standardised information 05 October 2008, 12:49 CET
Transparency International (TI) welcomes the European Union's (EU) new system for disclosing the beneficiaries of its funds. The European Commission recently launched several web portals through which information on the recipients of certain EU funds can be accessed. TI calls on EU Member States and the Commission to further enhance the information provided for and published through the disclosure system.

The flexicurity concept and how it is employed in Europe 02 October 2008, 21:36 CET
Flexicurity is a policy approach that attempts to combine flexibility of labour markets for employers and security of employment for employees. It has the potential to substantially enhance the competitiveness of the European economy and create higher levels of employment.